Styling A Loose Fit Jean: Re/Done 90s High Rise


Last month I went on the hunt for responsibly made jeans see the post here — in hopes of finding my long-awaited perfect pair of jeans after pregnancy.

While I became a fan of all three brands that I tried (Boyish, AGOLDE and Re/Done), there were none quite as incredible as the ‘90s High Rise Loose Fit Jean from Re/Done. Of course, they came with the steepest price tag, but when I dove into what the company is all about and how they make their jeans, it made sense. These babies are quality. I understood firsthand just how quality they were the moment I tried them on.

Pulling these up over my legs, they immediately felt completely different than the others. They were almost soft, at least for a rigid denim (and in comparison to all the other rigid pairs I had been trying on). When I buttoned the top button and looked at myself in the mirror, it was as if these jeans were tailored exactly for my body. It was recommended to size up with this pair of jeans, and since I land at a 28-ish post-baby, I went with a size 29. They sat at the perfect place on my hips — no digging, no uncomfortable rubbing, and they were long on my 5’9” legs! The Glory! My butt looked gooood, while still having the loose leg fit that I pretty much only want to wear right now. It was love at first try-on with this pair of denim.

How I’m Styling Re/done 90s High-Rise Loose Straight Jeans

I get it, not everyone is ready to part with their skinny jeans. But ever since I experienced the comfort factor that is a pair of loose leg jeans like Re/Done makes, my skinny jeans — no matter how stretchy — feel so dang suffocating!! In case you need a little inspo, I styled these babies up for three different occasions — everyday life, date night, and a trip to the park.

1. Everyday Wear

The Glory! My butt looks gooood in this loose leg fit that I pretty much only want to wear right now. It was love at first try-on with this pair of denim.

Jeans | Tee | Sneakers

I wear these jeans as I would wear any other pair — with a t-shirt and sneakers. The best part of rigid denim is that you can fold them in any which way — roll up the bottoms like this, and they’ll stay for days! This is handy if you’re on the shorter scale and don’t want the extra length nor feel confident cutting them, but they come with a raw hem in the event you do wish to take scissors to them and find your perfect length!

*Fit Notes: Jeans 29 (went up one size per Nordstrom suggestion), T-shirt is a Large, Sneakers TTS (9.5)

2. For Date Night

The Glory! My butt looks gooood in this loose leg fit that I pretty much only want to wear right now. It was love at first try-on with this pair of denim.

Jeans | Crop Tank | Blazer (similar) | Loafers (similar)

I gotta shoot you straight — after I shot these looks I actually ordered this oversized blazer to try because the one I’m wearing in the photo, while cool enough, just wasn’t as slouchy as I want in this stage of life (it’s an old one from my closet). My husband commented on how much he loved this look — score! — so I know it’s going to be on a reg rotation for the future. Regardless of the size you prefer, I love the look of a blazer paired with loose denim!

I’m also rocking one of my current faves — a crop tank (this bra underneath it is perfection, and really easy to pull up or down if you’re nursing). I made a whole post about how (and why) I recently fell in love with the crop tank — but if you’d rather not have skin showing, a bodysuit like this one would be a perfect swap for this look! Slip on some loafers & pour that wine! (Side note: I’m still loving McBride Sisters for that.)

3. For A Trip To The Park

Jeans | Crop Tank | Long Sleeve | Sneakers

I love rocking layers, and up until recently was still proudly wearing my sweatshirts wrapped around my waist like I was a ten-year-old at Disney World. Thanks to this spin on the preppy trend of tying it over the top half of your body, I can still live my best hands-free life while enjoying the outdoors with my baby boy — the long sleeve seen here is perfect with the extra-long sleeves for tying. If the weather turned cooler, I would throw this long sleeve on for real and tuck the front up into the bottom of the crop tank!

Shop Re/Done ’90s High Rise Loose Fit Jeans

Honestly, I would feel confident in these jeans if I put a paper bag on the top half of me. I just love them that much. Are you rocking the loose leg jeans? How are you styling them up? I wanna know!!


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Oh hey, Pinners…

The Glory! My butt looks gooood in this loose leg fit that I pretty much only want to wear right now. It was love at first try-on with this pair of denim.


  1. This is probably the most flattering on the butt I’ve seen a loose fit jean. But oh the price tag. Hard to justify when I still telework and rarely put on anything with a waistband at all- and given that I’d have to hack off several inches myself because women’s clothing brands seem to be perpetually stymied by the fact that women come in different heights. I’d happily hack a few inches off $50 jeans, but $250 jeans?!?

    I do enjoy all the coverage you guys are giving loose fit jeans. I don’t want to be off trend but loose fit jeans are, generally speaking, a crime against the butt. I don’t have a lot of curves and almost every loose fit jean I’ve tried on makes me look like a boy from waist down. I just saw my 20 yo niece post a pic on insta wearing what appear to be the same kind of boot cut jeans I wore in the late 90s early 00s… I’m kind of hoping by the time we are allowed to leave the house again, fashion has moved on to the bootcut revival (but with a bit higher rise than we wore then)…

  2. Amen Kristen. I’m an equal opportunity denim lover and wear mid, high, skinny, straight and flare. For me, I draw the line on mom jeans (crime against nature), high waisted baggy (didn’t look good when I was in Jr High either), high rise boyfriend (this seems counter intuitive if you think about it as your boyfriend’s clothes are more slouchy, lower slung).

    I guarantee that within a year, teens will be cutting the tops off the waist of their denim!

  3. How do these jeans fit on a petite frame? I am 5’3″ and they look so cute on you but worried how they would look on someone much shorter?

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