These Ugg OTK Boots Are Exactly What I Want To Wear Right Now


So there were mixed reviews on my UGG boots in my latest post about leggings…and by mixed, I mean People. Did. Not. Like. Them.

It started with, “Mom Edit is better than this,” and then, “They aren’t doing you any favors,” to, “I’m not a fan of how bulky they look,” and finally “This is kind of all to the no.” (Tell me how you really feel!)

UGG Over-The-Knee Boots Are Just Right For Winter

OK, I get what you guys are saying — these aren’t exactly the sexiest over-the-knee boots ever. But that’s not the point…they’re like a warm hug on my feet (and legs). They’re SO comfy, SO warm and, for me, they solve a huge problem: I’m always cold. Like fighting-with-my-husband-over-the-thermostat cold. And in a year when social distancing requires us to spend more and more time outdoors in a climate that is WINTER most of the year, these are my solution.

Sure, I could grab my Stuart Weitzmans and look all kinds of cute while freezing. And sometimes I can get on board with the whole sacrificing-comfort-in-the-name-of-fashion thing. But not this year. Not. This. Year. This year I will be wearing my UGG boots unabashedly, thankyouverymuch.

UGG Classic over-the-knee boots are like a warm hug on our feet (& legs). They're SO comfy & a winter solution for women who are always cold.

moto jacket | jeans | graphic tee | boots | bag

UGG Over-The-Knee Boots + (Faux) Leather Moto over Graphic Tee & Jeans

When I’m not wearing straight up loungewear, I’m usually in a graphic tee and jeans. It’s just easy, and I’m not really dressing up much these days. When I need to leave, I throw on these boots and this faux leather moto and I’m ready to go. Graphic tee + jeans meets UGG boots + this moto is going to be one of my go-to outfit formulas this fall.

Over-the-knee boots and leggings are an easy pairing, but over-the-knee boots and jeans can be trickier. Some over-the-knee boots are really tight and getting them over jeans can be a struggle — not these babies. These are literally the easiest over-the-knee boots to put on and take off ever. I love not having to sit down and struggle to wrench them off my feet and the fact that I can slip them on easily when we’re in a rush to get out the door (we’re always in a rush). They don’t require socks (love the soft lining) and I know I’ve mentioned this more than once, but they’re so. Freaking. Warm. They also have a hidden wedge heel of 2″ …just high enough to give me a little height boost without being too tall to wear all day long.

UGG Classic over-the-knee boots are like a warm hug on our feet (& legs). They're SO comfy & a winter solution for women who are always cold.
UGG Classic over-the-knee boots are like a warm hug on our feet (& legs). They're SO comfy & a winter solution for women who are always cold.
UGG Classic over-the-knee boots are like a warm hug on our feet (& legs). They're SO comfy & a winter solution for women who are always cold.
UGG Classic over-the-knee boots are like a warm hug on our feet (& legs). They're SO comfy & a winter solution for women who are always cold.

Outfit Details

jacket: BLANKNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket (Also in light taupe)–the rose gold details on this jacket are beautiful. Love this jacket.

jeans: Good American Good Waist Ripped HighWaist Crop Jeans (6)–SO flattering, a lot of us at TME love these jeans because of the waist-defining fit.

t-shirt: “I Got This” graphic tee (also in light blue)–because right now I pretty much need a constant reminder! I love all of the graphic tees from Sub_Urban Riot.

boots: UGG Classic Femme Over the Knee Wedge Boot–Obsessed. SO warm!

necklace: ABLE tag necklace–I pretty much never take this one off. One initial for each of my loves, and they sit nicely together, not all on top of each other.

bag: AllSaints Snake Embossed Leather Crossbody Bag–this one has a ton of slots for credit cards and a pocket for your phone . . . with a little room left over for a few essentials in the main pocket. (And it’s on sale for under $100!)

sunnies: Warby Parker Raider Sunglasses–I’ve never been able to get used to contacts, but my eyesight is getting worse as I get older. Prescription sunglasses are a must and I LOVE these aviators. (They’re available in multiple lens colors–I’m eyeing up that blue myself.)

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PS…this one’s for the pinners…

UGG Classic over-the-knee boots are like a warm hug on our feet (& legs). They're SO comfy & a winter solution for women who are always cold.


  1. I did notice that most people were not a fan of these when you originally shared them! I think you totally make them work, though, and bonus points for being warm!

  2. I hear you on the boots being warm and comfortable, but, to me, the point of this blog is to find ways to be comfortable (including comfortable in different temps) while still being stylish. We could all be warm and comfortable if we sacrificed looking cute. These boots are simply not stylish. I think you’d be better off wearing snow pants than these boots. Or investing in some silk long johns for under leggings.

    Or tall leather boots with warm socks underneath. I hate to say it, but I think the OTK trend is over. It doesn’t really come across as fresh or stylish anymore. I’ve never personally cared for the look (especially for women on the shorter-side), but I much prefer a timeless black leather boot to just under the knee.

    Obviously, to each her own, and if this is your solution to being cold, then so be it. But, to try to sell it as A stylish solution to cold is something I’m not simply buying.

    • Sarah, the actual point of this blog is to offer ideas, alternatives, brainstorms. It is NOT to offer a one-size-fits-all approach on how to be “stylish”. The very concept of style is deeply personal and individual – and we’re here to embrace that diversity. You don’t like Scotti’s boots? No problem. But I do object to the tone of this comment. We don’t do mean-spirited here, especially in the name of fashion.

  3. I guess this post really highlights how individual one’s personal style is. Scotti looks great and the Ugg boots fit her look- she makes it work.
    I still think OTK boots are still relevant and a good alternative to the kind of outdated booties-with-skinny jeans look. Thanks Scotti!!

  4. So glad you stuck to your guns on these, Scotti–I thought they looked great in your last post, and don’t know what everyone’s problem is!

  5. Also yes to ALL the Blank NYC jackets–I have two and am seriously tempted by this one as well! They are just so well-made for the price that I might never need leather again!

  6. Trends and what is a fashionable (or, “flattering”) silhouette will come and go, but real style is always marked by confidence, a great smile and feeling good (and warm!) in what you choose to wear–and I think in this post and the previous one, you knocked that out of the park! And, as another cold state inhabitant, I applaud showing options that are real for where many of us actually live. Thanks!

  7. I have to agree with what Shana said. Sarah’s comment doesn’t seem to reflect the spirit of kindness and diversity this blog is known for. I agree with Shana that style is a subjective matter, and I believe we can disagree about individual style elements without resorting to shaming or calling out a lack of style simply because a piece isn’t something we would choose. As I’ve always told my kids if they pointed out someone’s style as being outlandish or different, it would be a boring world if everyone dressed the same.

  8. The boots aren’t for me but damn if Scotti isn’t radiating Cool Girl in these shots. I’ve been eyeing that particular moto jacket for over 2 years now and you’d think at some point I’d just buy the darn thing.

  9. Considering my most worn footwear these days are my ll bean slippers I wear while I work from home, I’d say these ugg boots look pretty good! Ha. I mean if this isn’t the year of the ugg boot and comfort over fashion than I don’t know what is. Keep rocking your uggs; I’m right there with you!

  10. Omg, you guys are so harsh! Girlfriend lives in MARQUETTE! It’s butt cold there! There’s literally no chance I’d look half as cute as Scotti if I lived in the arctic tundra myself!

  11. I’m no Ugg fan (I MISS HEELS) and the idea of wearing sweats is wholly depressing.

    But girlfriend can wear whatever she wants. I’m just grateful I live in Southern California 🙂

  12. Well, as someone with Scotti’s body type who’s also forever cold, I can’t wait to snap up a pair of these. Maybe not for a date, but with some playground pants or for whatever outdoor gatherings are in store for us this falls and winter —especially in a walking city— YES. And if this blog we’re only about us all having the same idea of stylish for all women and all occasions, I probably wouldn’t have a job😂😂😂. 😘

  13. As another fight-over-the-thermostat cold person living in a freezing place, I am so down for warm boots and warm outfit ideas! You look great!

  14. I love these boots! I tried them last year when I still lived in Boston and they were so perfect for long afternoons at the playground watching the kids play in the snow. It’s nice to have an alternative to snow pants.

  15. Sarah, what is your blog so I can follow your style tips?

    Wait, no blog?

    Hold your judgement until you spend the same time, effort, passion etc to commit to blogging for the general public.

  16. I follow TME because they show REAL women styling amazing clothes in a way that works for our *actual* lives and not the aspirational outfits of 22 year olds who have never wiped a butt or cleaned up a toddler after lunch. I can still remember how I fell in love with Shana after she styled up ankle boots with socks years and years ago because her damn ankles were cold! YES. I want to see stuff like this, actual clothes that I would actually wear day to day, styled up cute. NEVER CHANGE TME. I’m so tired of the cancel culture of 2020 – now otk boots are over, ankle boots are canceled… no they aren’t! I see people in these styles all the time looking fly. To me, personal style isn’t about following the rules of the fashion police, it’s about self expression and creativity and identity and beauty and the way you *feel*. TME does a beautiful job of playing in that space. Scotti you look amazing. Love the boots, love your attitude, rock your UGGs, be warm, look A unapologetically cute while doing it. <3

  17. Scotti, I’ve had these in various carts for years. If they developed a full body Ugg, you’d better believe I’d be in it.
    I spent last year searching for the perfect shoe to cover the gap between workout pants and sneakers for walking my kids to and from school and to cover that little bit of knee that sneaks out under my jacket. Style be damned when you live in the midwest! It’s freakin cold for 5 months per year. But if you can look as cute as you do in those boots then that’s a serious bonus. Great purchase….I may just finally pull the trigger…

  18. Well said Shana! I love the diversity of personal style reflected on this blog. To push this comfort, warmth and style debate even farther; I’d love to see one of you ladies style these boots
    Some of the styles are the definition of frumpy but some of them are kinda cool “boho frumpy”. BUT they are hands down the warmest boots out there …and they are made in Ely, MN. I end up wearing mine daily in our northern Wisconsin winters and I for sure look frumpy! It would be fun to see ideas to elevate their style factor…if it can be done?! 🙂

  19. Hmmm, I remember the same thing being said about Doc Martens lack of style and they havent gone anywhere…in fact the brand has some serious longevity. I am here for this look for a number of reasons: it accomplishes fashion and function objective AND its kinda rebellious. OTK uggs conjures up memories of Rihanna’s lewk at Coachella in thigh high Y/Project UGGS. The version that Scotti is wearing is way more relatable version of high fashion and something that a suburban mom like me could actually realistically incorporate into my wardrobe. And be comfortable and cozy during a frickin pandemic???

    Bravo, Scotti!

  20. I’ve loved this blog for decade now and I love how S has added different contributors over the years. I don’t have the exact same style aesthetic as any one particular contributor, but each one speaks to me in a different way and I love it! Keep. It. Up.

    Also, Scotti, I live in Ohio, not nearly as crazy cold as Marquette, and there are months out of the year that I know my uniform is warm, tall boots (to the knee or otk). But, you’d never know how tall, because my down puffer coat is hitting my calves. I still think I look cute, because everyone else is dressed just as warm. 😄 or 😭 Anyway, you rock this look. You look cool and you look like YOU!

  21. I think these look awesome! Ignore the haters. I live in Wisconsin…I love a good tall boot. These solve my main issues with OTK and knee high boots (they’re not practical or comfy). I honestly wasn’t a fan of Ugg boots the first time around, but these I actually do like. If they had a lower heel I’d be adding to cart right now.

  22. Get. Down. With. Your. Bad. Self. If Seattle wasn’t so wet and I was inclined to wear wedge heels at home, I would totally buy these.

  23. Well I don’t think the fact that someone doesn’t have a blog makes their opinion irrelevant (see just about everyone in the comments.) But I do think that when making comments that are critical of the fashions being presented, keeping them from veering in the direction of personal criticism is important and snark doesn’t really serve that. Sometimes that can be hard to guage.

  24. I don’t know if the election, the pandemic, or whatever is in the air but folks need to chill for real. This whole hate on the boots and Scotti (an actual real human being with feelings who doesn’t owe us a damn thing) crap is cruel. Fashion isn’t that serious and it’s not supposed to be.

    I have a masters degree in the history of clothing and fashion from NYU and the idea that fashion is ever evolving has been there since day one. It’s supposed to be fun and creative, especially now when we all need to take a break from all things serious.

    Scotti, if you happen to read this know that the problem is with others, not you. The boots are cool. They play with interesting and new proportions and seem like the best kind of leg blankets. More importantly though, you seem like a legit kind and approachable person and there is no reason for people to be dumping their stress and BS on you.

  25. I did not like Uggs the first time around but these are better than the originals. I think the bulk is modern with the oversized look. For me the dress outfits were oddly proportioned but they look great over jeans. I’m from a state with very long winters so maybe affects my perspective.

  26. Yeah, Shana!!!!!! Love your response and rehash of the mission of The Mom Edit. 😘
    Fashion isn’t just about being “stylish” – fashion (& style) are personal. For me, it’s about feeling good in what I’m wearing, being functional and feeling “current” (which is loosely used word bc current means 1000 different things to a million different people).
    Love your blog, IG, newsletter, FB and FB insider group!

  27. Girl. I don’t even know if you are reading comments on this thread anymore, but taking a shot in the dark that you are to tell you that you are a genius and these boots are amazing!
    I happened upon this post last week, and in some kind of Covid haze, found them on sale and bought them.
    They came today and after one wear I am asking myself why I have not had these my while life.
    I live in Wisconsin for Pete’s sake. Everyone should have these!
    It’s like being able to walk around with a blanket wrapped around your legs, and looking stylish while you do it.
    I was so afraid I was too old to pull it off (47). Have always been afraid my shorter legs and bigger thighs couldn’t pull off otk boots. But I. Look. Fabulous!
    Thanks for being the impetus in the void that made me take a chance:)

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