White Puffer + UGG Adirondack Winter Boots: Two Ways


I had set out, in the beginning of winter, to update my everyday, outside look. The one that consisted of a black puffer coat and black boots. I had been rocking this combo for years — changing it up with a cute hat and mittens — and while I still wear and love it, I was looking for a change. I had made a bunch of collages to organize my thoughts…and then tried on an embarrassingly large amount of winter boots with the coats, trying to find the winning combo.

In the end, I landed on a white puffer coat and UGG’s Adirondack Waterproof Boots.

coat (xs, sold out) – similar | boots

How I’m Wearing UGG Adirondack Boots & A White Puffer This Winter

UGG’s waterproof Adirondack boots are amazing. They’re warm and grippy (even on ice), yet much lighter weight than traditional Sorels. I’ve worn them sledding, on winter hikes and après ski. And because they’re so lightweight, I’ve also been wearing them around town, too.

These boots, I now realize (after trying on many others), work — in part — because they are the perfect neutral: There’s enough black to ground the look, the tan is a very neutral tan (not too yellow, nor orange nor brown), and the pop of shearling on the collar is just enough to pair with a lighter jacket without the whites competing.


The white puffer coat, especially when paired with the Adirondack boots, reads more like a neutral than I expected. And the boots keep the puffer from soaring into fussy territory (which had been my concern with shinier white puffers). I love a good Winter Princess look, but more woodsy, less diamond.

Like my old black puffer & boot combo, this fresh new one can be tweaked by the addition of cute hats and mittens. The two color combos I like best with the white puffer & Adirondack boots is either a monochromatic winter white…or a mishmash of black-and-white patterns.

BASE: similar coat | boots | sweater (xs) | jeans (same style, different wash, 26)

ACCESSORIES: white hat | similar white mittens OR black hat | similar black mittens

As I mentioned before, these Adirondack boots also — surprisingly! — work with mom jeans (and my old, beloved black puffer), but I tend to wear skinny jeans *most* of the time in winter.

BASE OUTFIT: similar coat | boots | sweater (xs) | jeans (same style, different wash, 26)

ACCESSORIES: white hat | similar white mittens OR black hat | similar black mittens

More White Puffer Jackets, Cute Hats & Cozy Mittens

My white puffer is sold out — annoying, I know. But I did find several below worth considering.

If you happen to live in Marquette, MI, then swing by Getz’s. I snagged that cute black hat and mittens there a few years ago, and they always have a great selection. My black hat is by Starling Hats (made in Poland), and they have some seriously fun designs — definitely worth checking out their website as well.

And remember: you can get 15% off of *most* full-price items at Backcountry with code THEMOMEDIT. (My UGG boots are excluded, however.)

Shop White Puffer Coats

Shop Winter White Accessories

Shop Black & White Patterned Winter Hats & Mittens

Since these hats and mittens are all just neutral colors (black, white, gray)…mix and match with wild abandon!



photo credits: Lahti Photography


  1. I love the white puffer and the collar is so glam. But I’m thinking about makeup getting all over the collar. Currently not a problem because makeup isn’t my thing right now but someday…. I can just see my glam white puffer with the stains from my tinted moisturizer or foundation. Anyone else shy away from white coats for this reason?

  2. Who cares about puffers? I just want to know how you were able to go a gorgeous platinum without your hair disintegrating. Love it!

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