5 Ways I’m Styling Sorel Boots


I’ve always been that person that’s refused to wear real winter boots and instead wore lug-sole boots, Chelsea boots…and yeah, even sneakers to chug along in the snow. But. Ever since I saw S wearing Sorel’s Kinetic Waterproof boots, I knew I finally found a pair of winter boots that were both practical but still cool. Dare I even say…chic. 

To my biggest surprise, I like the way they look with blue jeans. Extra surprising since I’m styling up the black ones — the high-contrast can be difficult to make work. But these bad boys are more fitted, less chunky. They almost read like sleek high-top sneakers so it’s easier to get away with.

5 Ways To Style Sorel’s Kinetic Boots For The Rest Of Winter

After much deliberation (seriously, I thought long and hard about this), I came up with five different ways I’d wear these Sorel boots for the rest of winter. There’s a little nod to that winter-to-spring transition thrown in for good measure too. 

1. Styling Sorel Boots: Detailed Jackets + Basics

Guys. I thought I was a little over leather moto jackets (AH! 2014 me is screaming). I’m officially back with the recent ones I’ve been seeing — oversized, slouchy…a vintage-esque wash with a brown tint. And it had me thinking: jackets with the little details. They make all the difference. With that — trenches. Polished details, tailored seams and structured lines that still have the perfect amount of slouch. Not a crazy print, but detailed. I find these type of jackets can take a simple hoodie, blue jeans and winter boots and make it feel more elevated. 

sorel boots

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2. Styling Sorel Boots: Denim On Denim

Hear me out. Denim on denim has been around forever, of course. But there’s been a resurgence of oversized denim shirts over baggy jeans or bootcut/flared jeans that I’ve had my eyes on. A little nod to the ‘90s with the silhouette, but in a more…sophisticated way — pieces with a relaxed fit that still have clean lines paired with refined accessories. (Stay with me here). Chunky hoops, a dark lip, modern bag and cool sunnies with your fully-buttoned, oversized denim shirt and jeans. Wrong shoe theory: wear the sporty winter boots. She’s just oh so effortless.

sorel boots

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3. Styling Sorel Boots: Short Wrap Coats

These short wrap coats. I can’t get enough. They (again) have that effortless drape, yet they’re still slightly tailored. (Are we seeing a theme, here?) I’m thinking it’s the epitome of French-girl style, really. Effortlessly cool, sleek and sometimes a little dose of slouch. The Sorel’s have that same kind of feel especially if you pair it with a fitted turtleneck, wide-leg jeans and simple accessories. 

sorel boots

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4. Styling Sorel Boots: Chic Sweats + Sporty Stripes

I’ve always loved a sporty stripe but especially the ones with a retro feel. I’ve been looking at short/sleeveless, high-neck tops and long-sleeve turtlenecks that give that kind of vibe. That with wide-leg sweats, the Sorel boots and a belted trench makes it feel put-together without taking away the casual sportiness. 

sorel boots

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5. Styling Sorel Boots: From Slopes To Après Ski

As someone who dreams of being a really good snowboarder or skier (and also as someone who has only ever gone sledding), I find myself thinking about my snowy mountain look often. Leggings, layers, graphic crewneck, cute beanies. If you take out the goggles it still works for an everyday outfit, though, and I pretty much do wear it every single day in the colder months.

sorel boots

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Hope this gave you guys some inspo for the rest of these cold winter days!



  1. Hi!!! This post is 🤩 and that leather jacket is the BOMB, but out of stock except for XS. Any chance you could do a post showing similar jackets? Thanks!

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