Guaranteed Compliments, Simple Design: I Freaking Love Everything Frank & Eileen


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It happens every single time. Seriously. Every time. I wear a super-simple Frank & Eileen top or one of its effortless matching sets and invariably get compliments. Friends, family, random strangers on the street… There’s no other way to say it…clothing from Frank & Eileen is simple, but really, REALLY freaking good. And people take notice.  

Every time I wear a Frank & Eileen top or matching set, I invariably get compliments.

in royal navy: matching set (S) | top (O/S) | shorts (S)

I’ve been wearing several Frank & Eileen pieces for years (my faves being this capelet as well as this longer, funnel-neck top with the matching sweatpants). Since several of us here at TME have been wearing and loving these pieces, we get a lot of questions about this brand… Are these luxe pieces really worth it? Which are your favorites? What’s the difference between the capelets? How’s the sizing on the dresses?

I've been wearing Frank & Eileen for years (my faves being this capelet as well as the longer, funnel-neck top w/ the matching sweatpants).

in soft blue: dress (S)

So, when Shana asked if I wanted to collaborate with Frank & Eileen on a post about my favorite pieces, it was an absolute no-brainer. I was thrilled for the opportunity to try some new pieces in order to answer more of reader questions about sizing, fabric, etc., and it’s my absolute PLEASURE to talk about the Frank & Eileen clothing I already own and love.

Questions Answered: Classic, High-Quality Clothing From Frank & Eileen

Frank & Eileen is known for its high-quality, timeless wardrobe pieces — truly slow fashion at its absolute best.

in black: matching set (S) | matching set w/shorter top (S) | top (O/S) | pants

Frank & Eileen is known for its high-quality, timeless wardrobe pieces — truly slow fashion at its absolute best. Classic sets, tops and dresses that are effortlessly chic, versatile, ultra-comfy, and easily make the cut for my personal forever closet.

Since we get so many questions about specific pieces and the Frank & Eileen brand in general, I’m happy to share some of my thoughts.

Are These Luxe Frank & Eileen Pieces Worth The Price? 

For me, Frank & Eileen is worth the splurge because of the classic styles & high-quality design & materials.

button-up (S) | pants (S)

The pieces I own from Frank & Eileen are classics, and you can tell right away that they’re all thoughtfully created with attention to both REALLY good design and REALLY good materials. So, if you’re looking for higher-quality clothing to wear for years, then my answer is an unequivocal yes.

Besides just loving Frank & Eileen’s clothes, I’m also happy to support a clothing company doing good things in the world of fashion. Frank & Eileen is a certified woman-owned and woman-led B corporation that focuses on building wardrobes with integrity. You can read more about the company itself, where its materials are sourced, its ownership and giving pledge, as well as its unique way of supporting new moms at its headquarters.

I don’t see myself EVER getting tired or bored of Frank & Eileen’s classic styles in my closet, and the high-quality design and materials make me feel special with every single wear. So for me…they’re absolutely worth the splurge.

What’s The Difference Between The Frank & Eileen Capelets? 

in royal navy: Olive capelet | in black: Audrey capelet
shorts set (S) | pants set (S)

There are a bunch of capelets in Frank & Eileen’s lineup. I’m going to focus on the short-sleeve ones. So…Shana likes the shorter Olive Capelet, my mom likes the longer Audrey Capelet, and I adore and wear them both.

Both capelets are made from the same high-quality, triple-fleece fabric, both have raw hand-cut hems and edges, and both have a nice swingy shape that drapes and folds in a really nice, effortlessly chic way when you move. I wear them both year-round — not too hot for summer, perfect during those transitional months, and they work layered over a long-sleeve top on cold days as well.

The Olive Capelet has a larger crew-neck opening that slouches perfectly off your shoulder, feels more casual, and is shorter than the Audrey. The Audrey Capelet is longer, has a higher funnel neck, and has a bit more of a polished look. Here’s a closer look at them both.

The Frank & Eileen Olive Capelet has a larger crew-neck opening that slouches perfectly off your shoulder & feels more casual.

Olive capelet in royal navy (O/S)

Frank & Eileen's Audrey Capelet is longer, has a higher funnel neck, & has a bit more of a polished look.

Audrey capelet in black (O/S)

I really do love them both. When I can’t figure out what to wear…one of these capelets with matching bottoms or over denim is often the answer.

How’s The Sizing On Frank & Eileen’s Linen Tops & Dresses? 

I am 5'2, 140 pounds, 32 bust, & I'm happy with the size small in both the linen Eileen Relaxed Button-Up Shirt & the Rory Maxi Shirtdress

button-up (S) | pants (S)

I am 5’2, 140 pounds, 32 bust, and I’m very happy with the size small in both the linen Eileen Relaxed Button-Up Shirt and the Rory Maxi Shirtdress.

The XS in the Eileen button-up fits, but I like this type of shirt to be more airy and relaxed. I own the classic Eileen linen button-up in white as well in size S, and since I’m far from perfect with my laundry skills (and tend to accidentally dry my linen on the regular hot setting), a little extra wiggle room for me is a good thing.

Speaking of washing directions, I’ve been quite happy with the way ALL my Frank & Eileen pieces have washed. Frank & Eileen recommends turning pieces inside out, machine-washing on cold, and tumble-drying on low. Wash after wash, they still look lovely.

The Frank & Eileen Rory Shirtdress above in size S is very roomy, but I love the fit! Relaxed & easy.

in soft blue: dress (S)

The Rory Shirtdress above in size S is very roomy, but I love the fit! Relaxed and easy. Shana stole the shorter version of this dress from me (in the most gorgeous navy windowpane linen), and she thought I wasn’t going to like the oversized fit of this longer one, but she was totally wrong.

It’s definitely an oversized fit with a lot of fabric, and buttoned up, it’s pretty conservative (even for me). But by unbuttoning several of the top buttons to show a bit of a bikini top or the top of a pretty bra, and/or unbuttoning several of the bottom buttons to show a little more leg on hot days, it quickly alters the feel of this classic silhouette and gives it an even more relaxed and casual look that I love. Hitting just the right balance between playful and sophisticated.

Are The Frank & Eileen Travel Sets Actually Good For Travel?

in black: matching set (S) | matching set w/ shorter top (S) | top (O/S) | pants

Yes, yes, yes!!! One of Frank & Eileen’s travel sets (and occasionally two) go with me in every.single.suitcase…or they’re actually ON my body on travel day instead of in the suitcase. They’re absolutely perfect for travel. Fantastic as a put-together set on the airplane, comfy for car travel, and incredibly versatile once you reach your destination as well.

Because of the fun swingy shape of the capelets and the high-quality triple-fleece material, these travel sets look WILDY more luxe than your typical matching set. The high-quality, drapey material can easily be dressed up, and both capelets look great layered over a long-sleeve top for cooler weather. I love pairing both the shorter and longer capelet with jeans, and the shorts and matching pants are equally as versatile for pretty much any destination.

Hope this was helpful! Next on my “try list” for fall…this hooded capelet as well as the Belfast English Peacoat in the fabulous triple fleece.


Thank you so much to Frank & Eileen for sponsoring this post. I’m truly thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of my longtime favorites from your collection as well as try some new pieces as well. I so appreciate your commitment to creating high-quality products in timeless styles and fabrics, and it has been absolutely lovely to work in partnership with you.

Photo credits: Redfield Photography

I get compliments every. single. time. I wear Frank & Eileen's high-quality clothing. Travel sets, timeless tops, classic dresses — all fit for my forever closet.