Wide-Leg Jeans + a Cropped Moto Jacket = My Perfect Combo for Fall


While I’m still wearing many of my summer favorites, I recently had the chance to experiment with some fall outfits during a recent trip to Colombia. The days I spent in high-altitude Bogotá, whose weather is wonderfully autumnal right now, were a perfect time to play with some cooler-weather outfit combos.

You may have already seen one another out from my trip, this silky cargo joggers and a wrap top, but another combo I’m currently obsessed with is wide-leg jeans and a cropped biker jacket. If you’re petite like me and wondering how to wear wide-leg jeans this fall, give my new fave combo a try.

Found: Comfy & Chic High-Waisted Wide-Leg Jeans

I picked up these Joe’s jeans in July. I was sure to pack them for my most recent six-week trip to Bogotá. Why? Because they feel like lounge pants. Plus, though the denim is not distressed at all, they’re still lightweight. They work great for the different climates I experience in Colombia.

Joe's Mia Jeans are my new fave wide-leg jeans because they feel like lounge pants! Still so cute!

Jeans (on sale)  l Jacket (more colors) l Boots  

In warmer weather, I throw on these jeans with sandals and a camisole or crop top. But in Bogotá, I was able to wear them with a sweater or a jacket and sneakers or boots. I even chose them for my red-eye flight back. As you can imagine, I got a TON of wear out of them in the past two months. 

These are called "flared jeans," but they look & feel like wide-leg jeans to me.

Wait, Are These Flared Jeans or Wide-Leg Jeans?

I just realized they are called “flared” jeans, but they look and feel like wide-leg jeans to me. Maybe they’re just a very loose flare? Either way, Joe’s jeans are wowing me with all their current wide-leg styles, especially these Palazzo jeans. As for sizing, I’m between 26 and 27; I went for size 27. The raw hem allows for easy hacking if you’re petite like me. You can also see them here on Amy (first photo) to get a better idea of how they look on taller people.

Why A Cropped Jacket?

It’s all about balance, no? While I’m not into following all the style guidelines all the time — because there’s individual personality and body type to consider — in this case, the suggested formula works: Loose and Long + Snug and Cropped flatters my petite proportions. I feel my best pairing a shorter top or jacket with a high-waisted trouser because it helps elongate my legs.

On my petite frame, I liked to wear a cropped jacket to make my legs look longer in wide jeans.
This All Saints Elora Jacket is so soft! The cropped length works with dresses, jeans, trousers, + more.

I was captivated by the AllSaints Elora Jacket because of the softness of the suede. And, of course, the cropped length, which goes great with dresses, jeans and more. It also comes in other shades.

As per the boots? Unfortunately, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend them. While I love the look and versatility, they took some time to break in and were uncomfortable the first few wears. They feel a bit better now but are not my most-walkable shoes. Or maybe I just can’t wear heels anymore? That could also be the reason…

How to wear wide-leg pants this fall if you're petite? It's all about balance.

Jeans  l Jacket (more colors) l Boots  

Shop Comfy Wide-Leg Jeans

You will see a wide range of washes, distressing and prices, so I hope you find a favorite pair if you don’t already have one.

Shop Cropped Jackets

You can go for all kinds of cropped jackets, not just a moto jacket like mine. Below you’ll see cropped blazers, cropped trench coats and more.



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Photography by the talented @jpenaph and @gisetorresd

Hola, Pinners. You’ll love this!

I'm balancing out these high-waisted wide-leg jeans (or are they flares?) with a cropped moto jacket for a comfy & chic fall outfit combo.


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