A Review Of Vuori’s Ripstop Pants (On Two Different Body Types)


Zack absolutely loved his Ripstop pants from Vuori. Like wanted to wear them every. single. day. kind of love. He loved them so much, I had to try the women’s Vuori Ripstop version for myself. I mean, comfy stretchy pants that can be worn hiking or running errands or to dinner? That don’t look like pjs?? I’m in. Amy has a pair and raves about them, so I ordered a pair and waited for my new favorite pants to come in the mail.

With two-way stretch fabric that’s 98% cotton, a slim fit, and functional pockets that are also cute, I was sure they’d be my go-to pants for spring. I mean, the Vuori Performance Joggers are beyond amazing and their Halo Wide Leg Pants can’t stay in stock (I have those and I can see why), so I thought their Ripstop pants would be a home run.

Scotti’s Take On The Vuori Womens Ripstop Pants

With 2-way stretch fabric that's 98% cotton, a slim fit + functional pockets that are also cute, I was sure Vuori's Ripstop pants would be my go-to pants.

pants | sweater | sandals

Buuut…I didn’t like them. The fabric was–interesting. It was thin and stretchy, but felt kind of stiff and utilitarian instead of that ridiculously soft fabric their joggers are made from. And as far as sizing…not super curve-friendly. (I’m 5’4″ for reference.) That button is barely hanging on, folks. I mean it does have that elastic loop that gives the button a bit more length, but there wasn’t a whole lot of room for the booty (you can see it pulling the pockets in the pics below). I probably could have (should have?) sized up to a large, but I didn’t want them to be too baggy.

I did like how I could roll them in a slightly tapered way (I was worried the roll was permanently sewn the way it is on the website), and the design is really cute. The color goes with everything (there are more colors to choose from, too) and I like the drawstring/button/elastic waistband combo. It’s really just the fit that was a deal-breaker. I could even get past the fabric if they fit me better because they really would be perfect for spring weather. But these were a nope for me, friends.

Outfit Details

Pants: Vuori Women’s Ripstop Pant in Army (m) – I love these pants…for another body. They’re just not very curve-friendly and my butt was definitely too big for them.

sweater: Treasure & Bond One-Shoulder Pullover (xs) – Also in black, light grey and blue, I found sizing down one size actually gives you a better not-too-slouchy look.

sandals: Birkenstock Arizona Sandals in Copper – These sell out every. single. year. If you like them, jump on them…they were the ONLY shoe I wore the summer I was pregnant!

Amy’s Take On The Vuori Womens Ripstop Pant (For Tall Gals)

My love affair with Vuori (pronounced vee-or-ee for anyone, like me, who is always wondering how to pronounce brand names) stems all the way back to early 2016, when the hubs and I noticed their sun-soaked flagship shop open up around the block from his parents’ house. Those early days feature mostly menswear, but as they began adding women’s pieces here and there, I grabbed them as fast as I could. Their glorious joggers were my first purchase (I’ve collected a few colors over the years), but I have now stacked up many versions of their shorts, tanks, long sleeve tops and leggings — as well as this ripstop pant.

With 2-way stretch fabric that's 98% cotton, a slim fit + functional pockets that are also cute, I was sure Vuori's Ripstop pants would be my go-to pants.

Pant | Crewneck (similar)

These ripstop pants sit mid-rise, just meeting the bottom of my cropped sweatshirt, and have a delightful ankle crop on my 5’9″ frame. I’m wearing a medium and like the fitted vibe, but the website does recommend sizing up if you want a more relaxed fit through the leg. I’ve taken these on just about all the trails and they are the PERFECT adventure pant — the material is light but strong, you don’t feel like you’ll rip them on the trail. They’re almost begging you to get them dirty — climb some mountains, ride through epic mud puddles — you get it.

The Ripstop pants wash up great, and as you can see are still going stroooong after many years. While you can’t get this color anymore, the Hazel and Copper are both lighter and so pretty!! My exact sweater from Vuori is out of season, but this Sunnyside Crew will give you the same cropped look (or I pair this zip-up hoodie with the pants all the time, made from the same material as their joggers!). Vuori’s stuff is cute, but my favorite part has always been their ability to perform — their clothes are built to last.


Scotti & Amy


  1. Amy, what size do you wear in the Performance Jogger? How do you feel the sizing compares between Performance Jogger and Ripstop Pant? Thanks!

    • I have mediums in all their bottoms! The waistband for the jogger and the ripstop pant fit me the same, with the jogger having had relaxed more over time with wear/washing. The ripstop pant has a more fitted leg! I hope that helps – let me know if you have other questions!!

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