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I was recently perusing some of my favorite retailers online as I do (a lot) and found some super inspiring spring outfits that got my creative fashion juices flowing. (Is there a better way to say that? LOL.) And while loads of people get super stoked for spring and summer fashion, sometimes this is a tricky part of the year for me when it comes to getting dressed.

I love the layers and jackets of fall…that don’t always translate easily to spring and summer outfits. But with a little inspiration — like what I have shared below — I’m finding myself getting more and more excited about what to wear right now!

 Spring Outfit Ideas Inspired By Scrolling My Fave Retailers

Shirt dresses, shorts and a blazer, tank tops, midi skirts, lightweight joggers, and sneakers in pretty taupe shades…these are all my jam when it comes to warmer weather. H&M, Anthropologie, and Banana Republic are all killing it right now in the styling department. (Gosh, and Gap is, too! I found THIS trouser look after I finished this article…but click on the green.) Okay, let’s hop into the spring-style inspiration…

There are shockingly good spring outfits on the internet right now: This maxi dress '90s look?! This shorts-&-a blazer combo! Here's how to re-create them.

I’ll show you the inspiration pics and then under each look I break down how to recreate these outfits, including where to find more options. Some exact clothing items are still in stock but I rounded up similar options that caught my eye as well. I hope this inspires you too!

1. A Shirt Dress + Accessories

I'm a sucker for a fab shirt dress for spring & summer, especially a maxi option.

banana republic

It’s mainly the shirt dress that got me here. I mean. SO freaking good. I’m a sucker for a fab shirt dress for spring and summer anyway, especially a maxi option.

This one from Amazon has been my favorite for a few summers now. I’ve rounded up a few variations below so you can find your personal fave.

The Dress

The Accessories

And if you know me, you know I’d add some sporty elements to this kind of look, like a baseball cap and/or high tops, depending on the weather. But I’ve also included some pieces that would get you the chic look above, too.

2. Shorts And A Blazer

If I can find the right shorts + blazer combo for my almost-petite torso I am going to rock the hell out of this outfit.


I adore this look. If I can find the right shorts and a blazer combo for my almost-petite torso I am going to rock the hell out of this outfit.

The shorts above from H&M look amazing, but I worry about that rise on my shorter torso, so I’ve included a few other options that might work better. I’m having trouble finding petite sizes actually in stock. I do think you could get away with an elastic waist short here, but it’d have to still be a chic pair — structure and pockets wouldn’t hurt.

The Shorts

Otherwise, it’s the monochromatic combo, the blazer itself, and the high-neck blouse that really finish this look. I looked all over for that specific top on H&M but I think it’s sold out. A high-neck blouse like this one worn under the tank should get that vibe though!

The Tops + Blazers

The Shoes

3. This Midi Skirt 90s Look


I love this look. The maxi skirt plus tank combo is like a two-piece version of my favorite dresses, but with mix-and-match tanks and bottoms, so you can wear them with other clothing items in your closet, too.

As for shoes, I really love the dad sneakers + sunnies + tote bag styling of the orange outfit above (no surprise) but metallic sandals are IN so if those are your jam, that is a fun way to dress this look up too!

The Skirts

I’m ALL about cropped racerback tanks these days, mostly I wear them with my high-waisted jeans/pants. With this maxi skirt look, you can adjust the amount of skin you feel comfortable showing. I’ve also included a couple of full-length tanks to get the same look with full coverage.

The Tanks

4. A Trench Coat, But Make It Spring

I love the classic neutrals of the trench coat, blue button down & sneakers. Then BAM, the lilac parachute pants.


And last but certainly not least, this is one is my favorite. It’s for those of us still living in chilly temps. Gah. Be thinking of your PNW pals, friends. It was 39 degrees here this morning in Portland. Sob.

But how freaking cool is this combo? I love the classic neutrals of the trench, the blue button-up, and the sneakers. And then BAM, a pop of fun with the lilac parachute pants. I have jeans similar to these in lilac and will definitely be recreating this look soon. I think you can go either sporty/casual with joggers or parachute pants or a little more refined with colored denim or trousers.

I’m partial to the purple right now, but I think you could try various pastels. Athleta is convincing me that orange works with tan trench coats, too! Check it out here in this trench styling pic.

The Pants

The Trench + Top

The Sneakers

Back to top

This was super fun! Let me know if any retailer’s styling or certain spring outfits have been inspiring you!



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There are shockingly good spring outfits on the internet right now: This maxi dress '90s look?! This shorts-&-a blazer combo! Here's how to re-create them.


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