When You’re Bored Of Leggings & Joggers…These!


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We all know that the beloved Vuori joggers are the most buttery-soft pants EVER and that the drawstring everyday leggings are a team favorite as well, but I’ve been desperately craving something new and fresh for 2023 in the performance apparel category.  

I want pants that are delightfully soft (of course)…not too squeezy on the top (ugh, that’s the worst)…made from high-quality material (that’s nice enough to wear out and about)…and designed with a modern, awesome, on-trend silhouette (we all love awesomeness, right?). You know…pants that do all the things, pretty please.  

Oh…and can you also make sure that when I roll out of bed in the morning and resign myself to changing out of my pajamas, these new amazing pants will be SO comfortable and SO inviting that when I put them on I say “ahhhhhhh!” and feeling genuinely happy to wear performance apparel instead of staying in my pajamas all day? 

My Fitness Uniform Update: Vuori Performance Pants For All The Things

Vuori's Elevation Slim Bootcut Pants go easily from dance attire to cute comfy outfits for running errands.

Bootcuts (M) | Tank (M)

Vuori’s new Elevation Slim Bootcut Pants (and the Daily Widelegs ) are meeting ALL (yes, ALL!) of these demands. They’re JUST what I needed to breathe some new life into my 2023 fitness uniform. AND as you can see below, they’re perfect as “Real Pants” too!

The black bootcuts pants are great for both workouts & running errands.

Jacket (XS) | Hoodie (M) | Bootcuts (M)

Looking For An Alternative To Joggers and Leggings….THESE! 

I wear these Vuori pants for dance class, physical therapy, Pilates, + strength training.

Bootcuts (M) | Tank (M)

Okay…a little about what I look for in the pants I wear for dance classes, physical therapy, Pilates, strength training, and exercise walks.

I’m not a huge leggings person. Never have been. And my fitted joggers have been my absolute go-to, but recently they are feeling a little stale…likely because I wear them every.single.day with the same favorite tank and same favorite hoodie for any and all workouts. This combo isn’t going anywhere, but I’m eager to branch out a bit.

As I’ve been watching straight-leg, flare, and wide-leg pants having a HUGE moment in performance wear, I’ve been itching to play around with some of these options. Vuori’s selection is fabulous! 

Wildly soft on the skin (not surprising, of course, this IS what Vuori is known for), good fit (perfect for seeing your form and movement during classes, but not at all uncomfortably squeezy), made from high-quality premium materials, and my favorite part? The way I can easily wear them as “real pants” before or after my exercise/dance classes!

These Vuori Bootcut Pants Transition PERFECTLY For All-Day Wear

These Vuori Bootcut Pants Transition PERFECTLY For All-Day Wear.

Jacket (XS) | Hoodie (M) | Bootcuts (M)

I am predicting ALL sorts of uses for these black bootcut pants…not just for workouts and dance classes. Pants this soft (like Vuori’s beloved joggers) are begging to be worn on my couch Sunday mornings for sure! What’s unique about these bootcut pants, though (as well as the wide-leg pants I tried) is that they work SO well for “real out-and-about clothes” too. Switch out your sneaks for boots and throw on a jacket or cardigan over top and you’re good to go.

 Vuori's fuzzy trench is a fantastic wardrobe addition for all-day wear.

Jacket (XS) | Hoodie (M) | Bootcuts (M)

And if we’re going to talk about versatile all-day wear pieces, Vuori’s fuzzy trench is a fantastic wardrobe addition. Looks right at home over leggings, jeans, joggers, AND all the wide-leg, bootcut, and flare pants with boots or sneaks. Meant to be oversized, but I’m wearing an XS here (with plenty of room), so I’d definitely recommend sizing down.

Details & Fit: Vuori’s Wideleg, Bootcut, and Flare Pant

I know there are questions about the details and fit of the pants I tried, so let’s get to it. Specifically the materials, rise, and inseams.

Vuori Mid Rise Elevation Slim Bootcut

Vuori Mid Rise Elevation Slim Bootcut are cute dance attire!

Bootcuts (M) | Tank (M)

Made with performance stretch moisture-wicking knit that has an ultra-sueded feel, these pants are EXCEPTIONALLY soft and comfortable. The material is thicker than the performance joggers, but they somehow maintain that incredible buttery softness. As a shorty (5’2), I thoroughly appreciate the 26-inch inseam. Although they’re not ankle length on me (how they’re shown here on the model), I was THRILLED to find bootcut pants I didn’t have to hem.

Vuori Daily Wideleg

The Vuori Daily Widelegs  are lovely elasticated-waist wide-leg trousers .

Widelegs (M) | Top (M)

The Vuori Daily Widelegs have a much higher rise than the bootcuts and have a fun tie waist and long lines that I love. With a 31.5″ inseam, you can see that for me they’re great when I’m wearing my dance heels, but if I decide I want to wear them primarily with sneaks instead, I’ll get them hemmed. Right now, my specific pants have limited sizing in black, but the Halo Wide Leg Flares have the same 31.5″ inseam and the Sedona Widelegs have a 31″ inseam.

I Can’t NOT Talk About These Vuori Tops, Right?

Similar theme, here, for sure. I’m a big fan of the tops (same as the pants) that are ridiculously soft, not too squeezy, and come in fabulous cuts and styles.

Vuori women's tops are aces.

Tank (S) | Bootcuts (M)

Let’s start with a quick shout-out to this Vuori tank that has been in constant rotation for what seems like forever (I own four colors). Silky soft, anti-odor material, with a nice easy-going drape. I own all of my colors in size S, but it’s VERY roomy, so I could likely size down.

Tank (M) | Bootcuts (M)

Another good one…the Plyo tank. Fitted, but not squeezy, with a built-in bra for medium support. I’m wearing a medium here, as I do with most sports bras and fitted tops because I don’t like to have to wrestle into my clothes in the mornings, but I could likely wear a S in this too.

The Lux Rib Avant Top from Vuori is a Vuori crop top with a ballet aesthetic.

Top (M) | Widelegs (M)

And finally…my latest Vuori top…the new Lux Rib Avant Top. Such fun dance-y vibes on this one…I instantly found myself correcting my posture and form as soon as I put it on. I’m wearing a medium in this and could likely wear a small, but prefer a bit more room in these fitted tops.

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Thank you so much to Vuori and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. It was so.much.fun. to branch out and try some of your new styles and silhouettes and as always…your wildly soft materials make me wildly happy! A 2023 workout reset is JUST what I needed.


These straight leg lounge pants are the best alternative to leggings.


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