Calling All Cardigan Lovers (and Haters): This Fleece Jacket Is A Fresh Take


Apparently, there are cardigan lovers and cardigan-haters in this world. Well…at least in this corner of “The Mom Edit” world. A heated debate unfolded during this week’s TME team meeting as Shana and I bickered debated about whether or not cardigans are sad and boring. Sides were taken, points were made, and then we eventually came to one clear consensus as we reviewed the selfie photos below for this post…

Cardigan lovers and haters alike ALL love the vibe of this chic and modern long fleece jacket from Vuori.

Fuzzy Jacket (XS) | Jeans (29) | Boots | Bag

Most of you know where I stand on this issue. I am a completely committed lover-of-cardigans. All varieties. Traditional cardigans, boyfriend cardigans, belted cardigans, the drapey variety, the hooded variety, the zipped variety, cardigan-coats, cardigan-blazers, coatigans…all materials, all shapes, pretty much all the time. Just the thought of wearing a top layer that’s stiff or structured or in a material that’s not super cozy makes my brain itch.  

It is therefore QUITE challenging mentally for me to branch out from my usual “some-variation-of-a-cardigan” top layer on cool-ish transitional season days.  

This Vuori fleece coatigan however, with its soft-ish lines and cozy fabric has managed to comfortably push me out of my comfort zone. And yet it still appeals to the cardigan-haters, who avoid cardigans at ALL costs, with its modern shape and chic style! We have a winner, guys!

The Cardigan Alternative: Long Fleece Jacket aka Sherpa Coatigan

While I’m a HUGE fan of my Vuori jacket, there are quite a few similar long fleece jackets for a range of budgets that would do the trick as a modern multi-season top-layer.

4 Ways To Wear The Fuzzy Vuori Jacket That Stole My Heart

Fuzzy Jacket (XS) | Performance Pants (M) | Hoodie (S) | Similar Boots | Similar Bag

I tried this jacket somewhat on a whim. I was shopping a bunch of performance wear from Vuori, looking for a fresh alternative to leggings and joggers, and ordered this jacket in my last seconds before selecting complete order. I didn’t think it was going to fit my personal style (i.e. it wasn’t a cardigan) but was intrigued by the cute photos online and the rave reviews.

The jacket ended up being one of the star pieces of my order. It looked good over workout clothes, it looked good over jeans and boots, it looked good with all-black out-and-about clothes, and it looked good with my flares and sneaks.

Overall, this specific cozy jacket just feels easy as a piece to throw on top of all my usual basics (similar to how I use gorgeous neutral cardigans as well as statement cardigans):

Step 1. Wear whatever.
Step 2. Put on something fabulous over the top.

The takeaway? This type of fuzzy comfy cozy top layer has all the benefits of my typical cardigans and cardigan-jackets…most importantly soft and easy to wear over TONS of basics…but has more of a modern on-trend vibe that is providing a total fresh take.

Note: Size down! I’m wearing an XS in this jacket and it’s still roomy. For reference, I’m 5’2, 140 lbs.

1. On The Playground: Over Flares With Sneaks

Weekend wear unlocked with this fleece trench coat.

Fuzzy Jacket (XS) | Jeans (29) | Hoodie (S) | Sneaks

Easy-peasy with that effortlessly cool vibe. Nothing says effortless like flares and a hoodie in my book, and I love that the modern shape of this sherpa trench gives this whole look a bump in style. This look also works exceptionally well with my Contigo reusable coffee container I am usually clutching at all times on the playground. You can see it, right?

2. City Chic: Over Jeans With Boots

This Vuori fleece makes jeans and a hoodie into a city chic outfit.

Fuzzy Jacket (XS) | Jeans (29) | Boots | Bag

Here, my main uniform for fall, winter, and spring gets an update with the long fuzzy jacket (instead of a cardigan or puffer). In spring, I think I could easily transition this jacket to wear with a black or white tee and clogs instead.

3. Headed to The Gym: Over Joggers or Leggings

This sherpa coatigan is the perfect gym jacket!

Fuzzy Jacket (XS) | Performance Pants (M) | Top (S) | Sneaks

This is how I predicted I would wear this jacket…mainly over workout wear. It truly IS a great top layer over all workout pants… joggers, leggings, boot-cut, straight-leg, and wide-leg workout pants…it all works. Also over all the workout tops. I’m not one to usually show much belly in public, but with this chic oversized fuzzy jacket on top, it actually feels okay.

4. Out & About: Over All-Black Workout Outfit

This fuzzy trench coatigan works for running errands or all-black workout outfits.

Fuzzy Jacket (XS) | Performance Pants (M) | Hoodie (S) | Similar Boots | Similar Bag

Secret: With this outfit, I’ve been throwing sneaks in my bag for an easy transition to exercise or physical therapy appointments. So fun to be wearing comfy stretchy performance gear, but passing it off like it’s a “real” out-and-about outfit. Performance bootcut pants (that I also work out in) with an exercise tank and hoodie, but with the addition of on-trend lug-sole boots and the jacket pulls it together without much effort involved.

Although you’re going to have a very hard time keeping me from exploring the spring cardigans and coatigans in the next few months (I don’t think I’ll EVER give up cardigans as my TRUE top-layer love), I am quite pleased about finding this fresh out-of-the-norm piece for my coat rack. Any other long fuzzy-fleecy-soft jackets or cozy alternatives to cardigans you guys have found that you’re loving?


Hey, Pinners…

This Vuori full length fleece coat goes with with everything -- it's a perfect spring coatigan.

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