Your Closet Called. It Said It Needs These Faux-Leather Jeans – Sponsored Post





Nordstrom asked if I’d like to take a look at their latest selection of denim. [snort]  Little do they know that I’m ALWAYS looking at their latest selection of denim.  BWAH HA HA-

Anyway.  There are few things in life that get my heart beating faster than denim.  Denim is my currency.  (And I still do that trick my friend Amber taught me:  “I could buy that shirt….but it costs half a jean.  Hmmmmm…..”)

So.  After pouring over pages and pages and pages of denim (seriously, Nordie’s selection is pretty staggering), there was one pair I couldn’t get out of my head.  Not my typical choice, brown(??), but the faux leather and the zipper details….well.  So I ordered them.

Holy Mary Mother of G– these are comfortable.   Here is my ode to the brown faux-leather:




Brown leather, brown leather, how I love thee;

Your silky softness I long to s—

Eff that.  No odes.





But let’s talk about the comfort level for a sec:

ONE.  Paige Denim has lined these babies in….well, no.  They’re not lined.  BUT they feel like they’re lined in fleece.  Yet they’re thin – maybe ‘brushed’ is a better term?  In any case, the end result is a super-soft jean.  These are – LITERALLY – the softest jeans I own.

TWO.  I actually prefer faux-leather jeans (especially brown ones) to fit a tad loose.  Looks more convincing that way, and ups the comfort factor.  You know how somedays you just. can’t. do. the skintight jean?  Yeah – these will spoil you.  (I think these jeans actually run a little big.  I’m in a 25, but they fit more like a 26… least they do NOW, since they’re stretched out from wearing so many days in a row.)






I wore two outfits in while we were in NY last week.  The above was one of them.  It was my rainy-day outfit.  I had read somewhere that coated/waxed denim repells the rain better and YES.  It’s true.

But I also love how the faux-leather look and cool zipper detail keeps the the below outfit from looking too “done”.   You know how I hate perfection.  (As evidenced by my chipped pedicure.  Sigh.  Someday I’ll get myself all put together.  #somedaylikenever )









One more point!!  The brown faux-leather is actually perfect for someone who wears a ton of black. [raises hand]  It helps get me out of that Johnny Cash rut I often fall into.







blazer: old Chelsea 28 blazer….this current Chelsea 28 black blazer is a similar (stretchy-and-comfy) material and 40% off.  If you really want navy, Pink Tartan’s boucle navy blazer is seriously cool and also 40% off (although more of a splurge).

shirt: old Emerson Fry….but I’m obsessed with the contrast tie of Theory’s silk shirt, or if you want more pattern, Equipment’s plaid silk blouses are pretty cool….or lastly, the solid color ballet pink silk shirt by Vince Camuto would be gorg with these pants (and black OR navy would work),

jeans: Paige Denim Edgemont Zip Detail Coated Ultra Skinny Jeans in Sienna Silk Coating (AUGH!  They’re 33% off!  Go! GO!) — One note about the color:  they are not as light/camel as the Nordstrom website makes them look.  The pics above are more true-to-life – it’s definitely a brown, not a tan.

shoes: Sam Edelman Palma Suede Sandal 

bag: vintage (my mom’s prom purse)…try Natasha Couture Sparkle Box Clutch

ring: old, try this Tildon Stone Ring (love the mixed metal)




sweater: old, but this chunky cream sweater is similar or Topshop’s fluffy pullover looks seriously cozy.

jeansPaige Denim Edgemont Zip Detail Coated Ultra Skinny Jeans in Sienna Silk Coating

boots: old Marc Jacobs (sold out)….the DV Analee booties are similar

bag: old Kate Spade…but the Kate Spade Charles Street Satchel is similar

ring: old, try this Tildon Stone Ring

sunnies: Marc Jacobs – sold out, but try these Marc Jacobs clear sunglasses, 25% off.


Here are a few other pairs of coated jeans worth considering:




Happy shopping!




A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices and bad attempts at poetry are my own.


  1. Distressed faux leather, faux pas. Just looking at those made me cringe. Leather is meant to be upscale, ripped leather looks like you pulled them out of a bin. Leave the distressing to the cotton.

  2. Hmm… I WANT to like waxed denim, but I tried on a couple pairs and it just looked like I was trying WAY to hard to be a cool mommy. Maybe I need to upsize and do them a little less fitted? I like the brown on you, but typically I’m not a fan of poo colored pants.

  3. I love your style, and your efforts to share sartorial inspiration at various price points and from other people, such as your friend and sister. So I feel kind of bad for asking you to do yet another thing to accomodate a set of your readers, but it would be sooooo, sooo great if you could do a piece (or a series) on how to dress while still carrying around extra post-partum weight.

    You have an awesome figure for clothes, but as an apple-shaped woman, I know that a lot of your fantastic style ideas won’t work for me. And between needing to consider budget-friendly, work-appropriate wear that is also nursing friendly, I am in a serious style rut. Can I tell you what catastrophe I am wearing to work today? A lovely short-sleeved button down (business appropriate) with yoga pants and flats! I felt too bloated to try to stuff my ample apple shape into trousers or yet another wrap dress. I needed the sweet comfort of my yoga pants after a night up with the baby, but had to at least try to look somewhat professional while seated at my desk. So my plan today is to sit at my desk as long as possible, with as few exceptions as possible. Le sigh. So you see why I must ask you for your help!

    • There are SO many jeans with a cotton/SPANDEX mix- try a few of those in a dark wash. some will feel like your wearing yoga pants try red engine’s twill pair or way more affordable cello brand denim. Pair them back to a cute blazer and graphic tee and you have a super easy work appropriate look that can be easily nursed or pumped in. Also look at shirts that criss cross at the chest- easy to nurse and the vneck pulls focus away from the belly area and emphasizes the waist. Its tough out there- moms unite!

    • Thank you!!! It’s really starting to grow on me. (ha, ha…ha) But no seriously – I am shocked by how much fun it’s been to have short hair.

  4. I have to start by saying that I LOVE your blog, I love your voice that you put into it, and I LOVE reading your new posts. However, I’ve been feeling a bit bummed that it seems like you have really increased the number of sponsored posts (6 of the last 12, mostly Nordstrom) lately. While I still enjoy reading them, I am not usually a Nordstroms shopper (not in my budget most of the time!) and I tend to enjoy other styles more, so these posts have felt less relevant to me. While I totally will not stop reading your blog, I miss the variety of stores and styles that it seemed like your blog used to feature. Maybe there is behind the scenes blog work and necessities that are missed on me, but just some honest feedback from a longtime reader! Thanks for all the work you put into this, Shana!

      • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to me and other readers! Knowing you thoughts behind the sponsored posts really enlightens me and changes my view of them. I would agree with most of the other readers to comment on your response that I think the only thing that has been missing lately is more price-conscious options. Thank you for all the heart and work you put into this wonderful blog! As a hopeful mama-to-be in the near future, I hope to be reading your blog through a different lens soon!

        • You got it, Emily. (And that’s one of the reasons I recruited my sister – she’s a major budget shopper.) But seriously – thanks for the feedback. It’s MUCH appreciated.

  5. So you convinced me to buy these even though I’ve still got 10 pounds of baby weight I’m working on, and have limited myself to tops or stretchy pants only. I figure I like these so much that I’ll get them tailored down… eventually.
    I was hoping you could help me out with some laundering advice. They say dry clean only but I hate to dry clean. How are you washing yours?

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