On Our Spring Wish Lists


Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping, and vaccines are making us giddy with delight. After one heck of a very long year, we’re all turning hopeful eyes away from our well-worn joggers and embracing a little sartorial something we’re going to call…invigorating.

The Spring & Summer 2021 Fashion Trends On Our Wishlists

Oh Spring
Oh Spring! my love
like last we spoke-
I flitter on
adorned…not broke

On My Spring Wish List

After a year of joggers, I’m leaning hard into a nostalgic, girl-next-door-meets-bird-woman vibe. With a touch of sparkle.

Scotti’s Spring Wish List

I’m ready to get glamorous again. Am thinking dramatic textures, unexpected shapes, and a return to uncomfortable footwear. FINALLY.

Jess’ Spring Wish List

The eight products I absolutely cannot live without this spring. End of story.

Danielle’s Spring Wish List

This is my year to become someone who wears hats. With animal prints, obvi.

Laura’s Spring Wish List

Ugh. So bored with all the typical stuff! I’ve been finding myself down for trying some new trends after spending the past year at home in sweats. Right?

Em’ Spring Wish List

After more than a year of all things soft and stretchy, I’m ready for some real structure. Architectural wedges, pants on pants, a boxy animal tote that’s the cat’s meow — and the backbone of my childhood candy habit. Yesssss.


Team TME

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  1. I know these are jokes, but there’s a couple I would wear (that first cardigan 100%, and I already own a black yoga pants / top body suit thing (from Athleta) and purchased a *second* shorts set one from Year of Ours. Anyway, most of the things are redic, and funny, but I can’t help but laugh at myself that I’d wear some of it! I did once (buzzed) tell my husband very early on in dating that, “I have weird taste in men.” I guess it goes for fashion, too!

    • It’s funny you mention the cardigan. I was all “oooo, this is TERRIBLE” and then I wrote the caption and was like wait. I actually like the sound of this! But yeah – these are often the best when you’re not quiiiiiite sure what’s going on. 🙂

  2. Happy April Fools Day!!!!❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂 so sorry glad I didn’t have a mouth full of coffee when I started to read this.

  3. LOVE these crazy April fools jokes, thnx for the laughs today i do have a serious question on the Rebecca’s minkoff Indio sunglasses – are they a reflexive lens?

  4. LOL! The best! I can’t wait to see what actually comes into vogue first from this roundup (I’m looking at you bike shorts and belt bags from a past prophetic April 1st post).

  5. It took me a minute too….I thought the Covid stress had gotten you for a minute! Thanks for the morning chuckle!!

  6. Perfect chance to test out the new comment policies!!! How many folks just aren’t going to get it?!? Once I spotted and did a triple take on the “Classic Janty” aka jean panty I realized ahh today is April Fools! Keep up the great work ladies and wow these are some impressively fun April Fool’s finds. As my mom always says – “to each their own!” It may not be my cup of tea, but it might be just the thing someone else is looking for.

  7. haha – I’m in for anything that includes a “bird woman” vibe. I agree with Jenna though – I’d wear some of this, including that sweater. It was also nice to see some COLOR! I would love to see a post like this, but…for real. Maybe “things that we’re actually thinking of wearing this year that we may not have before a global pandemic and now we just can’t wait to leave the house because SPRING”. You could also just call it an ode to lavender and be done with it.

  8. You know, I’ve been wearing my Tik Tok leggings and tiger cheek boob shirt around the house as loungewear, but you’ve inspired me. I’ll add the practical, fuzzy pink pumps I never knew I needed and hit the town straight away. 😀 I look forward to this post every year, thanks for the moment of levity!

  9. Love the humor and all of you…. can not wait for some of these to trend… remember when Shana made fun Bike Shorts a few April Fools Back?…. now look what you did!??? ha ha ha…

  10. Hahaha! Happy April Fools day! Wasn’t fooled but will admit to being fooled by the ‘cookie’ sandwiches my son made with ritz crackers and Toothpaste. 🤣

  11. Epic. Shana’s sparkle shorts at such a bargain price point! Style with the leopard crocs? I think you need some black ankle socks to go with that….

  12. Not sure if you guys are having a competition but Danielle wins for that absurd Pucci romper. Although Scotti’s ultimate nursing bra find is definitely a close second!

  13. I’m not gonna lie, I’m buying the MC Hammer Weezer mashup pants! The $12K dress is amazing but, just smidge past my price point.

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