This $22 Denim Is A Really Great Dupe For The Agolde ’90s Jean


It was a weekday afternoon, and I was doing what any good mother would be doing — handing my infant a (sealed) tube of gum to use as a shaker while I wandered up and down every aisle in Target (don’t worry I purchased the gum, and it turned out to be the best I have ever chewed…but I digress).

I had a long list of items for the home like washcloth hooks and some fresh bedsheets, so naturally, I found myself in the women’s clothing department.

That’s when I spotted the cutest pair of jeans folded in a back corner. The tag read “Highest Rise Straight Leg” by Wild Fable, and I scooped up a few washes to try. It was immediate infatuation when I got back home and wore them around the house. They were pretty dang perfect, so much so that I was convinced Target priced these wrong.

These Target High-Rise Straight Legs Are A Fab Dupe For The Agolde ’90s Jeans

It was a good week later when I was grabbing my favorite pair of Agoldes (in color “Showcase”) to wear for the day when it hit me: these were…uh…kinda, sorta like the Target pair. No, they were surprisingly very similar. I tried them on back-to-back and was shocked to realize I had just stumbled upon a pretty dang good dupe for the Agolde ’90s jean.

Agolde 90s (left)| Target High Rise Straight (right)

The similarities are all in the feel — these babies wear exactly the same. Both pairs are amazing straight leg jeans that are roomy throughout. They both have a button fly which feels fancy, and both relax with wear (I have thrown both pairs in the dryer to get them back to a tighter shape, something to consider when deciding on size). The bums are almost identical, the pockets shaped the same. Both have bits of fraying details, which gives them a very day-off sort of vibe.

Agolde 90s (left)| Wild Fable High Rise Straight at Target (right)

There are some differences, naturally. The price is a whopping $176 difference, so that’s a big one. The wash and distressing is also an obvious one. While the colors are really close when you look at them in real life, the distressing on the Agolde pair gives them a lighter, more vintage appearance that really shows in the images (that is where the extra attention to detail shines, which results in some of that pricing difference).

The Agolde pair is a ’90s version, which makes them a little looser in the thigh — but just barely. The Agolde pair is also slightly longer on my legs (I keep them rolled). The wash I’m wearing (“Showcase”) features a raw hem, making it marvelous to cut them if preferred, but both jeans come in different washes with different hem options, which is nice!

I was grabbing my fav pair of AGOLDE '90s jeans when it hit me: these were...uh...kinda, sorta like the Target high-rise straight leg pair.

Agolde 90s | Tee | Sandals

I switched up the shoes to show you what the jeans feel like with both sandals and sneakers. Both jeans are just incredibly easy to wear — and so comfortable. There’s a reason the Agolde 90’s jeans are so popular, so it was a bit shocking to find a solidly similar pair!

I was grabbing my fav pair of AGOLDE '90s jeans when it hit me: these were...uh...kinda, sorta like the Target high-rise straight leg pair.

Target High Rise Straight | Tee | Sandals

The jeans aren’t made the same, which should be noted. Agolde makes their 90s jeans with organically grown cotton, as well as using sustainable steps such as laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods. Wild Fable, on the other hand, doesn’t have much to offer in that area. Their straight fit is made with 1% spandex, which makes them nice and stretchy, but the rigid denim of the Agolde pair softens and relaxes to your body over time.

Agolde 90s (left)| Target High Rise Straight (right)

Agolde ’90s jeans are still, in my opinion, worth it. They are an investment pair that you can feel good about, in more ways than just wearing them. The Wild Fable pair, however, is totally a great, surprising dupe if you’re not looking for an investment, or are trying out this looser straight leg style for the first time!

I was grabbing my fav pair of AGOLDE '90s jeans when it hit me: these were...uh...kinda, sorta like the Target high-rise straight leg pair.

Agolde 90s | Sweatshirt | Tee | Sneakers

Adding one of my favorite cozy sweaters really makes these jeans feel similar. If it wasn’t for the vintage wash on the Agolde pair, these would look like identical images. That said, Agolde does make their ’90s jeans in quite a few washes, even releasing special colors each season (anyone score the highlighter yellow from spring?!). Target has a lighter wash with distressing that is also very good — I showed them off here on TME’s instagram if you missed it! While I haven’t tried on this wash from Wild Fable, it looks to be a super great alternative to Agolde’s more popular distressed version!

I was grabbing my fav pair of AGOLDE '90s jeans when it hit me: these were...uh...kinda, sorta like the Target high-rise straight leg pair.

Target High Rise Straight | Sweatshirt | Tee | Sneakers

Fit Notes: Agolde actually recommends you size down in their ’90s jeans if you don’t want them to sit as low or loose. I’m wearing a 28 in the Agolde pair and a 29 in Wild Fable, causing them to sit at the same part of my waist (I imagine the ’90s jeans get quite a bit lower and baggier at the same size). I find both pairs bag out with repeated wear, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I could do a step down in each pair (a 27 and a 28). It just all depends how you like your jeans to fit! If you prefer your jeans fitting perfectly from square one (and throwing them in the dryer), grab your true size in the Wild Fable and consider a size down in Agolde. If you prefer breaking in your denim so they become the perfect fit over time — definitely size down in both!

Have you tried Target’s Super High-Rise (or Highest Rise according to the tag on the jean) Straight style? What about the Agolde ’90s jean?


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  1. I just bought a pair of these Wild Fable jeans! I got the light wash, they have quite a bit of distressing. They fit pretty amazing and feel really good. They are short on me (35 inch inseam here), but they looked pretty cool rolled up. Definitely worth the $22!!

  2. I know it’s not the point BUT as a retail worker, thank you for actually purchasing the item you gave your baby to play with, and choosing an inexpensive item at that. I work in a higher end department store, and you’d be surprised (or maybe not) how many moms hand their toddler a $200 pair of sunglasses to try on and drop on the floor, or let them gum a wallet and then put it back on the shelf.

  3. Just walked out of Target with three pairs of these jean I’m different washes and sizes! Perfect timing here. Well played, TME, well played!

  4. So, this post prompted me to check these jeans out while I was shopping for other things at target. I was SOOOO pleasantly surprised. I’ll admit, I’m a jeans snob. And often inexpensive brands don’t fit well, don’t have great fabrics, have “bad” back pockets and “bad” washes lol. These were actually cute fitting, nice and soft (more stretchy than I was anticipating) and the wash was nice. I didn’t care for any of the other washes and extreme blowout distressing on the other washes but these were a TOTAL win. Oh, I’m typically a size 4 though a touch on the leaner side these days. The 4 were a bit big and the 2 fit comfortable with still a relaxed fit (and plenty of stretch). I’m gonna call these a size-down item.

  5. I had to go to Target today anyway, so just picked these up and can’t wait to try them! Thanks for the tip. I’m also curious about that delicious gum 🙂

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