Are Vince’s New *WATER-REPELLENT* Sneaker Boots Worth The Cost?


Hey, Gang! Longtime readers may recall my ongoing love affair with Vince sneaker boots…first discovered at a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in…wait for it…2015. I first really featured them here, in an old article where I am NOT horrified by my fashion choices. (This is not the case for all old articles, which is a side-effect of blogging for 10+ years. Yikes and yikes — low-rise floral shorts, S? WHY?)


Are Vince. Nira Sneaker Booties Worth The Cost?

When several of you reached out, asking for a review of the new Vince Nira sneaker boots (water-repellent, in four neutral colors, and an updated shape), I didn’t hesitate. I think my exact words were, “OOOOOOOooooo” as I clicked ‘add to cart’.

Well…you’ll have to watch the video for all of my in-depth analysis (it’s a solid piece of investigative journalism, #snort), but the 2-second synopsis?

Totally worth it.

The updates Vince has made to their sneaker boots are welcome updates for 2020. The higher shaft means that they work with cropped mom jeans (not just skinny jeans) and the water-repellent coating — for a boot I primarily wear with thick, wool socks — just makes oodles of sense.

Where my old Vince sneaker boots (the 2015 version) were — and are(!) — amazing with skinny jeans, the lower shaft means that they look a bit strange with the cropped mom (or dad) jeans, making them a bit limiting. But both boots (the old ones AND the 2020 version) can be worn with thick Smartwool socks peeking out.

Gang! The Vince Nira sneaker booties (water-repellent) are totally worth it. Watch the review for deets, but hint...they work w/ cropped mom jeans AND skinnies.

But the fact that I’m still getting compliments on these boots — five years later — even if it’s only with my (now high-rise) skinny jeans…does speak to their longevity. These boots have a sort of under-the-radar cool that makes them a pretty classic buy.

And with the new, higher shaft, water-resistant exterior AND 40% off?

They’re an easy win.

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The Vince Nira sneaker booties (waterproof, 4 neutral colors, an updated shape) are totally worth it. Watch the video for my in-depth review (a solid piece of investigative journalism, #snort), but hint...they work w/ cropped mom jeans AND skinny jeans.