Comfortable & Stylish: ALL the Shoes You Need for Summer


It’s HERE! The huge round-up of ALL my favorite stylish shoes from all my favorite comfort brands. You can count them — 10 categories!!! Yes, 10! of all the stylish comfortable shoes you could EVER need this summer. If you’re a 4-inch-high-heel-wearing-mama who recoils at the mention of names like Dansko, Fly London, and Sofft, you do your thing, lady, and I won’t be offended if you move on to the next post — I know these shoes aren’t for everyone. BUT, if your heart goes pitter-patter when you hear me mention these brand names, or maybe your feet are screaming at you to FINALLY listen to Linzi’s advice — then please read on.

Now for the reality: It’s hard to find a truly supportive and comfortable shoe that is fashion forward. There are SO many comfort brands out there right now though, that are doing a tremendous job balancing style with comfort. My goal here is to pick the cutest and most stylish from each of these brands. I have my favorite brands, but you guys too have been writing in with your favorites as well, which is now turning in to a fantastic collection of shoes that are easy and stylish and perfect to “mom” in. 

ALL The Stylish Comfortable Shoes You Need

A few notes:

1.  If you see a style you like (but not the color), click through…almost all of these come in multiple color options.

2.  I know most of these shoes are expensive! From my experience, comfort shoes from well-known brands that are designed well, made to last, and created to ACTUALLY support your feet cost more than I would like, but most of mine have lasted for years and years and have been worth the $. 

3.  I’ve written a few other comfortable shoe posts recently, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for in this post, check out the best travel shoe roundup, the sneaker refresh post, or the mini-review of summer clogs. Tiarra also just posted an awesome piece on the Everlane Day Glove ReKnit!  Comfortable(and cute)shoes for EVERYONE!

Let’s get started:

Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.
Shana’s Picks: Light | Dark | Wild | Slides | Flip Flops | Wedges | Heels | Flats | Sneaks |Water
Linzi’s Picks: Light | Dark | Wild | Slides | Flip Flops | Wedges | Heels | FlatsSneaks |Water

This is a massive post, so if you want to go straight to what you are looking for, click on the “Table of Contents” below…otherwise, keep scrolling!

1. Sandals on the Lighter Side
2. Sandals on the Darker Side
3. Sandals on the Wilder Side
4. Slide Sandals (No Between-The-Toe Thingy)
5. Everyday Flip Flops 
6. Wedges for Walkable Style 
7. Fancy Pants Heels 
8. Practical Flats 
9. Slip-On Sneaks 
10. Water-Friendly Sandals 

1. Sandals on the Lighter Side

Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.

2. Sandals on the Darker Side

Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.

3.Sandals on the Wilder Side

4. Slide Sandals  (No Between-The-Toe Thingy!)

Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.

5. Everyday Flip Flops

Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.

6. Wedges for Walkable Style

7. Fancy Pants Heels

8. Practical Flats


Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.

9. Slip-On Sneaks

Mamas — the best cost-per-wear investment for your closet = stylish, comfortable shoes. For walking, travel, work & momming, these are the shoes you need.

10.  Water-Friendly Sandals

That’s it folks!  Shout out your absolute favorite COMFORTABLE summer shoes…the ones your feet WANT you to put on. Mine are definitely FitFlops….all of them. Or, shout out if you want me to take a look at any other specific comfort brands in the future. Happy to branch out a bit from my favs.

Here’s to happy feet!



  1. So, apparently I’m way more into comfy shoes in summer than in winter! Who knew? There are so so many good suggestions here! Yes to all the Birkenstocks, especially the big buckle ones! Also, I recently got these MIA sandals and I really love them. They’re super comfortable and cute, too! I definitely recommend them. In fact, I’m wearing them tomorrow on an 8 hour class trip to an amusement park with 8th grade boys. ?

    I also highly recommend the Dr. Scholl sandals. I like them so much I got them in gold and tan a few years ago and they’ve really held up well. The white sole is easy to clean, too, to keep them looking nice!

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions! There are so many pairs that I am definitely going to check out!

  2. Bravo Linzi. Best roundup I have ever seen. Comfort shoes are all I wear now and because I live in Florida – sandals are 365 days a year. Thank you! You rock!

  3. Bless you, Linzi. If I may make a suggestion, however– lots of us wear “comfort shoes” because we have wide feet and that’s the only kind that is workable on our feet. Can you update this post and let us know which, if any, of these many many shoes come in wide sizes? Thanks so much!

    • Okay, Jen….I’m back with some updates. I put in the post (in the little descriptions) some of the ones that I found with wide sizing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many. Of my favorite brands (for both comfort & style), it seems many Clarks, Vionics, Birkenstocks, Naturalizers, Earth, and a few Fly Londons come in wide sizing. My hope is to do a follow-up post at some point this summer and will try to include a whole section of cute comfort shoes available in wide sizing, but for now here are my top pics in no particular order: 1. Clark Slingbacks: 2. Earth Gladiator Sandals: 3. Fly London Wedges: 4. Vionic Slides: and finally 5. these fun Silver Sandals: . Good Luck! Let me know if there are any particular brands that are good for your feet that I’m missing!

  4. So I have been a long time reader and I love this post. It is lovely to see a review of all the different types of summer shoes. I wish retailers would get on this band wagon.

    I noticed you missed one of my favorite brands of very comfortable shoes for the summer. Beek. They are like Birkenstock for those of us who hate Birkenstock. Sorry to say that out loud but I blame the time that I grew up in. I just can’t seem to get over the fact that these are chic now. I own one pair of beek and I am eyeing another pair already. They totally mold to your feet and completely stand up to sand, travel and two boys.

    • What?? Your PROMISE they are ACTUALLY comfortable, Amanda? 🙂 They are absolutely gorgeous, but they look very flat. I am obviously, intrigued, though….they are very beautiful and standing up to sand, travel, and two boys is a pretty good endorsement. Thanks for the comment, Amanda (and reading the post!)…I am always so excited to hear of new brands folks love.

  5. Thank you for this article! I had a severe injury that left me with a problem foot and can’t wear most shoes. Gentle Souls, Sofft, and ASICS are my go-to brands. Summer is definitely harder though when it comes to “comfort” shoes so I appreciate the roundup!

  6. As a new attorney, I’m always looking for court-appropriate flats – but I have super high arches and need arch support! Any suggestions on arch-supported/supporting flats? Should I go straight to adding an insole?

    Love the round-up of all the ‘fun’ summer shoes – wish I had more opportunities for sandals and sneaks!!

    • I would probably do an insert. I have such a hard time with flats…they’re just so…FLAT (not much room for arch support)! I put SuperFeet in my sneakers and in any flats I ever wear which helps a lot. The SuperFeet I use are these They aren’t cheap, but they make my feet and the rest of my body very happy with the added arch support. Feel free to chime in, readers, if anyone has a favorite flat with built in arch support that is still stylish.

  7. I’m so tickled that my Birkenstock recommendation is included. We’re having a rare date night tonight and I will be wearing my black Alyssas with a white dress. They really do go with everything!

    • Hi Anna! Thank you so much for the recommendation! I was thrilled to put reader’s input in to this post–it’s so helpful to hear from everyone. I’m sure you will ROCK those Alyssas tonight—enjoy!!!

  8. wondering if you can leave us links for specific FITFLOPS? need a sneaker for walking around europe in. I have Mephisto wedges which are SUPER COMFY but i need a rec for sneaks. I don’t think my golden goose will make it, but not sure!

    • As for Fitflops…there are a few listed in the “FlipFlop” section above and “On the Darker Side”, but my favorite “base” is these This is the very basic FitFlop, but it’s offered in a ton of colors and prints. Not totally glamorous, but SO comfortable and cute enough! I have a few pairs with the thinner footbed as well, like these that are a bit more stylized and they’re very comfortable, but not AS supportive as the other style. For sneaks…I buy whatever sneaks I like style wise and then put a pair of SuperFeet inside of them. These are the Super Feet inserts I transfer between my various sneaks. . Have a wonderful time in Europe!!

  9. Have you heard of the brand OTBT? A friend recommended them last year, and they’re the sandals I wear all the time now!! Stylish and comfortable – I’m a teacher so I’m on my feet all day. They are also super light! Check them out!

  10. Linzi – you need to do a review of Katy Bowman’s book on foot pain relief and what the implications our shoes have for our ENTIRE body. I’m a changed woman after reading it and am seriously considering giving up heels entirely *gulp! Can you imagine how that will affect silhouettes??? Thanks for this massive compendium – what an awesome resource and it must have taken forever.

  11. This is so well done. I keep returning to this post. Your hard work will cost me dearly. Could you also comment on how some of these fit narrower feet? Summer shoes/sandals are rarely sold in a narrow. I find that I easily walk out of many. I scour reviews for the ones that are deemed too narrow.

    • Oh Man! I know NOTHING about narrow feet (mine are on the regular-to-wide side) but in the future I will definitely think about that as I’m trying on shoes, Lisa. Must be so frustrating! A whole post on shoes for narrow AND wide feet would be interesting—okay…it’s going on my list! Thanks for the suggestion and I will DEFINITELY keep you in mind during my next try-on “sesh”.

  12. Linzi, that was above and beyond. THANK YOU. And if TME ever did a post on shoes for wide feet (which also includes all of us w. bunions and so on), that would be incredible. Isn’t it interesting that you found just how many so-called “comfort shoes” actually DON’T come in wide? Most women’s feet get wider as they age, so I find this baffling.
    All that said, it is worth knowing that certain features can make non-wide-sized shoes fit a wide foot. Most significant, probably, is adjustable straps/buckles over the toe area. A good example is the Dansko Sophie sandal which I LOVE and got this summer. Also, suede has more give, and backless shoes can be good because the foot is less mashed in there. So I have some Steve Madden backless suede slip-ons that do fine on my feet. Finally, some brands just do run wider. I agree with you that FitFlop is one, and also Superga and Vans. It helps if the site gives a pic of the whole shoe from the top. If the front part looks rounded, it often can fit a wide foot, but if it goes straight up and down, it won’t. Everlane shoes are the WORST in this regard.
    Again, thanks so much for all you do!! Jen

    • This is fantastic, Jen. Thank you so much for all the info and suggestions! I just replied to Lisa that I would love to do a whole post on shoes for wider AND narrower feet at some point, so I will keep everything you wrote in mind….very helpful! I so appreciate your comments!

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