6 Outfit Ideas: Palladium High-Top Sneakers


During one of our team meetings a few weeks ago, Shana asked us to think of our most-worn clothing or shoes from 2022, and without hesitation, I immediately knew mine: Palladium’s Revolt high-top sneakers.

Really, there’s been no other piece — especially a pair of shoes — that I’ve worn so much for such a long period of time.

I purchased my beloved high-tops over a year ago now, and I’m still wearing them in full force. It’s pretty nonstop, actually — except when the snow starts piling up in the winter and I’m back in my snow boots until the snow melts.

turtleneck bodysuit | jeans | sneakers

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These Palladium High-Top Sneakers Are The Best: 6 Ways I’m Wearing Them

You might be thinking, well…what makes these sneakers so special and forever wearable? Lemme break down a few of the reasons why I love Palladium’s high-top, platform sneakers so much…

Durability: Let’s get one thing straight, I’m NOT easy on my footwear. I wear my favorite shoes until they’re completely worn out. So, the first thing I’m always, always looking for when I’m shopping for any new shoes is durability: How well are they made, how much can they withstand, how long will they last me and still look good? And I’m so continuously shocked by how long these thick, lugged Palladium Revolt sneakers have lasted me, especially considering they’re white.

Versatility: I wasn’t sure at first just how versatile the Revolt sneakers would be when I first bought them (even though that wasn’t going to stop me from buying them), but as it turns out, they pretty much go with everything in my closet, from jeans to mini dresses.

Style: The main reason I love the Revolt sneakers? How they look. I think they’re just so cool and the perfect blend of edgy and chic. Apparently, a lot of people agree because I’ve never got so many compliments on any other pair of shoes that I’ve owned.

From errands to date night and everything in between, here are six ways I’m wearing my beloved Palladium Revolt high-top sneakers this winter and beyond.

1. Cute & Comfy: A Denim Mini Dress + A Wool Coat

This cute + comfy little Madewell denim mini dress was another 1 of my fave purchases of last year.

similar coat | dress (6, TTS) | similar dress | similar tights | shoes (7.5, TTS)

This cute and comfy little Madewell denim mini dress was another one of my favorite purchases of last year. (Heads-up: Sizes are limited, but this Gap dress has a similar vibe.) So, I decided to see it paired with my Revolt sneakers and…great success.

To keep warm as the temperatures drop, I like to add my thickest opaque tights and top it all off with one my favorite wool coats. The one I choose depends on my mood that day: Reformation’s checkered wool coat is similar to the one I’m wearing above, or this blue coat by Bernardo is one of my all-time faves.

2. On The Daily: Comfy Leggings + A Shacket

After my morning routine, I'll switch out of my running sneaks & into my Revolt sneakers & throw on a shacket.

shacket (TTS) | leggings (M, TTS) | sneakers (7.5, TTS) | bag

This is how you’d likely catch me wearing my Revolt sneakers on a daily basis. After my morning workout, I usually head out to run whatever errands I have for the day. So, I switch out of my running sneaks into these platform Palladiums and throw on a shacket. A quick and cute way to pop over to Trader Joe’s.

3. Easy-Breezy: Faux-Leather Pants + An Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

I've gotten so much wear out of these 3: my turtleneck sweater from Topshop, Commando faux-leather, split-front pants & Revolt sneakers.

sweater (runs large) | pants (28, TTS) | sneakers (TTS)

So far this year, I’ve gotten so much wear out of all three of these pieces: my oversized turtleneck sweater from Topshop, my Commando split-front, faux-leather pants, and of course, my Palladium platform high-tops.

I love when all of my favorite purchases look good together because it takes all of the hard work out of putting together an outfit.

4. Match Made In Heaven: Wide-Leg Jeans + A Cute Beanie

MOTHER wide-leg jeans + my Revolt sneakers = a match made in heaven.

beanie | similar coat | turtleneck bodysuit | jeans | sneakers

MOTHER jeans + my Revolt sneakers = a match made in heaven. I can pair these chunky sneakers with pretty much any jeans I own, but these MOTHER Spinner Skimp wide-legs are especially good. Just add this amazing Sh*t That I Knit beanie, a wool coat and a classic black turtleneck, and we’ve got my ideal coffee-date lewk.

5. On-Trend & Cool: Cargo Pants & Oversized Denim Jacket

These cargo pants from Banana Republic easily go w/ your go-to wardrobe staples.

oversized denim jacket | turtleneck (M, TTS) | cargo pants (6, TTS )| sneakers | bag

I’m all about the cargo-pants trend lately. I’ve been loving all the super-stylish options out there right now, like this pair from Banana Republic. (They just so happen to be on sale at the moment!) Easy & cool with any of your go-to wardrobe staples.

6. Denim On Denim: Long Shacket + Ripped Jeans

Worn w/ a lace-trimmed cami, Levi's Wedgie jeans & Revolt sneakers, this is a *chef's kiss* look that I can't wait to re-create again this spring.

similar jacket | lace cami (M, TTS) | jeans (28, TTS) | sneakers

I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to denim-on-denim outfits. I was never really sure I could make it work for me, but I really love how this look came together. It’s one of my favorite everyday looks when the temps warm up.

Also, this longline denim jacket from Free People I got this past fall has since sold out and is nowhere to be found. I’ve been hunting for something similar since and landed on this Michael Stars option or this super-cute and affordable option from Forever 21 (maybe it’s worth a shot!).

Worn with a lace-trimmed cami, my beloved Levi’s Wedgie jeans and those good ol’ Revolt sneakers, this is a *chef’s kiss* look that I can’t wait to re-create again this spring.

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Hope this post was helpful! Until next time…

xo, Jess ( Instagram | My Closet )

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Palladium's Revolt high-top sneakers are chunky & so cool. From leggings to dresses, here are 6 outfit ideas for winter & beyond ft. my fave shoes of 2022.