What’s The Deal With Athleta Skorts? (I Tried 3 Styles)


The fact that skorts haven’t been a part of my spring/summer wardrobe rotation is kind of shocking.

A sporty skort is like the perfect piece of clothing; ventilation from the skirt itself with the dependable coverage of built-in shorts.

It’s a sweaty kid’s dream.

My Thoughts on Athleta Skorts: A Try-on & Review

So, I decided it was time to try out some skorts that are a step up from my usual summer workout shorts, but still safe enough for me to run around the playground with my toddler and dare I say go down a slide or two? (I’m not going down a slide). Athleta seemed like the best place to start my foray into the spring and summer trend that seems to be everywhere lately.

And oh, ps. Athleta is running 20% off on all Bottoms & Bras this weekend only! So if these skorts are calling your name, it’s probably a good time to snag one. (Sale ends 4/17, no code needed.)

Skort | Sweatshirt | Sneakers

I recently tried on 3 styles from Athleta: The Run With It Skort, The Brooklyn Skort, and The Soho Skort (in two colors). All the skorts have moisture-wicking technology and built-in SPF. (How does one get SPF into a garment? Not a clue.)

1. Athleta’s Run With It Skort

Athleta Run With It Skort review

Skort | Tee | Sneakers

The Run With It Skort was far and away my favorite at first glance. It’s a little shorter than the other skorts (14″), but I like where it hits on my 5’7 frame. If you prefer a longer skort, the Run With It Skort does come in a 16″. Since these skorts are made ostensively for running (LOLZ), they have a rubber band on the shorts to keep them from riding up. It feels a little strange at first, but I grew to like it. I didn’t spend a lot of time tugging them down when I tested them on an unseasonably warm Saturday a few weeks ago.

Fit Notes: I always size down to an 8/medium in Athleta. This skort is an 8 and fits TTS for me when it comes to Athleta.

2. Athleta’s Brooklyn Skort

Athleta Brooklyn Skort review

Skort | Tee | Sneakers

I ordered the Brooklyn Skort in black because, really, how can you go wrong with a classic black skort? It will go with everything. I dig the front pockets with zippers so that they don’t stick out awkwardly on the side. The Brooklyn Skort is 16″, which I think is just about the longest I’d go. Athleta offers some 18″ skorts, but I find certain lengths cut me off, so I “skort” around those lengths (that was my first skort pun! I am in awe of my self-restraint).

Fit Notes: The skirt fits TTS (I’m wearing an 8).

3. Athleta’s Soho Skort

Athleta Soho Skort review

Skort | Tee | Sneakers

I decided to try the Soho Skort from Athleta in Abalone Grey and Cottage Blue. This skort is very similar to the the Brooklyn Skort. The big difference are the back pockets. The Soho Skort sports fold-over back pockets and I’m always wary that they’ll flip up after one wash and never flatten. I will say, many TME readers told me that they own the Soho Skort and have no problem with the pockets, so there is that. It’s a nice skort, it just wasn’t my favorite (although I’m living for that blue).

Skort | Tee | Sneakers

Fit Notes: The Soho skort fits TTS (I’m wearing an 8).

There were two clear winners in this skort excursion; the Run With It Skort and the Brooklyn Skort. Stay tuned for a styling post soon.

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It’s high time to upgrade my summer casual wardrobe with these cute, sporty skorts — from coffee with a girlfriend to hiking the Red Rocks and, ok, maybe one venture down a slide.

x, Meredith

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