5 Ways I’m Styling Rag & Bone’s Retro Court Sneakers


I’m gonna make this intro short and sweet, friends, and get to the styling because as we know, things in the NSale keep selling out (if you don’t know about Nordstrom’s big sale, check out more here). BUT let me just take a moment to say I freaking love court-style sneakers for a sporty fashion moment, and these rag & bone Retro Court Sneakers are no exception. They’re so good.

I tried out the runner style in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I love the color but found the overall profile of the shoe to be a little too small for my liking. I like a little bit of a chunky-ish vibe in my sneakers — not over the top but just enough so to make a bit of a statement. And I’m picky about my sneakers, especially when they’re from fashion brands and not athletic brands. But rag & bone sneakers hit all the marks.

IThese rag & bone Retro Court Sneakers are cushiony, fit true to size, & have room in the toe-box area for my feet without being huge.

sneakers | blazer (6) or this | jeans (28)

Fit + Comfort: These babies are cushiony, fit true to size, and have room in the toe-box area for my feet without being huge. I haven’t walked a ton in them yet outside my house, but have run up and down the stairs a few times (without fail I forget something upstairs multiple times when I’m styling outfits), and let me just say they’re a joy (heh) to do some laps around the house in. #SurpriseExcercise

How I’m Styling These Blue rag & bone Sneakers From Summer To Fall

Rag & bone’s Retro Court Sneakers come in four colors: blue, rust, taupe and dark gray. I don’t know which is truly my favorite because the neutrals would be so versatile, but I went with fun blue this time around because I loved the shade so much last year.

Blue sneaks are, in theory, weird to style up, but I’m here to show ya they’re actually also super-versatile (though almost any of the colors would work with some or all of these looks.)

1. Retro Court Sneakers + A Red Summer Dress

This little red dress from Amazon has remained 1 of my faves for a couple of years now.

dress (M) | shoes (TTS) | bag

It’s hot right now, so let’s start with a summer look, shall we? This little red dress has remained one of my faves for a couple of years now. The blue of the sneakers is the perfect shade to NOT scream, “I still think it’s the Fourth of July,” and simply say, “I love mixing fun colors.” Here, the shoes lean denim blue and can really just about work as a neutral themselves.

2. Retro Court Sneakers + An Oversized Blazer & Light-Wash Blue Jeans

The blue of the rag & bone sneakers works SO well w/ blue denim because they're just different enough that they're not trying to compete.

blazer (6) or this | tee (M) | jeans (28) | shoes

OK, forget summer for a minute (I want to), and let’s go to fall styling…my favorite. This could be a decent transition outfit depending on your blazer, and I freaking LOVE this combo. The blue of the rag & bone sneakers works SO well with blue denim because they’re just different enough that they’re not trying to compete.

These are my beloved AGOLDE ’90s jeans, and I’ve loved them for years. They’re still good even when jeans and I are going through a rough patch. Grab an oversized blazer and a crop top you feel good in for fall, especially if you’re shorter-waisted like I am and hate all those too-long-tops always hiding your waistline. This is my new jam, and I can’t wait for cooler temps to rock this look.

3. Retro Court Sneakers + All-Black Closet Favorites (Hi, Everlane Dream Pants)

This Madewell muscle tee & black pants from Everlane are SO fun w/ rag & bone's blue sneakers.

tee (M) | pants (S) | shoes

Give me a cool, unique muscle tee and black pants I adore, and I’ll style them a billion ways for you. And these favorite pieces of mine are SO fun with the blue sneakers. This base outfit would work with a ton of different shoes too, and with any color of the rag & bone sneakers.

4. Retro Court Sneakers + All Beige For A Pop Of Color

This is the gray Amazon set I covered before but in a different shade because I love it in my life so much.

tank-&-pants set (M) | shoes | bag

What beige couldn’t stand to have a little bit of color thrown in to help it live a different life? I love this particular blue and this particular beige too. This is the gray Amazon set I’ve covered before but in a different shade because I love it in my life so much. TTS.

5. Retro Court Sneakers + Blue Jeans & A Graphic Tee

I'm pickier about T-shirts these days, but this David Bowie "Rebel Rebel" graphic tee is a longtime fave.

tee | jeans (similar) | shoes | bag

It wouldn’t be me without at least one outfit including some kind of graphic tee. I’m getting pickier about T-shirts these days, but my “Rebel Rebel” graphic tee is holding strong as a longtime favorite (it wears and washes SO well). I think I might’ve liked to have seen what a black tee would look like with this, honestly, but when I’m styling, I continue to grab this one.

I like bringing in a neutral tan bag for elevating the look a bit here. I think it really needs it. And I think a lighter-wash denim would also work great. I wanted to show a couple of jeans options to show how the shoes pair with each, so that was the thinking behind this!

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I hope this helps if you’re on the fence about styling up this great pair of sneakers! The fact that I kept thinking about this blue suede all year makes me realize what a great investment they are. Because of the tendency these days with NSale stock, I’ve rounded up just a few more options — in case these get scarce — that would give you a similar vibe if the blue is what you’re after.



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