Printed Pants: Feels Like PJs, Looks Like….Who Cares?




Greenlea was an unplanned c-section.  Since I hadn’t really planned on having a c-section, EVERYTHING in my closet, from my skirts to my jeans, to pj pants, heck even my post-partum UNDERWEAR that I had purchased for after she was born were LOW-RISE.  Meaning, every single bottom I owned hit exactly where my scar was.  I really, really needed to find pants that were comfortable, didn’t irritate my scar and could hide the post-partum pooch.  Tall order, right?  I ended up trying some printed pants from Target because they were SO SOFT and it felt like I was wearing PJ pants.  These quickly became my go-to pants in my earliest post-partum days and I had to find ways to dress them up and down because I wore them all.  The.  Time.

Printed Pants at Night




I found that if I added some flashy accessories, a bright top, jean jacket and some platform sandals (I’m short so I need all the help I can get!), I had an outfit that hid the pooch, didn’t hurt my scar and looked good enough and FELT good enough to go to dinner or get drinks in.


Top: Leith Cami  (Similar) I also wear them with the Barcelona Cami from Express that I have in multiple colors (it’s great for hiding the pooch) and I love the color of this Topshop Metallic Cami or the detail on this Tildon Pleat Cami

Jacket: Big Star Denim Jacket (now 40% off!), or this Kut from the Kloth jacket if you don’t like the distressing, and I’m LOVING the moto detail of this Free People denim jacket (Christmas, Zack??)

Pants: Palazzo Pants from Target, but I’m also loving the prints and patterns at Forever 21 (and the prices!) like these Floral Wide Leg Pants, these Southwestern Print Bellbottoms and these Floral Print Pants

Shoes: Pink and Pepper Lolla (now 50% off!)

Purse: ASOS Sparkle Clutch (Similar)

Earrings: Textured Drop Earrings from Target 

Bracelet: Express Cut-Out Metal Cuff (now 40% off!)


Printed Pants During the Day

For a more casual look during the day, I added in my favorite hoodie, a black cami, platform booties and my diaper bag.  The look is comfortable (but not sloppy!) for wherever I needed to go.  For the days when I wanted to stay in my pjs or reach for my yoga pants, these pants were a perfect compromise.







PantsPalazzo Pants from Target, but I’m also loving the prints and patterns at Forever 21 (and the prices!) like these Floral Wide Leg Pants, these Southwestern Print Bellbottoms and these Floral Print Pants

Tank: Topshop V-Neck Cami

Hoodie: Alternative Apparel Relay Raglan Zip Hoodie (this is one of my favorite items in my closet!)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson Leather Wedge Bootie 

Earrings: (Similar) Target Large Filigree Teardrop Earrings 

Diaper Bag: Lily Jade Madeline (this has been an absolute life-saver in our lives!  I love the fact that the entire inside can come out and be transferred to other bags – like Zack’s Backpack!)



Sooo . . . I FEEL like I’m wearing PJ pants without LOOKING like I’m wearing PJ pants.  #win   Happy shopping! 🙂



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  1. I’m so glad you are contributing now, Scotti! I’ve been reading since before I was pregnant with my first. I just had my second 5 days ago (C-section) and love the ideas! I live on an island in alaska (hubby is military) so online shopping is the only kind of shopping I have. Thank you!!

    • Laine, unfortunately no . . . my strapless is pretty structured, though, so I just fold it down when I’m nursing. If you find one, let me know!

      • Now I’m jealous you fit into any of your old bras! I had no idea nursing would be such a roller coaster ride for my boobs! I had a c-section too, these pants are such a good idea. Much better than the roll top yoga pants I lived in. You look great!

  2. Postpartum or not…comfy pants are a WIN! I’ve eyed those at Target, thanks for the advice on styling them!!! Love the affordability of this post!

  3. I had the same problem. Unfortunately, two years after having my second c-section, I still have a pooch/flap of fat on my lower abdomen that makes anything low-rise out of the question. I recently discovered Madewell’s high rise skinny jeans and they have changed my life. So flattering, comfortable and slimming! You wouldn’t think so, but having something that holds you in actually feels pretty good post c-section. Check them out when you are ready to wear something a bit more structured. You look fabulous, by the way. Congrats on your baby!

    • Thank you! And I so agree about the high waist. I’ve always shied away from them because I’m (ahem) “bigger” on bottom than on the top, but the options that are out now are much more flattering than what I remember. I LOVE love love my low waisted jeans, but the muffin top . . . ugh. Plus high waisted jeans don’t fall down in the back when I’m bending over (something I do much, much more now that Baby Girl is here)!

  4. I love printed pants! I especially love them with heels because they are just that much more pulled together. My only question is what do you do when you’re at home, in and out of bed nursing a newborn and your pants are piling around your feet all day? Please don’t tell me that you trek around in heels all day because then I might hate you 😉 This is my struggle haha. I have kind of compromised with a harem-esque pair that don’t pool at my feet but they are admittedly a little TOO pj-ish in my honest opinion.

    • Desiree, OMG no! LOL I definitely don’t wear heels all day (usually some form of slippers, actually) so I only wear these pants when I’m actually going somewhere. I always had to laugh when I watched shows like “Desperate Housewives” where the women would answer their door wearing dresses, heels and jewelry when they were staying home for the day . . . hmm. Does anyone do that??

  5. Thanks, Kara!! I feel your shopping pain . . . Marquette may not be an island in Alaska, but I’m pretty sure the shopping options are about the same! 😉 Congrats on your little one!

  6. Thank you so much for acknowledging the issue with the sudden c section and then wondering how you are even going to get home because everything, including the new underwear you just bought for this purpose, is torture. I had to wear home the weird disposable underwear they give you. ugh. mark that under “things no one tells you about having a baby”…..
    Glad you are posting , too! I don’t feel like i can pull off a print like that though. you guys are much more adventurous than i am, though i am hoping if i read this blog enough i will surely make some kind of change. :0)

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