The Best Strapless Bras, As Chosen By Our Editors


If there’s one question we get, over and over and OVER again, it’s this: What bra are you wearing under that top/dress/whatever?

And we get it. Not having the right bra can ruin an outfit. And while some backless dress styles do require some extra trickery (I recommend this tape, Linzi recommends this backless bra), most tricky necklines or sexy styles are best served by a strapless bra.

Strapless bras are our bra style of choice for strapless dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and even those wider, square necklines. I’ve found that some strapless bras will even work with plunging necklines, and I’ve started wearing mine with racerbacks, too. And, shockingly, many of us found that a good strapless bra worked really well while nursing (just find a molded one where you can easily “flip” the cups up and down).

The big downside? It’s hard as hell to find a good strapless bra. And if you’re still on the search, this post has just been updated for 2023! We still stand by all of our strapless bra recommendations (and fails).

The Best Strapless Bras…For All Our Different Boob Types & Outfit Needs

Not all strapless bras are created equal, and there doesn’t seem to be one strapless bra that works for everyone. In addition to bust size, we’re all looking for something different in terms of support, shaping, fit, and squeeze — as in, where we do NOT want the bra to squeeze.

So we turned to our editors — some of whom already have tried-and-true strapless bras and some of whom were on the hunt — and asked them to do a deep dive into the world of strapless bras. Collectively, we tried on twenty-five different styles of strapless bras to find our favorites. We present to you: the best strapless bras (and a few other noteworthy choices).

Shana’s Pick

The Best Strapless Bra When You Don’t *Need* A Bra

What I’m looking for: Thanks to my double mastectomy (and reconstructive surgery) I don’t actually need a bra for support. Like…ever. I can jog braless. But what I do need is a strapless bra that covers enough so that when I lean over (or bend down), the world doesn’t get a full view of my uncovered chest (and my go-to tape doesn’t work with every neckline). That said, I am also looking for a strapless bra that provides this coverage without digging into my underarm and creating a roll, OR digging into my back, and creating – yup – more rolls. This requirement, it turns out, is the tricky one. Lastly, because I wear a ton of tops and dresses that require strapless bras…it’s gotta be comfortable. Like super soft, with no itching or pinching, wear-all-day comfort.

This is the best strapless bra that doesn't dig. Post-mastectomy (& surgery) I don't need much support but the reviews say it's super supportive.


What I picked: Third Love 24/7 Strapless – When we embarked on this mission, I had high hopes that I could find something to beat my tried-and-true, hardworking strapless bra, the one I’ve been wearing for years. Sadly, after trying on freaking TWELVE different styles (three of which I could maybe recommend, more on that below), I’m sticking with my longtime pal, Third Love’s 24/7 Strapless Bra. It’s soft, comfortable enough, and has exactly the right amount of cup. It covers enough so I can bend over, but is more like a demi-cup so it doesn’t dig into my underarm flab. And because Third Love is pretty good at fit, the band is perfect — it doesn’t dig in or create rolls on my back. While I don’t actually need the support, the reviews on support for this one are pretty glowing.

Other Strapless Bras I Tried

1. Natori Minimalist Strapless Bra – THE most comfortable strapless bra I’ve ever had on my body. That said, it did NOT look like the photo. I had ordered a 34C (wayyyy too tight) and a 36C and on both, the cups were very, very tall. If I could’ve cut 3-4 inches off the top of the cup (to make it look more like the model), this bra would’ve been perfect. Instead, imagine the bra coming up over the model’s entire breast, and then digging into her armpit – that’s how it fit on me. I might play around with ordering a smaller cup size (like a 38A?? hahahaha), just to see if their sizing is dramatically different.

2. Lively No-Wire Strapless Bra – An Instagram ad called this wireless strapless bra “the yoga pants of strapless bras” and I was like, CLICK, BUY. In reality, though, it’s not quite as soft as the Natori bra above. It has a rather strange shape, which, oddly enough, worked with my implants. But the big downfall was that it, too, dug into my underarm fat.

3. Walcol Red Carpet Strapless Bra – I normally love Walcol bras, but I found their strapless bra to be both wayyyy too tight in my normal band size (painfully so), and much too large in the cups. This is decidedly a full-coverage strapless bra, one that I found very uncomfortable and overwhelming. That said, after looking through the reviews, it sounds like the reviewers who love this bra are in the D+ category, which would be pretty consistent with the fit. (Oh hey – Jess loves it!)

Laura’s Pick

Best Plunge Strapless Bra For Bigger Boobs

What I’m Looking For: Support without pushing the girls up to high heaven, wide enough cups, and a comfy back strap that stays up but doesn’t dig.

bra (34DD – sized up 1)

What I Picked: Natori Feathers Underwire Plunge Strapless – This is by far the winner. I’ve worn it multiple times now for hours at a time and hooray! Supportive for my boobs who have nursed and are 44 (and even got called tired one time in the comments…booooo). This makes them look nice under dresses and tricky-to-wear tanks AND the stretchy-lace back is super comfy. I’m glad I sized up in the cup and band here because I honestly realized I need a little more room in a strapless than I do in a bra with straps. Love this thing and that is saying a lot!

Other Strapless Bras I Tried

1. Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless – This dug into the sides of my boobs. As my ligaments stretch with…use (let’s say ‘use’ instead of ‘with age’) I find I need a wider cup. It could also be because I am so used to wearing wireless bras these days. Regardless, I loved the Natori strapless bra for a much better fit. And I’ve been a Wacoal gal for years!

2. Spanx Undie-tectable Better Bandeau – This bra claims it won’t squish your boobs vertically…but alas, it did. Not as bad as most bandeau bras do, but still. Also, you can’t wear it with any V-necks or plunging necklines.

3. Montelle Intimates Strapless Bra – I don’t even remember the details of this fit. I tried to find a bit more mid-priced option but alas it didn’t fit the bill.

Amy’s Pick

Best Multiway Strapless Bra (With Wire)

What I’m Looking For: A bra that can actually keep my boobs lifted and perky, with a band that doesn’t slide down throughout the day.

I found the best multiway strapless bra with underwire.

Bra (34C)

What I Picked: Warner’s Cushioned Underwire Convertible Strapless Bra – I am so genuinely thankful that I found this bra. It’s what I’ve been wearing ninety-five percent of the time since I purchased it (on Amazon!) a few months ago, only switching out for sports bras to workout and the occasional lace bralette). It’s the only strapless bra I found that doesn’t require adjusting throughout the day, and it actually makes my post-nursing (ie: deflated) boobs look full without adding extra volume. 

Other Strapless Bras I Tried

1. Third Love 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra – I tried this one in multiple sizes, determined to make it work, but even after taking their sizing quiz the bra was a total fail. In the end, I think it was the actual cup shape that didn’t work for my boobs.

2. Body By Victoria Lightly Lined Strapless Bra – This one was fine (it was a fave in my early 20’s), but it required a lot of readjusting throughout the day. 

Linzi’s Pick: Option 1

Best Strapless Bra For Small Breasts

What I’m Looking For: A padded strapless bra in size 32 A-B with a nice round shape. Think: padded, but natural looking. I also need it to be comfortable and not fall down. 

The best strapless bra for a small chest? It might be this Spanx bra.

bra (32 B)

What I Picked: Spanx Up For Anything Strapless Bra in Size 32 B – I’ve tried SO many strapless bras through the years, and this one is by FAR the best for my size, body type, and padding preference. It fits perfectly, has Spanx “Smart Grip” technology that keeps it in place, and memory foam cups that feel and look super natural. I own this bra in both black and beige. 

Other Strapless Bras I Tried

1. Chantelle Padded Bandeau – I kept this bra because I like it as a bandeau option with tops that have super low armholes, but for dresses and tank tops it doesn’t have enough shaping for my taste. 

2. Calvin Klein Naked Underwire Push-Up Bra – Wasn’t the right fit in the cups.

3. Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra – Shaping wasn’t as natural looking as Spanx.

Linzi’s Pick 2: Option 2

Best Adhesive Bra For Small Chests

What I’m Looking For: A strapless bra to wear with open-back dresses, but that still provides shaping.

This Niidor adhesive bra is great for small chested gals. The perfect bra for backless dresses.

bra (B)

What I Picked: Niidor Adhesive Bra Size B – This sticky bra has been a game-changer this summer. I have a small chest (cup size A-B) so I definitely can’t speak to the supportiveness of this bra for big chests, but DANG…for small boobs this Niidor Adhesive bra is fantastic for providing some extra rounded shape and a feeling of security in backless dresses. The bra sticks right onto your boobs, and then peels right off without any pain or redness for easy adjusting. I store it with the plastic on the adhesive side.

I also tried the same bra in the smaller cup size since it sticks right to your boobs, but I preferred the way the B cup gave me a bit fuller (but still natural) looking cup size under dresses.  

Kat’s Pick

Best Plus-Size Strapless Bra

What I’m Looking For: A smaller cup size, but a larger band.

bra | dress

What I Picked: Torrid Push-Up Multiway Strapless Bra – I wear the same two strapless bras every single day because they are just so good, and seriously comfortable for my frame. My tatas are on the smaller side when it comes to my body-to-boob ratio. I tend to need a smaller cup size but a larger band which is hard to find. The two brands that do this well are Lane Bryant’s Cacique and Torrid. I’m featuring my most recent (in January) bra purchase from Torrid — you can see what it looks like under a dress as well. This multiway bra has a thick band which is great for covering the love rolls on my back and it also has silicone so that it doesn’t move once you have put it on. It’s a ten out of ten for me!

Jess’ Pick

Best No-Frills Strapless Bra For Bigger Boobs

What I’m Looking For: Heavy lifting, hardworking, reliable. (NO DRAMA pls).


What I Picked: Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra – Having a 34/36 D chest and being active, means that I need a strapless bra that can do some heavy lifting when needed — no drama, ya know? Something that WORKS all day — that’s reliable and trustworthy and that doesn’t leave me complaining in return. I found all of that in the Wacoal Red Carpet Bra over ten years ago and I haven’t looked back since. It’s extremely reliable, works well and STAYS PUT. The silicone gripper strips are super grippers, which don’t really bother me because they work — but I could see how some people with skin sensitivities could find that really annoying. That’s my only note. Otherwise 10 out of 10!

Scotti’s Pick

Best Strapless Bra For Uneven Breasts

What I’m Looking For: A bra that smooths the girls out.


What I Picked: Skarlett Blue Goddess Multi-Way Strapless Bra – It’s hard for me to find strapless bras (or bras of any kind, really) because one of my boobs is about a ½ cup to a full cup bigger. I can’t stand the double boob look (when the cup is too small), so I look for a bra that smooths the girls out more than giving any extra lift or push-up. I ordered a bunch of strapless bras to try last year and my favorite was the Goddess Multi-Way Strapless bra from Skarlett. It doesn’t have crazy padding (but enough to prevent nipples from showing), is low enough that it works with plunge necklines and the lace is soft enough that it’s comfortable to wear all day long. (And I love the removable, convertible straps that make it an easy multiway bra option for travel!)

Anne’s Pick

Best Strapless Bra To Avoid Uniboob

What I’m Looking For: Something smoothing (without the uni-boob effect).

bra (38B)

What I Picked: The timing of this try-on was auspicious for me. I had just snapped up a super cute one-shoulder ribbed dress and needed to update my strapless bra game. The inexpensive bandeaus I had in my drawer were giving me a sad uni-boob effect. So, I ordered several styles, tried them on under my new dress, and I’m pleased to report that the winner of my strapless bra try-on is the Soma Enbliss Stay Put Strapless Bra in 38B. This was smoothing, had a plastic grip lining the fabric around the band for hold, and the material was really soft and comfortable. Although the price is steep at $62, it is a convertible style, and the quality is high enough for me to justify the price.

Other Strapless Bras I Tried

1. Wacoal Staying Power Strapless Bra – This was the runner-up, which was very similar to the Enbliss Stay Put, but I did think the Enbliss was just a bit more smoothing. However, the Wacoal is also a very soft material and well-constructed, so that the wire support is not going to poke you.

2. Maidenform Love the Lift Demi Strapless Bra – I wanted to try a more budget-friendly option as well, so I picked up the Maidenform Love the Lift Demi Strapless Bra from Amazon. If you want a more lifting effect, this bra does offer that. However, this bra was the least smoothing of all the options I tried on. I felt like the bra was designed to stay in place by the tightness of the band, and that created a weird lumpy look under my dress. So, for me, this style is going back.

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  1. As a 32 or 34DDD I am so envious of all the options all of the editors have available to them. Anything that holds me up well enough is extremely bulky and uncomfortable. I’d love the be able to wear tops that didn’t have to accommodate a bra with straps but any strapless bra I’ve ever owned was only comfortable enough to wear for a few hours at most — so basically just for special occasions.

  2. I’m curious how you use the double sided tape? Do you pull the backing off both sides and hold the top/dress in place as well? Or leave the backing on one side?

  3. I’ve been loving the no bra trend that many 20-somethings are doing these days. I hate that women feel like they HAVE to wear a bra. (If you like the look of a bra, then you should be able to choose to wear one, but I hate that women feel like they must.) I have prominent nipples, and I don’t feel comfortable showing them to the world all day long, especially at work. My solution is just to wear those stick on “nippies” covers. I do that every day, all day, and it’s fantastic. No bra. No bulk. No hoisting. No falling down straps. My breasts are not a full looking, and they have a more natural look. I like it.

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