Ten Green Things You’ll Want To Wear Long After St. Patrick’s Day


Some people get really excited about St. Patrick’s Day….I am not one of those people.  However, when the day rolls around, the pressure to wear green is INTENSE.  Usually, I cave.  Partially because Pax can be insanely annoying/persistent with the pinching thing but also partially because I don’t….hate….green?  It’s one of those un-sung colors that I find surprisingly wearable.

In years past, I usually just steal Mike’s Michigangster tee (he has it in green), but we’ve already gotten a few questions about St. Patrick’s Day from readers so I thought I’d branch out.

And by “I’d branch out” I really just meant “make Jeni-the-intern find some good stuff”.  I’m feeling the Mondays pretty hard right now (spent a good portion of last night at the ER while Pax got stitches, SIGH), so I thought I’d turn this whole thing over to a Milennial who is probs a good deal more excited than I about St. Patrick’s Day….OR SO I THOUGHT.

“St. Patrick’s Day??” she said, rolling her eyes when I mentioned the topic.  “Ugh.  Tacky.”

Obviously, we’re off to a great start.

So.  Below are ten things that Jeni and I could agree we’d be willing to wear long past St. Patrick’s Day. But first….a few random options for those of you who give zero….lucks.


Hey guys, Jeni here! Living in Philadelphia has exposed me to more city-pride than I’ve seen in my whole life, and St. Patrick’s day is no exception. While some people get into the spirit with green food coloring, hair dye, and costumes galore, I could never quite throw myself into that ruckus of energy and….. green. Don’t get me wrong– it’s amazing to see an entire community celebrating with each other, no matter if they’re friends or strangers. I must admit however, that while I don’t love the bright grinch-green apparel, I do love the second-hand excitement. And while everyone’s out celebrating St. Patrick, I’ll be celebrating in my own way. Finding cute, wearable, pieces was a challenge for me, but I think I’ve truly fallen for this fresh take on green. For those of you who might need something to avoid getting pinched this upcoming weekend, here’s a few ideas that’ll celebrate themselves longgg after the bars have closed for the night.

(LEFT): For a timeless look, tuck a flowy green shirt into high-waisted denim. If you haven’t caught on yet, green + white boots are SO cute. Wear it this weekend, wear it next month, wear it next year…. I’d throw together any of these shirts in this combo:

Plaid Top  |  Striped Top  |  Embroidered Peasant Top

(RIGHT): There’s always time for some glitz and glam; keep it classy by layering some sophisticated jewelry on a white tee, translating just enough of a hint about the holiday. I’m currently obsessed with the subtle drama of that cocktail ring.

Knotted Tassel Earrings  |  Stone Ring  |  Eden Layer Necklace

(BOTTOM LEFT): In case you haven’t heard, light-wash denim is IN. And with spring right around the corner, I envision a mob rushing for the tropical prints. A trustworthy bag (or crossbody) is always a must, and these will carry you forward into the new season as well.

Herschel Backpack  |  Anne Klein Crossbody

(BOTTOM RIGHT): I’m sure I’m not alone wishing for the arrival of warm weather, but for now, its balancing between rainy afternoons and the occasional sun-spotting. These green Hunters will keep you safe and dry from the elements until it’s *finally* time to bring back the spring/summer staple: gladiator sandals.

Hunter Rainboots  |  Alias Mae Sandals




  1. Wahoo! I’ve never considered St. Patrick’s Day a reason to shop (do I need one, really?). Times are o’changin’!

  2. So, I will admit that I love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s one of my favorite weeks. Growing up, and marrying into, a big Irish Catholic family, we’ve always celebrated, starting with the Parade the Sunday before and then “lunch” at Thr Plough and the Stars (this year, my kids are super excited that it falls on a Saturday so now they can go to the Plough, too). As a self-proclaimed professional on the subject, I will say that you left out a staple wardrobe item…the Irish fisherman’s sweater. I rarely wear green for the celebrations but the sweater is fundamentally Irish and the warmest, coziest sweater ever. And, they last FOR.EVA. For real. Definitely recommend them for St. Patrick’s Day!

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