5 Interesting Office Looks With A Brown Leather Blazer


I’ve recently been rewatching Buffy and guess what she wears in most episodes? YEP, a leather blazer. Yasss. But have no fear. I’m not dressing you like a vampire slayer here, but rather for a regular job, say, in an office setting.

When we saw this leather blazer on Madewell’s site during a team meeting I was totally gonna do a try-on…then I wanted to see how I might actually style up said blazer first. So, here I’m doing one of our favorite little paper doll exercises again with 5 collages suggesting some cute ‘fits (or rather, rad ‘fits) featuring this blazer.

First…Find Your Brown Leather Blazer

Alas, as most really cool things are these days, this one is going quickly…so I rounded up some additional leather + faux leather options here in both straight and plus sizes. If you want to stick to a similar cognac tone as the Madewell option, this one and this one (under $100) are my other top picks.

Styling A Brown Leather Blazer For Work: 5 Rad Outfit Ideas

Well, we can now assume that I’m completely obsessed with owning a brown leather blazer because I actually have ideas. This is such a useful challenge when you’re considering investing in a new piece like this…to see what other closet items would pair well with it.

If you’re not inclined towards making your own paper dolls out of your closet pieces, then allow me to help, if you too are now obsessed with ways to wear a leather blazer. Let’s start by going to work!

Wearing A Leather Blazer To Work: Matching Oversized Shirt + Trousers

Ohh-kayyy. This is inspiring me for fall and I would have totally worn this when I worked as a graphic designer. I love the idea of a cool-girl monochromatic top and pants that are comfy but still office-appropriate. Add the leather blazer and voilà you have a topper that really finishes the look. Grab nerdy-chic blue light blocking glasses and either a sleek kitten heel or flat loafer mule to top it off. It’s all about balance.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Notes: I’ve tried these Boden kitten heels and daaaang they are a beautiful shoe. I would absolutely own them if I worked in an office still. Stunning but have a nice low heel.

Wearing A Leather Blazer To Work: Black Trousers + Pick Your Shoe

Here I snuck in a fun way to actually wear denim in the office…OR pick the chunky loafer if you’re into that early 2000’s returning trend. This whole combo could easily be a comfy go-to look that still feels pulled together but not fussy. And the pants are not to be missed. I’d borrow the bag from the next outfit.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Notes: These Sam Edelman Tarra heels are stunning in person and super comfy. I have the ivory + black but am so tempted by the denim combo. I love that it’s really subtle with a dark denim. If I were walking to and from an office here in the PNW though I’d probably stick with the chunky platform loafer as a shoe that can stand up to some weather on the way to work (and these are one of the comfiest pairs I’ve tried.)

Wearing A Leather Blazer To Work: Maxi Column Skirt + Gorgeous Heels

Ooh, I’m not always (honestly I’m never) down for a maxi skirt but when I AM (?) make it slim and chic like this one from Reformation. Pick a sweater that hits right at the waistline to really show off the skirt lines. Throw on your sneakers if you need to for the walk to the office, but this look really needed a fab shoe to show off for the full look.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Notes: We see those Sam Edelman heels again in the ivory combo I have because I’m obsessed. If you wanted a different vibe though the Boden slingbacks would also work beautifully.

Wearing A Leather Blazer To Work: Plaid Trousers + Washable Silk

Plaid is of course still having a moment because it’s fall and due to the throwback styles…and I’m still in love. I like choosing a smaller plaid for a pant though to keep it classic and keep it in my closet for much longer. If you love a high-waisted trouser, these from Everlane are so popular and loved.

…and paired with the texture of the brown croc boot? Even better. I love the shade of brown in this blazer because you can pair a deep chocolate shoe or bag with it and it works…otherwise mixing browns is sometimes tricky. They need to be high contrast.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Notes: I have this silk shirt in black and it’s one of my forever closet favorites. It’s easy to wear and true to size and comfy and washable. I dry clean when I can, but it’s already matte and lovely so you don’t have to! Just lay flat to dry. Everlane makes some of my very favorite forever pieces.

Wearing A Leather Blazer To Work: A Stunning Sweater Dress

Ok, this one’s for the glam gals + pals. A sweater dress was just dying to be paired with this lovely blazer style and while you could go black or ivory it was a buttery tan that really sings with the warm brown leather.

1 (or straight size) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Notes: These boots I have and love and they have been true outfit-makers lately. They go great here with a maxi dress (go for a taller boot if your dress is shorter than that) but they are also perfect with all my baggy jeans and trousers. Comfy and TTS.

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This was fun to pull together and I hope it gets the wheels going for some fun fall work looks for ya. Until next time!



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