My Top 5 Fashion Finds of 2020


I recently posted on my Instagram that my favorite find of 2020 was comic relief, but since that’s not-so-shoppable, let’s talk about the pieces of clothing I couldn’t do without this year.

The Top 5 Investment Pieces Taking My Wardrobe Into 2021

Like comedic reprise, these pieces are like a warm hug in this crazy 2020 year. That’s what clothes do, right? Give us a way to feel good and express ourselves and give us an escape and, when needed, a hug.

I typically love looking back over a year to see what came out of it, but I’ll admit this year was tough. These pieces stand out across a really weird crappy time though, so I think that’s saying something. I’m not trying to put too much importance on clothing here, but gosh, what a life-saver it was in more ways than one to me this year. Let’s look through the picks!

1. MOTHER The Tomcat Jeans

at Nordstrom | at Bloomie’s | at Revolve | at Shopbop

left: jeans (28) | boots | sweater right: jeans (28) | boots | socks

These were a fun surprise. I’ve loved Mother Denim for years now, but who knew I needed the pair that would cuff perfectly with boots?? They just work beautifully styled this way though.

And the booty is flattering AND the distressing is good AND they have stretch. I thought all that would be too much to ask of one pair of jeans! I sized up one here, and I’d be interested to try two sizes up just to see if a looser boyfriend fit is cute, too. But one size up is perfect for a fitted but not skinny jean look. Oh and, by the way, they’re SO soft. And still well-stocked. Hooray!

2. No.6 Shearling Clog Boots

clog options: No.6 shearling clog (same color, without tread) | No.6 (diff color with tread) | Dansko lined clog boot

left: jeans | socks middle: sweater | jeans right: coat | jeans | socks

I have had these since early November, and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of them. They are the hug I was talking about at the beginning of the post.

Once I realized I needed to size up a full size, they have become hands-down my favorite shoes. The No.6 pair I have specifically tend to go out of stock quickly, but I’ve done a little roundup below of all shearling-lined clog boots. I’m typically a US 8 and went up to a EU 40 in these (the shearling makes them fit much tighter.)

They are the best for pulling on any time of day. And if you’re not typically a clog boot person, I venture to say you’ll still love these, as the shearling lining in the sole makes it a ton softer than the unlined wooden clog boot styles.

3. The Amazon Ruched T-Shirt Dress

left: dress (s) | utility jacket (similar) | black slides middle: dress | sneakers (same brand) | jacket right: Birkenstocks | snake bag (similar)

I had snagged a black ruched tee dress from Nordstrom last year and loved it…and so then began my search to find another when it sold out. Well, it turned out to be one of my favorite summer pieces! I compared this red dress find to the original Nordstrom dress here. I styled it up a bunch of ways here.

4. Athleta Cosmic Pants

left: cosmic pant (ps) | tee (1) | heels (similar) | clutch (locally made) right: pants (sp) | sweatshirt (similar) | slides (similar)

These were such a find for warmer weather. And once we can travel again? Gosh they will be my go-to. They dress up and down and are so so comfy and lightweight for summer, but would totally work in fall and spring, too.

5. Levi’s 501s

left: jeans (27) | sweatshirt (on sale!) | Birks right: jeans (27, have some stretch) | Birks | sweater (similar)

I couldn’t pick just one pair of Levi’s this year, because I rediscovered my love of all 501s. Give them a chance to break-in and they’ll seriously be your favorites. I even found a pair of cutoffs I liked this year! That is always such a struggle. Leave it to Levi’s…best washes, best fits and just the best classics, whether straight, skinny or shorts.

left: shorts (28, Athens Mid wash) | sneakers (same brand) right: levis 501 in luxor street (a few sizes here…loving the Athens wash, too) OR same fit, different wash

Here’s to 2021…and I mean that with every fiber of my being. Thanks for putting up with me around here, y’all. Thanks for joining us on this ride, through this unprecedented time. Thanks for reading our posts…that have helped keep me sane this year, truly. Happy Happy New Year…onward and upward!



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