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It’s funny…most of my posts lately are dressier outfits, but my real life is mostly warm leggings, sweatpants, and cozy jackets. I feel like I’m in a “performance apparel” season of life. Perhaps that’s why I’ve fallen in love with Vuori’s ultra-soft, everyday essentials.

This season comes after two years of trauma-healing work, in which I’ve learned that trauma can make us very independent and strong-willed to survive — but this, as a permanent state, is debilitating. I’m realizing how tough I was with myself and how undeserving I felt of support.

So finally, after being in survival mode for so long, I want to be tender and graceful with myself.

I want to be a different kind of strong woman — one who knows how to rest and ask for help. One who feels worthy even when she’s not ‘doing’. 

My real life is mostly warm leggings, sweatpants, & cozy jackets.

3 Vuori Every Day Essentials For My Self-Care

For me, self-love is making space to spend time with myself every week. Spending time with myself feels best surrounded by trees and, ideally, next to the water. These moments are sometimes planned, but mostly they happen a little more sponteaneously, as working-mom life allows or as my body tells me I need it. This means I want clothes that easily take me from moments at home to relaxing time outdoors — apparel that makes me feel motivated and stylish while still being effortless and cozy. Vuori’s Daily Leggings, Cozy Sherpa Jacket, and Halo Insulated Jacket are just that.

The Best Leggings For Getting Active (Or Just Relaxing)

These high waisted leggings are so soft and comfortable. As their name suggests, you will want to wear them every day. I’m a sucker for a flattering waistband, and wow, this one is just gorgeous. The drawstring helps to keep the leggings in place.

These high waisted leggings so soft and comfortable.

Leggings (S) l Jacket (XS)

I’m in love with the Ruby color above and Cactus color below. I will add the Cosmo blue color to my closet soon too.

Jacket (XS) l Leggings (S)

This Vuori Jacket Is A Dreamy Winter-Walking Layer

My Colombian blood is never ready for winter or heavy and puffy jackets, so anything lightweight yet warm is a big “Yes” for me.

Vuori's Halo Insulated Jacket is so easy to throw on for a walk outside.

Vuori’s Halo Insulated Jacket is so easy to throw on for a walk outside — and it is warm. But if cold temperatures ask for more, this jacket is so easy to layer. You can fit your warmest base-layers underneath it, or wear a long winter coat over it.

The Halo jacket runs oversized, so for a more cropped coat, size down.

Jacket (XS) l Leggings (S)

The Halo jacket does run oversized, so unless you want an oversized fit, I’d recommend to size down. I could have even gone for the XXS, as I prefer a shorter cropped length on my petite body.

The Sherpa Jacket I’m Wearing The Most

The Vuori Cozy Sherpa Jacket is what I have been wearing the most both at home and out of doors.

I reach for it first not only because of how warm and cozy it is but also because of how well it fits. Sizing down was perfect for my petite body, but otherwise, it fits true to size.

The Vuori Cozy Sherpa Jacket is what I have been wearing the most both at home & outdoors.

Leggings (S) l Jacket (XS)

If your home feels cold and you need that cozy layer to get you through your day, reaching for this jacket feels amazing. Sometimes, when I spend a long time sitting at my computer, I get super-cold and with drained of motivation. But layers like this Sherpa Jacket are the warm hug I need to get up and get going.

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Happy holidays! I hope you find little moments to show yourself some love and shed those winter blues this season. And if you’re like me and just learning to turn that switch off and slow down, this is a little reminder that you can do it and you are worth it.

This Sherpa Jacket is the warm hug I need to get up + get going.



A huge thank you to Vuori and Shopstyle Collective for sponsoring this post! I loved working with you and found so many stunning pieces for this season of my life. All thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own. And readers, thank you for your ongoing support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.

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Photography by the talented Juanca Studios 

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Lately, my self-care is quiet time outdoors. Perhaps that's why I love Vuori's sherpa jacket & high-waisted leggings; I'm cozy, stylish + ready for a walk.
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