Let’s Keep Talking About Stylish Comfort Shoes (A Comfort Shoe Follow-Up)


I just about fell over laughing when Shana suggested I do an Instagram Live video with her, featuring us trying on and talking about the shoes featured in Stylish Comfort Shoes You Actually Want to Wear. Or maybe it was Shana who just about fell over in her chair from my wicked death stare when I realized she was serious about this idea. We did it though, and you guys were SO supportive! I do  LOVE comfort shoes, so if I’m going to talk about anything in front of a camera, it’s going to be that for sure! And it was fun “hanging out” with you guys…thanks for the love.

We had so many questions and comments and emails about these shoes, so I thought I’d do a quick follow-up on the post and live video.

1. The Number One Most Asked Question: What jeans were you wearing in the video?

They are the Lucky Haydens (shown above with these Golas). These jeans are the best. More of a straight leg than a skinny, so easy to wear, and I think they look pretty darn good with a range of shoes. We found Shana’s super skinny jeans didn’t work quite right with a lot of the clunkier comfort shoe booties.

2. What flats and black booties work with an orthotic insert?

Shana did a whole video on cute shoes for your comfort insoles, but it was summer, so many of her options are obviously summery. For flats, I haven’t personally tried Rothy’s, but friends tell me they are really comfy to wear and easy to switch out the insoles if you need specific support — they also have SUCH good designs, colors and patterns. So good. I also like the clean lines of these Walking Cradles that have a removable insert.  For black booties with removable insoles, I like these Dansko Rainas, these Dansko Petras, these Clarks, and these Vionics. Readers noted that most rain boots also have removable inserts.


3. What are the best no-show socks to wear with these sneakers and booties that don’t slip down?

Readers love Vans No-Show SocksSmart Wool Hide and Seek and Smart Wool Secret Sleuth socks. I’ve also had some success with Uniqlo’s footsies that have a non-slip grip on the heel so they don’t slide down.

4. Are there any tall boots that you like that are comfortable and cute?

So…I thought I was kind of over the tall boot thing, then I saw Shana wearing tall boots with her adorable denim midi dress and saw her wearing tall boots beautifully with a floral midi dress, and then saw Alexis wearing them with knee-high socks, and decided I’m totally NOT over them and I should have included them in the original comfort shoe post. Scotti highlights some great ones from Born here, and these are the few tall boots I’m looking at:

5.  Ugh! The clog booties keep selling out…where can I find them?

Yes! They do! I can’t believe it, but they really are selling out everywhere. Here are a few more options for clog boots and a few more places to shop some of the ones I tried on.


6.  Are the Lottas actually comfortable and do they run TTS?

I ordered my regular European size in the Lottas (38)— I usually wear a 7 or 7.5 in US sizes. There’s enough room for thicker socks, but I sometimes wear them with light ankle socks, and that’s fine too. I haven’t worn them a ton yet, but I’ve walked a few miles at a time in the city, and they have been totally fine. Keep in mind though, that the Lottas’ footbed is wooden and there’s no cushion…so it’s kind of nice that there’s room for some cushy socks if that feels better to you. Also keep in mind, they are a bit higher than my Dansko Maria’s and have a slightly smaller diameter heel, so I do find myself walking a bit more carefully. That being said, though…I still feel really sturdy and I totally enjoy wearing them.

7.  More photos of these shoes on real feet, please.

Dansko Maria | $169.95

Lotta from Stolkholm   | $160.70  There’s a waitlist for many sizes in black, but the taupe are beautiful too, and there are more sizes still available.

UGG Faye Chelsea Bootie (In Mysterious Suede color — a gorgeous gray/brown in person) | $159.95

Swedish Hasbeens (in sand-dark base)| $189.00

Dansko Malin (Now only available in black, but Shana and I decided we like the black better anyway!)| $139.95

Sorel Joan Wedge II (Many colors still available)| $200.00
Sorel Joan Wedge II (the closet color to above that’s still available) | $200.00

Cordani Roam Wedge Pump | $224.95

 Dr. Scholl’s Moto Flat |$59.90

Thank you again for all the questions, emails, and comments. Whether it’s in sexy stiletto heels or sturdy Dansko clogs, here’s wishing you happy feet!



  1. This is PERFECT timing! Do you have a *top* pick out of all of these you recommend for my trip to NYC? We are going there to watch my kiddo perform and will be doing a ton of walking (and forecast looks rainy) but I also want to look good. Think comfort but chic with a bit of an edge (sort of like if you paired your taste with Shana’s together)….Thoughts on your FAVORITE one?

    • Ooooh…if it’s looking like rain, I think I would do one of the Sorel wedge booties like these or these! I personally haven’t worn them for long periods of time (I’ve only tried them on and worn them around the house), but I know plenty of people who own them and walk in them all day long. They totally have an edge, look great with jeans or skirts/dresses, were surprisingly so incredibly comfortable when I tried them on, and would be perfect if you have to walk through gross puddles in the city.

    • B – Linz and I found that it depends on calves. If you have scrawny calves (like me), I’d stick to the UGG chelsea boots or a really good sneaker for your NYC trip. If you have shapelier calves (like Linz) than her Lottas are probably hard to beat. That said….the boots we BOTH loved were the Sorel wedges, which are good in the rain.

      Lastly, I’m really intrigued by the Sweedish Hasbeen boots that Linzi found. I’m picturing these with some sort of waterproof trench or something sherpa or cream: http://rstyle.me/iz-n/dardubcfmv7_

    • Yay for Danskos! 🙂 I also am so curious about the Rothy’s. I don’t really wear flats in my daily life, but if I did…these would be my first choice for sure.

  2. OK, follow-up to your follow-up: What are those awesome black tights that you’re wearing with the Cordani pumps in the second-to-last photo?

    • Unfortunately those are SOOOOOO old…I don’t even remember where they originally came from. I’ve been looking at new patterned tights, though, at LOFT and they have a decent collection. I like these and these.

  3. Just when I was about to “sing off” of the blog (54 year-old teacher on a limited budget – not the average TME reader, I guess) you share COMFORT SHOES! Thank you and I will likely check the blog in the future because of this post!

    • That’s great, Em. I know folks have a hard time finding just the right shoes with bunions…I don’t know a ton about Pikolinos, so I’m so glad to hear they work for you. Thanks for the comment.

    • You are way too kind. I’m not on Instagram. TME is actually my first venture into the whole social media/online world..Shana totally makes fun of my “internets ignorance”. I’m a little old-school with technology. My “closet” is going to be posted soon, though, so you’ll see my daily go-to’s there.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dansko Maria boots! I have them in both brown and black, and if I can ever find the Olive green color, I’d snatch those up, too! I wear mine basically every single day in the Fall/Winter. They’re also pretty much waterproof, as well. I’ve splashed through my fair share of puddles with these puppies and I’ve never gotten a wet foot. They’re still pretty pricey at retail value, but if you don’t mind used shoes, check on Poshmark! I found both my pairs for less than half the retail price!

  5. Bombas are another great no-show sock with the silicone grippy heel pad, super comfy, doesn’t dig. Plus they do a Tom’s-esque you buy one, they donate one so that’s nice. I have and love 2 pairs of Rothys, points and loafers. Fellow working mamas – they are especially great for conferences. Wear them on the inevitable mile long walk from the room to the show floor and swap out for your heels there (or don’t!). Rothy’s are so lightweight, they are easy to toss into your bag and forget about. Cheers!

  6. I own a few pairs of Lotta clogs and they are very comfortable after you break them in for a few weeks. The Lotta website has a sales and seconds section where you can find some really good deals. Even though the site is in the UK, shipping is only around $10 and it’s pretty fast.

  7. I really like Stance no-show socks too. They’re thin, which I prefer with boots and dressier shoes and they have really cute prints on them! I love my Sorel wedges and have worn them walking around the city on Black Friday with no complaints at all! Also, I really love that last pair of Dr. Scholl’s flats. Super cute! I’ve been really happily surprised with Dr. Scholl’s for the past few years. And as I’ve stated before, comfort shoes are usually not my thing!

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