Jenni Kayne vs. Quince: How Do Their Fisherman Sweaters Stack Up?


We’ve gotten a ton of questions about my beloved Jenni Kayne cashmere fisherman sweater and how it compares to Quince’s cashmere fisherman sweater. And I get it — they look similar, but the price difference is huge: My Jenni Kayne sweater retails for $395, while Quince’s similar sweater (still in 100% cashmere) retails for under $100.

Furthermore, Jenni Kayne also has a 100% cotton fisherman sweater (another one of my most-worn pieces) that retails for $345, while Quince has an almost identical-looking one that literally retails for under $40.

Good grief. Can the Jenni Kayne possibly be worth that price difference? And are the Quince sweaters cheaply made, or are they a total steal?

Battle Of The Fisherman Sweaters: Is Jenni Kayne That Much Better Than Quince?

Here’s some background: I’ve actually owned both the cotton and cashmere Jenni Kayne sweaters for years. They’re some of my most-worn (and most-loved) sweaters…EVER. In fact, in our 2022 Guide to the Best Cashmere Sweaters, I named Jenni Kayne’s cashmere fisherman sweater the best cashmere sweater overall. The fit is perfection, and the color range is decidedly designer — even the neutrals are special and gorgeous.

Another good reason to love Jenni Kayne is for the inclusive sizing. Jenni Kayne’s cashmere fisherman sweaters are available from XS to 3XL, and the cotton ones go up to XXL, while Quince sticks to only the standard range of XS to XL.

But I have been impressed with Quince in general: For the price, Quince basics often can’t be beat. I’ve reviewed both its regular cashmere line AND its 100% silk collection on The Mom Edit, and they’re shockingly good. (I’ve also reviewed Quince’s silk pajamas too.)

So, which sweater wins? Well…watch the video to find out. Jenni Kayne is pretty tough to beat, but Quince keeps nailing the basics game, so if anyone can do it…it’s probably Quince.

Products Featured In The Video: 

jeans (27) | similar boots


Jenni Kayne 100% cotton sweater (Eucalyptus, small) | Quince 100% cotton sweater (Blue, small)


Jenni Kayne 100% cashmere sweater (Heather Grey, small) | Quince 100% cashmere sweater (Ivory, small)


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We're talking cotton + cashmere fisherman sweaters. Is Jenni Kayne worth the higher price, or is Quince a total steal? the video to find out.
We're talking cotton + cashmere fisherman sweaters. Is Jenni Kayne worth the higher price, or is Quince a total steal? the video to find out.
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  1. What’s the t-shirt you’re wearing here? I know you’ve posted about your favorite white tee, but unsure if that’s this one?

  2. I wanted to love the Jenni Kayne, but even when you go up in size it’s still too short. I tried the j crew and I loved it. In store it’s 20% off until 10/30.

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