Trying All The UGG(ly) Clogs So You Don’t Have To


It’s no secret that “ugly” shoes are having their moment. Everywhere you turn, people are rocking all sorts of less-than-cute looks.

Take a peak at Pinterest, and you’ll find Gigi Hadid rocking Tasmans, and influencers all over TikTok are obsessing over the Tasman Waterproof Clogs. And while I admittedly am not a clogs girlie, I decided it was time to give these UGG(ly) shoes a try for myself.

Ugly Shoes Are Trending: Are These UGG Clogs Worth The Hype?

I’m so curious to see if the UGG shoes trending all over the internet are actually worth the hype. I’m looking to see if they’re comfortable, so ugly that they’re cute, and easy to style. The most important aspect in order to keep one of these pairs of clogs is whether they make sense with my most-worn fall uniform: monochromatic sweat sets.

So, let’s give ’em the good old college try and see if we like these, shall we?! 

UGG Maxi Clogs

Of all the UGG clogs I purchased, the Maxi Clogs are the most recent drop in the collection of fall shoes UGG has released this season. In my search on socials and Pinterest, these were the biggest mystery, and I haven’t seen anyone try or style them yet.

The UGG Maxi Clogs are waterproof, & the traction on the bottom is great for icy + slippery weather.

top | sweats | jacket | maxi clogs | similar hat

Things I love about the Maxi Clogs: They’re waterproof, and the traction on the bottom is great for icy and slippery weather. They slip on and off very easily, are hella comfortable, and surprisingly go with everything in my closet.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of the metallic-silver color, but it turns out I actually love the color, and they remind me of a slightly more stylish moon boot. The Maxi Clogs have a cousin, the Maxi Mini Bootie, and I’m so curious to see if they’ll be my boot of choice for the winter.

I was skeptical of the metallic silver of the UGG Maxi Clogs, but I love the color, & they remind me of a slightly more stylish moon boot.

The cons of these clogs: If you’re looking for arch support, these might not be a good option for you. I also found the jet-black color to be just OK and quite difficult to style.

The cons of these UGG Maxi Clogs: If you're looking for arch support, these might not be a good option for you.

My final thoughts: Wow, was I totally surprised by the Maxi Clogs! I absolutely love the metallic color, and they’re giving me futuristic “Zenon: The Zequel” vibes, which I am 100% here for.

UGG Tasman X Waterproof Clogs

I have quite honestly watched at least 20 people unboxing the Tasman Waterproof Clogs on TikTok. Now that I’ve tried them on for myself, I have to say, I don’t quite understand the hype.

top | sweats | Tasman clogs | similar hat

Things I love about these not-so-cute clogs: They’re waterproof, the sock is removable, and they’d make great gardening shoes. I think they would make perfect shoes for quick walks with the pups in the winter months.

The cons of these clogs: They’re quite hard to put on with the sock insert. They’re a little too insulated and made my feet feel like hotcakes, and they were a bit too narrow for my slightly wider foot (though, without the sock, they fit spaciously).

I purchased these in Barbiecore pink and a neutral olive tone, and to my surprise, I liked the vibrant-pink clogs much more than the neutral-tone olive clogs. I think the pink works much better with my very neutral wardrobe, and they also look great with jeans, but the olive oddly didn’t work with the color hues in my closet.

I purchased these in Barbiecore pink & a neutral olive tone. To my surprise, I liked the vibrant-pink clogs much more than the olive clogs.

My final thoughts: If I was looking for a chic garden clog then these would be a high contender, however they aren’t what I would turn to for everyday styling. IMO I think crocs are easier to style than the Tasman waterproof clogs and while the influencers of TikTok tried to persuade me, these will unfortunately be a pass for me.

UGG Sport Yeah Clogs

Truthfully, I only ordered the Sport Yeah clogs because I wanted to try all the different varieties of clogs that UGG offers. I was on the fence about what I thought of them when I found them online. There were elements I found interesting, like the curved line detailing and slight platform, but they appeared to be the most difficult to style for everyday wear.

top | sweats | Sport Yeah clogs | similar hat

Things I love about these clogs: They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever slipped my feet into, and feel like a pillowy marshmallow when you walk in them. Plus, they come in a variety of colors.

The cons of these clogs: They have quite a snug fit and aren’t available in half sizes, which is a bit limiting. The synthetic rubbery material is not breathable and causes my feet to sweat, and the overall design is not my personal aesthetic.

These UGG Sport Yeah Clogs are so comfy, but they don't feel practical for day-to-day wear.

If I had to pick between the black and Tidal Wave blue, I’d hands-down pick the sea-colored, blue-hue clogs.

My final thoughts: Damn, these clogs are so incredibly comfortable, but they don’t feel practical for day-to-day wear. I do however believe that they would make a great water shoe if you’re kayaking or living the lake life.

Not Technically Clogs… But The UGG Tasman Slippers Are Amazing

The UGG Tasman Slippers are arguably one of the most iconic shoes of the season, and while they definitely are related to the Tasman waterproofs, they’re in an entirely different playing field when it comes to comfort and ease of styling. These literally go with everything in my closet, and I have to say, they are 100% worth the cost.

The UGG Tasman Slippers go with everything in my closet & are 100% worth the cost.

top | sweats | Tasman slippers | similar hat

While I do think I will be keeping the Maxi Clogs, I can tell you now that the Tasman slippers will be one of my most-worn shoes this fall and winter.

P.S. Mia was a paid actor in the photo above!

XX – Kat

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"Ugly" shoes are having a moment, but do they live up to the hype? These UGG clogs have to be 3 things: comfy, so ugly that they're cute & easy to style with my fall outfits.
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  1. Hello! Thanks for sparing us from trying these UGG(ly) clogs. 😂 Some of them are really cute though. You mentioned the Maxi does not have arch support? Do any of them have good arch support for flat feet?

    • The most supportive of the bunch would be the Tasman waterproof clogs and the sport yeah clogs would likely support you foot too since they feel like memory foam.

  2. Hi! Nice post! I bought the black UGG Tasman X Waterproof Clogs cause I really liked the green ones, first my former colleague bought them and I try them on and I needed rainboots. And I actually wear them often! In Finland we have snowy winter and often very wet snow, so they keep my feet warm and are waterproof. When its too slippery I dont wear them. The only thing that bothers me in these shoes is the sizing (and they are quite ugly). I use 40 shoes and these are 40 too, but without the socks I can really wear them, they are too big. And 39 didnt even fit in the leg?? So for me these are not very practical ones and its sad cause I would love wear these like in the summer when its raining.

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