Sneaker Styling: adidas Gazelle Bold In Blue & Yellow


Ready for another go at sneaker styling? I always am. The way sneakers these days blend comfort with a sporty-cool vibe is on point (and frankly, often the glue to my outfits). So today, we’re styling up the adidas Gazelle Bold sneakers in this gorgeous blue & yellow combo (also available at Dick’s with more sizes). It’s basically a summery daydream. It’s sun + blue sky + cool sea, to me. And that’s pure happiness.

ICYMI, Shana styled up two other colorful sneakers in the past few weeks: Nobull Journey In Pastel Yellow, and On Cloudnova In Lavender/Fawn. They’re sooo fun to peek through and weigh your color options if you’re on the fence! Colorful sneakers are all the rage and for great reason.

9 Outfit Ideas With adidas Gazelle Bold Sneakers (In Almost Blue / Almost Yellow)

I actually ordered these a month ago andddd returned them. Yup. I just didn’t take the time to pick out the specific colors / outfit formulas that would work with these, so I threw in the towel prematurely. Abbyyyyy.

Sneaker Styling: Adidas Gazelle In Almost Blue & Yellow

Gazelle Bold at Adidas | at Dicks (most sizes) | at Nordstrom

Turns out, there’s a bit of a color palette to stick to that makes wearing these easier: yellows, greens, blues, tans & white/cream. No black, pink or warm tones (at least not for me…. keeping it cool-toned has proven the most unfailing), but lots of denim & raffia/woven anything.

So here are 9 (nine!!!) outfits to prove my point about color choices, and kind of prove to myself that dang, I need to reorder. (Oh, they were also slightly big on me, so I’d size down half. Another reason I initially sent these babies back.)

1. A Day At The Cape

This one just screams Cape Cod to me. Those knit pants seem as smooth as butter and the tank is just such a pretty & unique ombre of colors I’m quite obsessed with. A really great laidback summer outfit for relaxing, coffee-grabbing or WFH.

colorful sneaker outfit inspo

1 | 2 | 3 (more sizes at Dick’s) | 4 | 5 | 6

NOTES: Apparently this SPF mist is one of the best ever, BTW. And are you sick of me adding L.L.Bean’s Boat And Tote to everything I curate?? I just can’t get over ’em. I want all the colors, embroidered with all the cute sayings I’ve listed in my head haha.

2. Meeting For Mimosas

Turns out, baby blue and yellow is a gorgeous combo to begin with. This little knit tank is so interesting and pretty… and the addition of a colorful sneaker rounds out the natural tones of the jeans and bag perfectly. It’s just plain fun.

how to style adidas gazelle bold in blue/yellow, summer outfit inspo, cuffed jeans

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (more sizes at Dick’s)

NOTES: The yellow tongue/laces on the Gazelles won’t necessarily peek out if you wear full-length jeans that pool a bit on your feet, BTW. So just a bit of baby blue peeking out at the toe is successful with a longer pair of pants if that’s what you’re going for.

3. Subbed In For Heels

This is the fanciest outfit of the bunch, but it’s still not too formal. I’d wear it to a little one’s graduation (one that isn’t too serious), a fun gals date, or meeting for happy hour. The style combination of a girly & precious dress (and bag, too, really) with a casual & sporty sneaker is so good in my eyes. So intentional and playful – which is how I wanna be all summer.

colorful sneakers outfit ideas, yellow mini dress, ruffle socks, fancy bag

1 | 2 (more sizes at Dick’s) | 3 | 4

NOTES: I found these cutesy socks with a little pearl bow, but if that’s not your style (and it prob won’t be for many), go with a solid ruffle pair that leans fancier than a regular crew sock. And! If you’re looking for colorful dresses to match your sneakers, Farm Rio never misses. They’ve got every color, print & silhouette imaginable, so it’s worth a peek.

4. The Easiest For Everyday

Ok, dresses may be slightly easier than a comfy matching set (if we’re getting technical) – but they’re less “everyday” to me. Shorts are just more wearable, IMO. I love that this set by H&M is a stripe combo of light taupe & white because the pairing possibilities of those two shades are endless!

colorful sneakers outfit ideas, everyday outfit, matching striped set, denim bag

1 | 2A | 2B | 3 (more sizes at Dick’s) | 4 | 5

NOTES: You can skip the matchy socks if you don’t wanna get too bright or coordinated, but I love the idea of these Bombas ones because 1. they’re so freaking comfy and 2. they match that yellow on the Gazelle tongue perfectly.

5. Lazy Sunday Lounging

This outfit is exactly what I want to be wearing on breezy spring & summer weekends. Comfy shorts, a cozy pullover (S had this one on last week and the QUALITY from afar, wow), a cute hat for taking the dog on a walk and a bag for farmers market goodies. Done. Oh, and pretty sneakers. Duhhhh.

adidas Gazelle colorful sneakers

1 | 2 | 3 (more sizes at Dick’s) | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

NOTES: I added this puffy bag in the bright orange for a pop of something different – sometimes outfits can feel too matchy-matchy to me and I haaate that. So feel free to mix up the colors a bit with accessories! The bag comes in 7 reeeeally pretty colors.

6. City Adventuring

This one’s my faaaave. The Moxie jeans will never not be in an outfit round-up of mine haha. They’re just so great every season but especially summer. Those + this SILK top that I can’t get out of my brain and an absurdly expensive, yet totally gorgeous bag = perfection.

adidas Gazelle colorful sneakers, city adventuring outfit

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (more sizes at Dick’s)

NOTES: This is the second denim bag I used because it just works so well tied in with the blues (and, well, everything these days). I had to hold myself back from adding one to every outfit soooo yeah.

7. Errands, Etc.

For all of your potentially-sweaty-girl busy days, I’d turn to one of these ‘fits. Stretchy, breathable, not-too-hot – they’re fab. And they’ve got super pretty bags (that I can’t decide between). So.

 Errands, Etc. In Adidas Gazelle

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (more sizes at Dick’s) | 6 | 7 | 8

NOTES: Adding on a puffer-y layer isn’t just for cold temps! I find that when I wear my packable puffer over a bra top (esp. if I’m sweating), it keeps me the perfect amount of cool.

8. Lil Lunch Date

I couldn’t pick just one mini dress because all three of these just looked so perfect with the bag + sneaker combination. I think the green/blue/yellow color combo is just making me really happy these days. So elementary, yet so good.

Lil Lunch Date Sneaker Styling Adidas Gazelle Bold

1 | 2 (more sizes at Dick’s) | 3 | 4 | 5

NOTES: Any dress could go here, regardless of length. I just picked minis because they’re typically more playful & easy to throw on and run out in than midi or maxis, but you do you! That thick platform sole would provide a bit of secret height under a maxi, now that I think about it….

9. Instead Of Jean Shorts

Because I am not feeling jeans shorts for this summer. (Although I could change my mind in the blink of an eye, haha.) I love these chic shorts by Veronica Beard paired with the Gazelles. It’s fancy – but really toned down & casual. And a cute canvas tote tones it down even more.

Instead Of Jean Shorts

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (more sizes at Dick’s)

NOTES: I matched the brown tones in the Leopard Ganni top to those in the gum sole, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Any tan/brown/taupe will do. I think that’s why these sneakers are so great – instead of a bright, white sole that can read very sporty, the brown gum adds a bit of ease and flexibility for matching.

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Xo, Abby

Oh hey, pinners…

Looking for colorful sneaker styling ideas? I styled Adidas Gazelle Bolds in blue/yellow 9 different ways for spring & summer and I looove.

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