My Favorite Athleisure Outfit for the Changing Temps (Including Socks!)


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My family has a group text that is forever ongoing. We share all of life’s updates with one another, pictures of our pets and kids, the latest candy we discovered at a gas station, and random Tik Tok videos we find hysterical (you know, important stuff). But the latest thing my 6 foot+ -tall sister and I flood the group text with? Gap.

We love Gap.

A Tall Gal’s Fave Athleisure Outfit For Layering

Gap has the combination of amazing price points, the ability to dress the entire family from one store, and (maybe most important to the two of us) cute clothing that actually fits Tall Girls, which fuels our love for them.

Another major bonus about Gap is that they just simply nail the comfort/athleisure look as a lifestyle — which is kinda major when it comes to my personal style. 

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | socks

Walking with the baby? I’m grabbing leggings and a sweatshirt. Errands as the temps drop? I’m simply adding a jacket. Needing comfort after a long day? Find me switching out my sneakers for something a bit cozier. These pieces really are what I reach for on the daily, and my latest finds are absolute gems.

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | socks

Elevate Leggings With A Matching Set

My favorite way to make comfort pieces look like a strategic outfit is to wear matching sets. Not to mention, it makes getting dressed phenomenally easier. I think I will always be a sucker for a well done animal print, so it was an immediate purchase when I found these leggings + sports bra in olive green leopard! 

These leggings are a ⅞ length, which is where Gap shines for tall girls. This style of legging can often leave out those of us with long legs, as the cropping ends up just a bit too short. I purposefully grabbed a medium tall to have more of a full-length legging look, but anyone taller than me (I’m 5’9”) could happily rock this tall length for that same cropped look on the model. Psst…there are petite sizes, too!

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | socks

The bra is considered low impact, but holds things in place pretty dang well, even while mildly jogging behind the stroller (wearing my normal bra size, large). Both top and bottom also come in a terracotta and charcoal version, too (all three colors are equally amazing, if you ask me).

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | socks

A Vintage Fleece Hoodie Is Just Right For Changing Temps

Gap is crushing the fleece game. Their matching sets are definitely the pieces to grab if you need a refresh on your Netflix binging outfit. But they also have that perfect for anytime, anywhere hoodie right now that I — no joke — have been desperate to find for the past year (…maybe two?). 

I used to wear an old black zip-up hoodie that I stole from my husband almost daily. It was donated in one of my infamous “we must purge everything” moods, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I have tried on a lot since then, trying to find that same impossible lived-in comfort while also not being messy looking. Oh, and it must have a large hood to actually fit over my large head and mess of hair…that was key. 

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | socks

All came up short until this little beauty. While I didn’t know if I would appreciate the updated cropped length this one offered, it turned out to be the solution I needed in making the hoodie not appear frumpy! And that hood, friends — it’s scrumptiously large. 

A Sherpa Jacket Is A Must…

For all my fellow northerners, top your outfit off with this sherpa jacket and thank me later. Ideal for this transitional weather, another fantastically large hood, and true to size (wearing a medium in jacket and hoodie). 

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | socks

…As Are These Clogs & Socks

I’m a big “house shoe” person, especially in the fall and winter. I love switching out my sneakers for something comfier the moment I get home. If I’m honest, it wasn’t love at first sight with these clogs, but I was intrigued and on the hunt for a new house shoe. It was when I slipped them on that I fell in love (they now live bedside at night waiting for me every morning). I’m a true 9.5 foot so I grabbed a 10 (only avail in full sizes) and they’re spot on. The other colors/materials they come in are worth a peek; I now want them ALL.

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | clogs | socks

And the socks? I kinda have a major thing with socks, so you can trust me when I say that this organic cotton pair is GOOD. Definitely worth throwing a pair or three into your bag (I just ordered a bunch more for myself). They actually have two sizes for socks, which is another win for us Tall Girls (who often have Big Feet).

leggings | sports bra | hoodie | jacket | clogs | socks

It was like the missing glass slipper, and all at once I was standing in the most fantastic outfit for around-the-house-doing-all-the-things. I was cozy, but not sweaty. Comfortable, but still felt cute enough to answer the door or show up on my Instagram stories

I actually said out loud to my husband “I wish I never had to take this entire outfit off my body.” To which he replied “Well, then… don’t.

The Girl Who Now Only Wears One Outfit

(Xx, Amy)

A gigantic THANK YOU to Gap & Shopstyle for sponsoring this post. Gap, you have no idea how happy your tall & long sizes make my family. We love you forever.

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