A Speedy Vuori Villa Romper Review (Punchline: It’s Amazing, Here Are 6 Ways to Wear It)


Ok, gang, this is a quick one today — and I’m going to ask you to use your imaginations a bit because time was of the essence, so I really did the bare minimum when it came to putting these outfits together.

But the punchline, as suggested by the title, is this: The Villa Romper from Vuori is too good not to share. And just in case you need an argument for why you might invite a little romper like this into your closet, I slapped together six ways I’ll be wearing it late-summer and into fall.

The Villa Romper from Vuori is so good. I slapped together 6 outfit ideas for late-summer & fall.

Since the babe was just waking up from a nap when I decided to shoot this, I didn’t spend the time I usually would swapping in accessories and doing the full styling thing. But this probably isn’t your first rodeo with a post like this (unless it is, in which case hiiiiiii!), so you already know where you could benefit from a bigger earring or a spunky pony or a little woven bag or a preppy pink lip.

So all I’m here to demonstrate is that you could get a lotta mileage out of this one-piece by working with just a few wardrobe essentials you likely already have.

But first, let’s talk a little more about the romper.

Vuori’s Wrinkle-Resistant Romper Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

I’ve been wearing Vuori’s Villa Joggers and Villa Wide Leg Pants for a few weeks now, and I was genuinely delighted by both, right out of the package. This romper is no different. The Villa fabric is so light and airy, but with a cool silkiness that makes it hugely versatile — almost dressy. (I did a full post on the Villa pants, here, in which I declare the same thing. They’re very good.)

The thing about the Villa Romper is that the elasticized waist really does give it the effect of having tucked a flowy little button-up into a pair of flowy little shorts, but it’s got the ease of a one-piece. Love.

romper (S) | sneakers | similar mules

The hem of the shorts hits at just the right length, too. I’m 5’5″ and they’re short enough to feel flirty while still offering full bum coverage when you sit on a metal bistro chair (my ultimate litmus test as they’re only ever hot as balls or bracingly cold, never in between).

Perhaps best of all in a piece like this: the collar is very cooperative. The whole piece is wrinkle-resistant, which makes it excellent for travel, but the collar, in particular, is neither too stiff nor too floppy and flatteringly lays open just enough. (Of course, I’m realizing I did a terrible job of capturing this detail in the images, so you’ll just have to trust me.)

The romper is wrinkle-resistant, which makes it excellent for travel, but the collar, in particular, is neither too stiff nor too floppy & flatteringly lays open just enough.

For the quality (very good) and at just over $100, it feels like a solid value, too. And the sizing is easy and true. I’m wearing my usual small in Vuori.

My only criticism? The fabric is just slinky enough that my phone likes to slide out of the pocket when I sit down. But this is the first time (maybe…ever?) that I haven’t been using a case on my phone, so it’s perpetually sliding out of all the spaces, not just this romper. Which makes that more of a me issue than anything else. Mrs. Asking For A Broken Phone Screen, reporting for duty.

6 Summer & Fall Outfit Ideas Ft. Vuori’s Villa Romper

Ok, let’s get into some ideas for how to wear this because it really is a banger when it comes to versatility. I’ll most often wear it casually to and from school (see: #1), but it’s got major Dress-Up(ish) Potential. And I didn’t document it here, but the quick-drying fabric would make it an easy cover-up option, too.

1. With A Fleece Jacket & Checkered Vans

I'd wear the romper with this fleece and Vans for drop-off. Very low effort outfit!

romper (S) | jacket (S) | sneakers

I’d wear this for drop-off (both the fleece and the Vans live near my front door, so it’s very low-effort) or for tackling my to-do list with the babe. Between the fleece and the romper, there are enough pockets that I could even get away without carrying a bag if we’re just doing quick errands.

2. With Little Black Boots & A Black Bag

This is proof that this could be a dressy romper. Elegant enough to give this piece the LBD. LBR?

romper (S) | similar booties | bag

You could dress this up even more with a pair of strappy slingbacks, or bring it deeper into Fall with a cropped leather jacket, but this is just to illustrate that the fabric is, indeed, “dressy” enough to give this piece the LBD (LBR?) treatment. If this were for real, I’d also add a bolder earring and maybe pull my hair back, but you get the gist.

3. With A Preppy Sweatshirt & Chucks

You could absolutely swap in a crossbody or a belt bag to stick with the athleisure outfit idea.

romper (S) | sweatshirt (S) | sneakers | bag

Love that this look veers into the whole tennis-wear (or pickleball-wear?) trend — and yet somehow, the crisp white and fluid shorts still keeps the look tidy enough for brunch. To keep it from feeling too sporty, I went with a crocheted bag (still sporty, to a degree, but the teardrop shape softens things) — but you could absolutely swap in a crossbody or a belt bag and stick with the athleisure angle.

4. With Cowgirl Boots & A Jean Jacket

Add cowgirl boots + a jean jacket for the quintessential outfit for music in the park or a mom's night out.

romper (S) | similar boots | jacket (XS)

The quintessential outfit for music in the park, mom’s night out, or even, if you live in a warmer climate, the pumpkin patch. I’d probably add some waves to my hair and pull back each side in a tortoiseshell clip or something, but again, you get it.

5. With Mules & A Bucket Bag

I personally love a mule shoe; they're elongating, versatile + easy to wear. If they lean more toward a clog, even better.

romper (S) | similar mules | bag (preowned here or here)

I saw a YouTube video the other day that declared “Mules Are Out!!” for 2023 and it just reminded me how completely subjective this whole fashion thing can be. (Also, I’m all for celebrating trends, but maybe let’s do so in a positive way, you know?)

I personally love a mule — they’re elongating, versatile and easy to wear — and if they lean more toward a clog, even better. (Mine are old, but this similar pair is super pretty and on sale!) This would be so cute for an al fresco wine bar or the kinda chill date night that starts with tacos and ends with drinking chai lattes in the Starbucks of a Barnes & Noble. (Just me?) It’s an easy one to love.

6. With A Duster Cardigan & Tan Sandals (Or…Ballet Loafers?)

Honestly, this Villa Romper + Long Cardi situation looked good with every type of footwear I tried, from mules to sneakers, but I liked these sandals best.

romper (S) | similar(ish) cardigan | sandals

Honestly, this Villa Romper + Long Cardi situation looked good with every type of footwear I tried, from mules to sneakers, but I liked these two options best of all. 

I also love this romper + cardigan combo with these ballet loafers. Another in-between season summer or fall outfit idea.

romper (S) | similar(ish) cardigan | loafers

I’d add a woven tote to the sandals look and head for the farmers’ market. And you could almost pull off a structured bag or tote with the ballet loafers look — something that leans into the business (very) casual vibe. Would be a cute teaching outfit or perfect for touring museums and the like. Basically, anywhere you need Comfort With An Air Of Sophistication And Defense Against Air Conditioning.


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This Vuori romper is wrinkle-resistant & silky -- perfect for travel, date night, or just lookin' cute on busy mom days. So many summer + fall outfit ideas!


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