Sorel Winter Boot Haul: Which One Is Best?


I’ve been wearing Sorel boots since I was a kid, and I’m really impressed by how Sorel always manages to come out with fresh styles year after year.

Decades later (oof), they’re still some of my most-worn boots every winter.

So, if you need help figuring out which Sorel boots are right for your feet and your life, look no further. I got you.

Can’t Decide Which Sorel Winter Boots To Buy? I Can Help

In this video, I’m featuring my five favorite Sorel boot styles for 2023, talking about what scenarios they’re each best for (snowy winter hikes or bitter cold or city walking, as a few examples), as well as some styling notes (which jeans work??) for each pair. 

Several of these boots I’ve actually owned for more than one winter, so most of these styles are well tested. They also happen to look great with straight-leg jeans (something that not all winter boots do well).

Clothing featured in video:

BA&SH striped knit vest (S) | GAP barrel jeans (27P) | GAP high-rise cheeky jeans (27P) | similar earrings | GANNI boots

1. Sorel Brex Chelsea Boots

The most versatile of the bunch, Sorel’s waterproof Brex Chelsea boots boast mad cushioning inside and a really walkable heel with amazing traction on ice and snow. I covered these boots in 2021 (“5 Winter Outfit Ideas With Sorel’s Brex Chelsea Boots“), so I was pumped to see that Sorel brought them back again this year, in even more colors.

2. Sorel Explorer II Joan Boots

Suuuuper-lightweight and comfortable, Sorel’s Explorer II Joan boots are basically sneakers, upgraded for winter. They’re warm (but not overly so — you can easily wear these inside), have good traction, and are waterproof. These boots come in a bunch of different color combinations, and I highlighted my favorites below.

3. Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Conquest Boots

Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Conquest Boots are basically winter hiking boots cute enough for the city. They have great traction, are comfortable while walking, but do run small, so size up a half size.

4. Sorel Kinetic Conquest Boots

Sorel’s Kinetic Conquest Boots debuted two winters ago but are still (mostly) available after selling out quickly last year (and the year before that). Not only are these boots one of my fave pairs, Oprah has also named them one of her favorite things too, which explains the selling out.

Fun fact: Oprah and I share a birthday. 🙂

The green (the color I’m wearing in the video) can only be found at Sundance Catalog. All other colors available at the usual spots:

5. Sorel Joan Of Arctic Next Boots

I bought these Sorel Joan of Arctic Next Boots last year because, well…they were just so pretty. For snow boots, anyway. They’re also warm, comfortable, and have solid traction. If interested, I wore them on a day trip to Woodstock, Vermont.

Fit is fairly TTS, and they also come in black.

Fingers crossed for more snow.



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