This Gorgeous MOTHER Cardigan Is On Sale!


My Guide To Fabulous Spring Statement Cardigans is coming soon, but I wanted to let you guys know (real quick) that my new absolutely favorite spring statement cardigan…the one I’ve been wearing on repeat since it arrived (that is also annoyingly VERY expensive)…is on sale!!!

A ton of fantastic statement cardigan options are coming in my next post but if you’ve had your eye on this particular cardigan from MOTHER, or have been looking for a cool and interesting spring top layer, it’s worth taking a look. I was so happily surprised to see the price drop —it’s a special one.

Mood Booster: This Statement MOTHER Cardigan Is My New Favorite Spring Layer

Woman wearing MOTHER longline statement cardigan, blue straight-fit cropped MOTHER jeans and taupe Birkenstock sandals, standing on a rooftop.
Woman wearing longline MOTHER statement cardigan, blue straight-fit cropped MOTHER denim and black Michael Stars henley tank top.

Cardigan | Denim | More Washes | Tank | Birks | Earrings

I’ve been searching for a cardigan that’s warm enough to serve as a useful layer on cool spring days, but still feels like spring with light and fresh colors. I’ve also been searching specifically for a special statement cardigan…one that I can throw on over the most basic casual pieces to make anything feel like an outfit…one that’s interesting and has some energy to it…one that’s different from my go-to black and beige ones…and one that’s high quality enough to live in my “forever closet”.  

Often for statement cardigans, my search starts and ends at Anthropologie or Free People. They usually have the best selection of interesting statement cardigans (loving this one and this one), but this year I branched out and decided to try some higher-end ones. In spring, I wear this type of cardigan almost daily, so it felt like it would be worth the splurge for my particular day-to-day wardrobe if I found one I truly loved. 

The branching out was worth it…I’m madly in love with this beautiful statement cardigan from MOTHER.  

Woman wearing MOTHER longline statement cardigan, blue straight-fit cropped MOTHER jeans and taupe Birkenstock sandals, standing on a rooftop.

Cardigan | Denim | More Washes | Tank | Birks

Pros & Cons: How I’m Wearing This MOTHER Longline Cardigan For Spring

So much that I love about this cardigan. The attention to detail on this one is what sold me. The detail on the sleeves, the pockets, the shawl collar, the fabulous graphic on the back…all SO good. Note that the color is more beige and less pink than the photos on the retailer sites, which I was happily surprised with. The base neutral beige color makes it even easier to wear since I’m so used to throwing on a beige or tan cardi.

I’m wearing a size XS here. For reference, I’m 5’2, 138 lbs, and am pear-shaped with narrow shoulders.

Works dressed up a bit …

Selfie of woman wearing MOTHER longline statement cardigan, Cami NYC green silk camisole, blue flare MOTHER jeans, Clare V. woven bag and espadrille wedge sandals.

Cardigan | Denim | Top | Bag | Wedges | Earrings

Or thrown over workout clothes…

Selfie of woman wearing MOTHER longline statement cardigan, Zella joggers, Zella twist front tank and ON running athletic shoes.

Cardigan | Joggers | Tank | Sneaks

You know I’m a fan of presenting the pros AND the cons, though, of my pieces to help you decide if they’re right for you, and there’s a definite negative to this particular cardigan. It’s not uber soft, and the first time I wore it with a tank top it was very itchy (my skin is pretty sensitive to itchy sweaters). I thought it wasn’t going to work for me, but I loved the shape, the color, the design, and the details SO much that I gave it another chance.

The next time I wore it with short sleeves, and it was fine. Not uber soft, but not bother-me-itchy. And since then I don’t know if it’s gotten softer with wear or my skin has adjusted, but the material hasn’t bothered me even with tanks. Just know that it’s not one of those buttery soft cardis. It’s more of a substantial cardigan that provides some actual warmth on cool days. And if you have sensitive skin to itchy sweaters, wait and check out some of the other options in my next post.

Statement cardigan talk to be continued… stay tuned!


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