Printfresh x The Mom Edit (Dream PJs, Inside)


If you haven’t yet heard of Printfresh, it’s a small, local business (based in Philly), known for jaw-droppingly gorgeous pajamas in crisp, 100% organic cotton. The founders, Amy & Leo Voloshin, are friends of mine, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching Amy work first as the founder and creative director of Voloshin and, now, Printfresh.

So, I’m thrilled (THRILLED!!) to present our first-ever Printfresh X The Mom Edit collection, Love & Kisses!

Printfresh Pajamas (The Mom Edit Way): The Loungewear You’ve Been Waiting For

About a year ago, I called Amy and opened with: “Ame. Can we do something in black and white???”

Amy is both wildly creative and deeply thoughtful, and her beautiful Printfresh prints (all hand-drawn or painted) definitely reflect that. But I had something specific in mind. I wanted a classic, menswear-inspired, white PJ set…but with a playful, flirty print. 

These The Mom Edit X Printfresh pajamas are classic, menswear-inspired, black-&-white & flirty in organic cotton.

long-sleeve sleep set

I wanted these PJs to be tomboyish but sexy — a flirty little twist on classic menswear loungewear. Something cute but nonchalant.

Our collab w/ Philly-based Printfresh resulted in the cutest pajama sets. Tomboyish but sexy — a flirty twist on classic menswear loungewear.

short-sleeve sleep set (S)

Amy played around with the design a bit. “Want it…a little messy?” she asked. “Like handwriting?”

Oof. If you’ve seen my handwriting…obviously, she gets me. Messy hair, messy room, whatever.

Our pajama collection w/ Printfresh is available in sizes XXS-6X, all crafted from 100% organic poplin.

cami nightgown (S)

This collection is a limited run, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. And! AND, AND! It’s not yet available to the general public (you can only access it via the exclusive links here), but it will be going live on FRIDAY. So, if you’re concerned about sizes selling out, I wouldn’t wait.

P.S. If you were a newsletter subscriber, you would’ve already known about this whole collaboration. Because we like newsletter subscribers best.

Also, this collection is available in sizes XXS through 6X, all crafted from 100% organic poplin (think: crisp, light, breezy and gets softer with each wash). I find that the straight sizes run pretty TTS, but Kat says that the plus sizes do run a bit small (except for the tee — TTS).

I find that the straight sizes in our Printfresh pajama collab are TTS, but Kat says that the plus sizes run small.

long-sleeve sleep set

Here’s a closer look at each piece in the collection!

1. Printfresh X TME Pajama Pants

These Printfresh pants are available w/ the long-sleeve sleep set, they can be purchased alone.

pajama pants (S)

Obviously these pajama pants have pockets, Gang. Please.

These The Mom Edit X Printfresh pajama pants have pockets. Obviously.

pajama pants (5X)

And while the pants are available as part of the long-sleeve sleep set, I do love that they can be purchased alone. Especially since there’s a T-shirt…

2. Printfresh X TME T-Shirt

Printfresh T-shirts' sillhouette is more Anine Bing than fitted, so we just added a cool little detail at the neck.


I’ve been meaning to talk about Printfresh tees for a while now — they’re great. The silhouette is more Anine Bing than fitted, so we changed nothing, just added a cool little embroidered detail at the neck. I’ll get more photos of this one up on social.

3. Printfresh X TME Long-Sleeve Pajama Set

The Mom Edit's collab w/ Printfresh has produced the pajamas I was hoping for — a little sexy, comfy & NOT fussy. I couldn't be happier.

long-sleeve sleep set

This long-sleeve pajama set is what I’ll be spending most of my time in. This is exactly the type of thing I was hoping for when I first made that call to Amy. It’s a little sexy, super-comfy and decidedly NOT fussy — I couldn’t be happier. Fit is TTS in straight sizes, runs small for plus sizes.

4. Printfresh X TME Short-Sleeve Pajama Set

This short-sleeve pajama set from the Printfresh X TME collab has shorts, which have pockets & are fairly high-rise.

short sleeve sleep set (S)

I often forget how fun these little short-sleeve sleep sets really are. And, YES: The pajama shorts have pockets too. The fit of the shorts (and pants, actually) are fairly high-rise. Sometimes I wear them cinched around my natural waist, and sometimes I like to roll the waistband down, like I did in 2003.

I like to wear these Printfresh pajama shorts cinched around my waist or rolled down (circa 2003).

short-sleeve sleep set (S)

5. Printfresh X TME Cami Nightgown

This cami nightgown from Printfresh will be going on every vacation w/ me. & yes, there are pockets on this too!

cami nightgown (S)

This nightgown is going to be the piece I take on every vacation this summer. And, yes, once again — there are POCKETS.

Granted, I plan on hemming the heck out of this nightgown, making it a mini. But that’s just me.

I do plan on hemming the heck out of this Printfresh cami nightgown to make it a mini dress, but that's just me.

cami nightgown (S)

I’m going to let Kat do her own Printfresh X TME review, but I couldn’t resist adding in this pic — LOVE this cami nightgown on her:

This Printfresh X TME cami nightgown comes in plus sizes & is so cute on Kat. Runs small.

cami nightgown (5x)

OK, Gang, that’s it! I hope you like these as much as I do — and while they ARE perfect Valentine’s Day pajamas, I do plan on wearing mine year-round. ‘Cause nothing beats hugs & kisses.



Introducing: The Mom Edit X Printfresh pajama collection! From lounge sets to nightgowns (w/ pockets!) to tees, we hope you love these cute PJs as much as we do.
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