A Spring Refresh With Under Armour (For The Whole Fam)


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It’s finally spring!! Welcome back, shorter sleeves, lighter layers, brighter nights, and everything that comes along with this season of excitement & renewal. We’ve been ready for you, spring — especially that glorious weather of yours.

We’re itching to get outside, breathe in the crisp, pollen-heavy air (*coughs, sniffs*), and get back to our more active and vitamin-D-filled selves that the climbing heat of the spring and summer months brings.

And with spring comes more activity. For everyone. Yeah, the entire fam. You’re running more outside errands and going for longer walks, the guys are going on morning runs and taking the kids to the playground, and the kids are getting back into their one million activities! Haha. Yay!

Under Armour Has Fresh Spring Activewear For The Entire Fam

It’s time to do a little look-through to see what fits, hangs and looks…so last year. (I’m joooking — you know we love a good piece with longevity.) But, really, sometimes your activewear can feel…tired. Upgrades are necessary, especially when it comes to things you often sweat, stretch and get down in the mud in.

We’re looking to Under Armour to make all of those springtime athletic-wear upgrades, so we can all get back out there feeling fresher.

And…wait for it…

There’s an amazing sale going on. Take up to 50% off Under Armour Outlet pieces + extra 30% off with code SPRING30 until 3/27. You guys aren’t going to believe these prices. Under Armour really makes an entire spring activewear overhaul…possible. For each member of the fam. That’s big.

A Spring Activewear Refresh For You…

From leggings to shorts to sneakers in a really pretty color, Under Armour’s athletic wear is really everything you need to get that spring closet in order.

Activewear can sometimes feel...tired. Enter: Under Armour, w/ spring styles (like leggings + shorts in pretty colors) that are SO cute & for the whole fam.

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1. Terrain Short-Sleeve – I loooove a cropped tee for working out — it’s the best active top, IMO. So much less to worry about when you don’t need to tuck anything in or keep adjusting. It just falls in the perfect place.

2. Greatest (Tee) Ever Long-Sleeve – A long-sleeve tee is still wise to keep around until the temps really warm up. This basic style would go with anything or be the perfect under-layer.

3. Meridian Ankle Leggings – These leggings are SO CUTE. The little cut outs on the legs are really fun, + they’re the perfect ankle crop. They come in that pretty pink, a cobalt blue and black. Short, regular and tall lengths available.

4. Play Up 3.0 Twist Shorts – If you’ve never tried these shorts, you need to. I’ve worn them for years, and they last, like, forever. No joke. They come in tons of colors and just sit really well on the hips. No wedgies, weird crotches or awkward lengths here.

5. Terrain 2-in-1 Shorts – If you’re more outdoorsy, or you like the hiker vibe, go for this more rugged pair. I love both color combinations and that they have a cool little belt & a compression layer.

6. Flow Velocity Wind 2 Running Shoes – Surprise, surprise, I’m sold because of the color. I oddly gravitate toward spring and summer sneakers with a bit of an orangey-pink color to them every year. I just find that they go with so much of my warmer workout clothing. Just me?

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…& A Spring Activewear Refresh For Everyone Else

We’re not stopping at updating just women’s activewear — oh, no. Fresh new athletic wear for men & kids too!

Activewear can sometimes feel...tired. Enter: Under Armour, w/ spring styles (like leggings + shorts in pretty colors) that are SO cute & for the whole fam.

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1. Sportstyle Elite Cargo Shorts – These have a cool cargo-pocket detail that make a basic pair of men’s athletic shorts a bit more interesting. I’m sure he’d appreciate being a little extra stylish ;).

2. Drift Tide Knit Short-Sleeve – So simple and looks impeccably soft. (Father’s Day is three months away, fyi.)

3. Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve – I feel like a boy would wear a basic sporty tee like this into the ground. Especially if he had multiple colors on repeat (which is easy at only $20).

4. Play Up Shorts – The same shorts from above but in girls’ sizes. (Which is when I think I became hooked.)

5. Charged Rogue 3 Running Shoes – Under Armour’s sneaker selections for kids are many, even in the Outlet section. Win.

6. Scramjet 5 Running Shoes – Just a really adorable color combo that would make them exciting to slip on.

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Happy spring!!!

Xo, Abby

Thank you to Under Armour & Collective Voice for sponsoring this post! We love Under Armour’s quality clothes, shoes and accessories from season to season, and that we can do all of the family’s shopping all in one place. It’s a lifesaver!

Oh, hey, Pinners…

Activewear can sometimes feel...tired. Enter: Under Armour, w/ spring styles (like leggings + shorts in pretty colors) that are SO cute & for the whole fam.
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