Do I Love These Freda Salvador Eda D’Orsay Sneakers? Yes & No.


I’ve been interested in trying these Freda Salvador Eda d’Orsay sneakers for a bit now, since I’ve been seeing them everywhere online. I wanted to check them out myself because I love a d’Orsay moment.

Most of my heels and flats are typically the d’Orsay, sexy cutout style. But would I like this in a pair of sneakers? There was only one way to find out.

(OOH, and right now you can get 20% off some of the styles! Like stain-resistant blush suede, black with shearling, white canvas and more! Use code FAMILY.)

The d’Orsay Sneakers I’ve Been Seeing Everywhere: Freda Salvador Shoe Try-On

When I first saw these d’Orsay sneakers, I was immediately intrigued. They’re chic, unique & really cool. My latest video review goes into all the pretty details of these shoes. Do they fit? Are they comfy? And most importantly, are they ME?


Where To Buy The Freda Salvador Eda d’Orsay Sneakers

The largest selection of colors and styles is going to be on Freda Salvador’s website.

Shopbop and Bloomingdale’s also carry the white-leather version I tried, and there’s a Lucky Brand dupe in canvas at Nordstrom, though I wasn’t as smitten with it as much as the Freda Salvador pair.

The 2 Freda Salvador Eda d’Orsay Sneaker Styles I Tried

I ordered the Eda sneakers directly from Freda Salvador, so I could try them in both classic white and a fun black with shearling lining.

Both are gorgeously made shoes with luxe leather, a fitted heel that doesn’t slip, and a customizable fit because of the laces on the top panel. But what makes these seriously lovely is the pretty cutout d’Orsay shape. They fit beautifully and are true to size in my finding. 

white // black

The Verdict: Do These d’Orsay Sneakers Fit My Sporty Style?

So, do I love the Freda Salvador d’Orsay sneakers? The short answer: yes and no. I love the construction, shape and overall shoe in general…but they aren’t quite chunky enough for my more sporty style.

I think if they sported just a bit thicker sole I would’ve adored them, but for me they’re a little too classic and just not quite the look I’m going for. I love my adidas Superstars and will stick to those for now! 

IF your vibe is more classic and chic, these are seriously beautiful sneakers, and readers/reviews say they break in well and are a great overall purchase.

Check out the video below for the full review of these cool shoes!

Shop The Video

Shoes: White Eda Sneakers: at Shopbop // at Bloomingdale’s // at Freda Salvador
Black Eda, Shearling Lined: at Freda Salvador

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The Freda Salvador d'Orsay sneakers are like a cutout dress for your feet — so cool & unique. But do I love them? Watch for the deets on fit, comfort & style.
The Freda Salvador d'Orsay sneakers are like a cutout dress for your feet — so cool & unique. But do I love them? Watch for the deets on fit, comfort & style.

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