5 Ways I’m Styling Tevas, Not Just For Camping Or Hiking


I have two favorite pairs of Teva sandals this year, and this sporty gal is wearing them for more than just forays into the outdoors.

The styles I’m loving are the Teva Midform Universal Canvas Sandals and the Hurricane Drift Sandals. The Midform Canvas pair is new to me this year, and I fell in love with the Hurricane Drift last year. For some reason they’re a bit trickier to find in stock right now (please don’t stop making them, Teva!), but I’ll round a few up here.

Of course, the old-school woven-nylon Tevas we know and love from the ’90s are great for hiking and camping. I always take mine! But the new monochromatic styles that have come out within the past few years really allow for some fashion-y moments in these beloved sport sandals.

You may be doubting me here, but let’s take a look! I’ll show you my tricks! First up, though, here are the places you can find my two favorite styles.

Where To Buy Teva Midforms: Nordstrom | Teva | DSW | Zappos

Where To Buy Teva Hurricane Drifts: Amazon | Anthropologie

The styles I'm loving are the Teva Midform Universal Canvas & Hurricane Drift sandals.

top (M) or similar | pants (6) | Tevas

Monochromatic Tevas: My Trick To Making Sport Sandals Cute

OK, so the only trick really is to stick with monochromatic Tevas. I’m rounding up a few here from my two favorite styles and a couple of new versions thrown in, as well.

Of course, with the ivory Teva Midforms, I would actually never take them hiking because obvs — so, for me, those are solidly fashion shoes to be worn in my PNW summers where it doesn’t rain.

With the Hurricane Drifts, those babies can go anywhere since they’re made from EVA, and they rinse right off. They’re super-cushiony (think Crocs) and great for all-day wear. They both come in whole sizes. If you’re a half size, I’d say you can probably go down. And if you want the convenience of easy cleaning but a similar look to the Midforms I have in ivory, there’s a pair of Hurricane Drifts in color Birch! Need.

Outdoorsy Is A Forever Vibe: 5 Sporty Outfit Ideas Ft. Teva Sandals

I love a sporty look in general, but as a fashion lover too, I want to look more put-together than the aesthetic traditional Teva or sport sandals put forth. Plus, I live in the Pacific Northwest and if you know, well, you know. Outdoorsy IS the forever vibe here. This resident thinks we can have our proverbial cake and eat it too. Tevas can in fact be cute!

1. With A Blazer For Brunch Or Shopping

I started with my fave, perhaps unexpected look...the Teva Midform sandals w/ my current fave linen blazer from Madewell.

blazer (S) | tee (M) | pants (8) | Tevas

Oook, so I started with my favorite, perhaps unexpected look…the Teva Midform sandals with my current fave linen blazer from Madewell. I know it’s a bit of a unique combo, but the fact that the sandals and my barrel pants from Everlane are the same color make this work.

You’ll see that tone-on-tone or monochromatic outfits with a little pop of color will be my go-to with these looks. Sorry, but a pair of woven multicolor nylon sport sandals is not gonna get you here. You have to go monochromatic!

2. With A Cargo Skirt To An Outdoor Concert

1 of my fave ways to wear sporty Teva sandals is w/ an all-black outfit ft/ a black cargo skirt.

top (M) | skirt (8) or similarTevas

One of my favorite ways to wear sporty sandals like these is with an all-black outfit. Having a black cargo skirt in rotation has become a new go-to of mine, and I’d totally rock this to a show. Don’t wear these ivory Tevas to a really dusty locale, obvs, but amphitheaters, sunny days, grassy parks…they’re great. I’ve sported them multiple times, and they’re easy to kick off when you want to sink your toes into the grass.

Btw, this cropped Athleta top is fab and supportive, just long enough and so easy to wear.

3. With Joggers & A Tank For Amusement Parks + Sightseeing
(OK, This One Could Go Hiking)

I can't tell you how comfy this outfit was at an amusement park: Vuori joggers, a Beyond Yoga tank top &, of course, Teva sandals.

tank (S) | joggers (S) | hat | Tevas | similar bag

This was my go-to outfit last summer when I was home in the Ozarks and the whole fam headed to Silver Dollar City amusement park. IYKYK and, wowza, they’ve really stepped up their game from celebrating the hillbilly lifestyles of yesteryear. Somehow my brother and mom even talked me into going on a legit rollercoaster where your seat hangs and you turn around. #NeverAgain

I can’t tell you how perfectly comfy this outfit was for all day. The Vuori joggers are light and so soft and stretchy, but don’t get baggy throughout the day. The Beyond Yoga racerback tank has a shelf bra and a similar super-soft fabric that I love. A belt bag is a must for amusement parks, and the Teva sandals, of course, were cushiony and cute but waterproof too. Will for sure be repeating this summer for any outdoorsy events!

4. With Parachute Pants For Outdoor Fun

These Athleta Trekkie parachute pants are light enough for summer, but technical enough to wear for outdoor fun w/o worrying about getting them wet or dirty.

top (M) or similar | pants (6) | Tevas

I adore this combo. These Athleta Trekkie parachute pants have been a favorite of mine for months now, and they’re light enough for summer but technical enough to wear for your outdoor fun without worrying about getting them wet or dirty. They come in a few neutrals, but I adore the tomato red. They run a little big.

The black tee and the ivory Tevas provide a neutral pairing with the super-poppy pants. This Madewell tee has become a go-to, as well, because it hits at a great spot with high-waisted pants and has a cute neckline.

5. With A Cute Dress For Warm Days

Teva sandals look just chic enough to to make a dressier dress nice & casual for everyday outfits.

similar dress + plus sizesTevas

Finally, these sandals can even play the role of shoes-to-wear-with-summer-dresses. Yay! They look just chic enough to not look weird with the dress, but they make this slightly dressy-ish dress nice and casual for everyday outfits. I’ve worn the Hurricane Drift sandals with my red dress too, and they’re another great combo!

Hope you have found some inspiration to bust out your chic, sporty monochromatic sandals with new outfit combos for summer. My goal here is always to be helpful and find easy ways to keep us looking good, friends — even on those hot days!

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This sporty gal is wearing Teva sandals for more than just forays into the outdoors. My tricks for styling them w/ cargo skirts, joggers & even a blazer, inside.


  1. I bought a pair of light colored Tevas this year and they got a bit dirty so I threw them in the washing machine with some towels. Air dried them and they are looking brand new!

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