Sheertex: The “Unbreakable” Tights


I used to shiver a little when I heard the word “tights” (nylons, pantyhose, or stockings depending on how you know them). Immediately my mind goes to being a young girl having to wear them under my Easter dress. I always felt like I had to be very proper while wearing a pair — any playtime, sudden movement, or even breathing wrong, and I swear they would instantly rip. It would be a miracle if you pulled them off when you got home and they were still intact!

When my mom told me about the “unbreakable” tight I was in disbelief — but when she discovers something good in the fashion world, it’s usually the real freakin’ deal.

Do Sheertex “Unbreakable” Tights Live Up To The Hype? A Review

I wandered over to the Sheertex website and not only was I immediately intrigued by their models range of ages, sizes and ethnicities, but my eyes were met with phrases like “ethically made”, “10x stronger than steel”, and “one of TIME’s best inventions” — it’s also woman-owned. If that wasn’t intriguing enough, my mom then tells me they send you a sample of the material when you order a pair of tights and encourage you to try and rip them.


When my mom told me about Sheertex "unbreakable" tights, I was in disbelief. "Ethically made", "10x stronger than steel", + "one of TIME's best inventions" -- it's also woman-owned.

Sheertex | Amazon

There’s a handful of tights to choose from when browsing the Sheertex website. There’s the Ultra Strong, Ultrasheer Tight, the Unbreakable Sheer Tight (both of which come in a “shaping” version featuring a high waistband), as well as a variety of styles ranging from semi-opaque, to backseam, to latticed, and MORE. There are even thigh highs, knee highs and faux-knee highs! Loving anything that includes shaping, I chose the Shaping Unbreakable Sheer Tight, hit the purchase button, and waited for the mailman to arrive.

When I opened the (compostable!) mailer, I had a package with my tights, and a smaller package with the sample material encouraging me to try and tear them. This is where I saw the words “…by human hands” for the first time. OKAY, okay, so I can’t roll my husband’s winter studded bike tires over them, but still pretty dang impressive if my own winter-rough hands can’t make a dent.

Want to see me go head-to-head with The Tights? Check out the video above to see what happens!

As I put them on for the first time, I immediately reverted back to old habits and began ever-so-gingerly working the tights up my legs while praying they stayed together. My heart stopped beating for a second when a sharp broken fingernail made contact with the material. I forced myself to look down and — WHEW — we were safe. I reminded myself “these are STRONG tights Amy, YOU CAN DO THIS.

When my mom told me about Sheertex "unbreakable" tights, I was in disbelief. "Ethically made", "10x stronger than steel", + "one of TIME's best inventions" -- it's also woman-owned.

Quilted Jacket (in blue) & here | Sweater | Shaping Sheer Tight | (similar) Dress & here) | Boots

Pulling an outfit together was actually quite exciting. It’s the dead of winter and I actually went into my summer clothes boxes that are in storage to find a dress — it felt scandalous! And also as if I’ve been missing these tights in my wardrobe my whole adult life. The high waistband was exactly what I was hoping for, like a thicker high-waisted legging holding me in. My tall Chelsea Boots suddenly had their perfect match: this is precisely the outfit I’ve been needing to make these boots really shine!

THE VERDICT? I’ve now worn these for multiple days (as in five straight days, don’t judge me, I do it for the blog — and for all of you) and they are still intact, with only two (very) small runs. One on my knee and one by my thigh, both of which I successfully “massaged” out (you know what I mean if you saw the video). I’ve rolled around on the floor with my baby, pulled different shoes on and off, and there isn’t one tear or a heel rubbed away, WHAT?!

The bonus in all of this is that they KEEP ME WARM. I’ve felt warmer wearing these tights under a dress and sweater than I have been in thicker leggings and a sweatshirt. I’m not sure what kind of witchcraft that is, but now I think I need these heart polka dot tights!!


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When my mom told me about Sheertex "unbreakable" tights, I was in disbelief. "Ethically made", "10x stronger than steel", + "one of TIME's best inventions" -- it's also woman-owned.


  1. I tried these too. They’re definitely strong but feel very different than normal tights. If you want to have tights that feel silky smooth and are just as unbreakable as sheertex, try Wolford. They’re not cheap but you literally get 30 wears out of them. I love them so much.

  2. 2 runs in 5 days doesn’t sound so good to me. I swear by my cotton Falke tights. So cozy and I’ve had them for years now.

  3. I bought the Sheertex leggings when they were first introduced when the plant was still in Bracebridge Ontario. Theese leggings have last me through countless hiking trips, canoeing, rock climbing and many shopping trips. My only con is they seem a little translucent for my liking. But other than that I really love them and the beauty is these are now Unisex so I can wear them with confidence.

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