Stylish Loungewear


…for when you don’t give a crap, but want to look like you do.


[Hey guys – S here.  This topic is so near-and-dear to my heart – I mean seriously NOTHING makes me swoon like a good pair of sweatpants – that I’m hijacking Cam’s post for a sec with this ridiculous pic.  Now back to Cam.]


Mamas, you want this post. You need this post. In fact, you’ve been hoping and longing for it…long before you even knew about TME. Why?

We all have thoooose days. Those days you roll out of bed feeling more tired than when you got in bed the night before and you find Not. One. Bit. of creativity with which to put together an outfit that reflects the super cool mom you really are. (I know you’re cool. It’s okay). I, personally, usually roll up to Mad’s school drop-off in a huge hoodie sweatshirt, the cleanest jeans I could find in the pile in our closet and UGGs. When I’ve tried a little harder, I’ll have mascara on (HOLLA!!  like that will distract people from my hoodlum attire). The other moms are jealous of my swagger.  Ha.  Needless to say, it’s time to step it up.  LET’S STEP IT UP, yo.

Here’s a simple formula for looking put together and even cool on thoooose days. stylish-loungewear-the-mom-edit

 LOFT Broken In Tee | True & Co. Calvin Clein Seductive Comfort Bra | Lou & Grey Spacedye Zip-Pocket Pants | Lou & Grey Marlmix Sweater Jacket

Levi’s Parachute Cotton Park @ Urban Outfitters | Ted Baker London ‘Beatrin’ High Top Sneakers | Revolve Tenakee Beanie

See?  Simple. All you need is comfortable and stylish loungewear. It’s a win-win, I mean, really.  This kind of outfit can be thrown on in the morning without much thought and worn all day.  I’m all about it.

If you find that you are now in the market for some BOSS mom attire, keep scrolling down. I found many awesome options…

Layering Tops, Sweatshirts, and Sweaters

Throw-On Bottoms

And If You’re Going Out, Add….

And A Pretty (Yet Comfy) Bra

(because these make everything better)

Have ya’ll seen the Lou & Grey line at LOFT? I am loving the looks of it. I’m hoping it fits as well as it looks, because I may have to get those zip-pocket pants. Free People, of course, always rocks it in the lounge department. And Revolve Clothing has a great selection of loungewear as well.



Thanks, Cam!  That outfit formula is spot-on (Pax likes it too).  Pax wanted to go into more of a superman tights and crop top direction but I wasn’t down.  Thankfully, he appreciates a good mommy-and-me outfit as much as any nut and was therefore willing to compromise.  Sunshine and daydreams, kids.  SUNSHINE AND DAYDREAMS. (How good sweatpants makes me feel.)





tee: Geofox Apparel

cardi: old banana republic…similar Tildon oversized cocoon cardigan

sweats: Sol Angeles Wave Pants

hat: from Anthro’s end-of-season-sale – this one is sold out online, but there’s a ton of seriously cool options

necklace: Chan Luu – I can’t find mine, but this Chan Luu crystal pendant necklace has a similar vibe, and is currently 70% off at shopbop!! (only 2 left)


  1. The gap sweatpants with the knee quilting and the ankle zip are the BEST. I just hunted down 3 colors in my size and am I happy I did because a week later I was house bound with the kids and the flu. Size down ladies. I’m a size 8-10 and happily got the xs for a more fitted legging look. 100% cotton is a huge bonus.

  2. I just ordered a bunch of unders from true&co from this post and the caged bra post-Eeks! Thanks so much for reminding me that they exist.

  3. This was so helpful and NEEDED during a time of extreme frumpness over here. 26 weeks pregnant and in the middle of gross winter, with zero energy to put into not looking like a slob. This post gave me a little mindfulness while I got dressed this morning for a lazy Sunday, and I feel like it has significantly improved my mood to feel comfortable AND cute today. Thanks!

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