3 Soft & Stretchy Tops Every Wardrobe Needs


My wardrobe is nothing if not comfortable. 

Some might see that as a bizarre, boring term, but it’s the vibe I’ve gravitated toward my whole life, and I don’t care to stop now. 

I discovered that the key to putting together a cute outfit that’s still comfortable is having quality basics — which, admittedly, are my least favorite items to shop for. Funky boots, fun sweaters, and the latest denim on the market? Take all my money. But a crewneck tee or basic black sweater? I don’t even think about those while shopping.

So, last year I made it my personal mission to focus on curating good-quality basics for my wardrobe. Anytime I found myself standing in my closet for 15 or more minutes, stuck on an outfit because I didn’t have all the pieces I needed, I made an actual note in the Notes app on my phone.

What resulted was a resounding theme: I needed classic crewneck tees, bodysuits for smooth tucks into my jeans, a well-fitting black sweater, and a few other items that were all timeless outfit-makers.

Basically, I needed all the basics.

My SKIMS Review Results? 3 Wardrobe Essentials I Can’t Recommend Enough

While the hunt for the black sweater (and a few others) is still on, I did nail down three glorious pieces: a bodysuit, crewneck tee and long-sleeve tee. I set out to try classic pieces from numerous brands, but SKIMS won in every category (which I was genuinely shocked by). Each top is incredibly stretchy, made from some of the softest fabrics I’ve ever touched, and have become heavy workhorse items I wear weekly.

For a detailed look into each of my fave wardrobe staples, you can watch my review on YouTube, but if you’re simply looking for some quick shopping links, scroll on down below!

3 SKIMS Basics That Live Up To The Hype

SKIMS Fits Everybody Thong Bodysuit: Super-stretchy, and if you traditionally run in between sizes, you can get away with either one depending on how you want it to fit. As someone who’s taller (just above 5’9”), I wear my true size medium, and this SKIMS bodysuit fits just right and keeps my boobs held in snugly. If I wanted more room for my chest, or perhaps wasn’t as used to a thong, sizing up would be a great idea.

SKIMS Boyfriend Tee: All of the best parts of a “boyfriend-style” top, this tee is slouchy, broad shouldered, and with an already-worn-in-softness quality. Pretty hard to beat (or maybe, truly, unbeatable). My true size, medium, is perfection.

SKIMS Boyfriend Long-Sleeve Tee: Just as the name suggests, the SKIMS Boyfriend Long-Sleeve is the same as the boyfriend tee but with full-length sleeves. I love wearing this one with the same purpose, but I prefer it in colder weather. The long-sleeve has also become irresistible to sleep in, and I imagine this would be an excellent layer aprés-ski! 

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This SKIMS review is about to get comfy. I'm giving you the deets on 3 closet staples: the bodysuit, boyfriend tee & long-sleeve T-shirt. Let's get into it.
This SKIMS review is about to get comfy. I'm giving you the deets on 3 closet staples: the bodysuit, boyfriend tee & long-sleeve T-shirt. Let's get into it.

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