Stylish Ways to Update Your Workspace


On the days I work from home, I log about 12 hours at my little desk in the corner of our bedroom; on “non-working” days I’m online at least 4 hours researching for the blog and regular internetting. The convenience of working at home is offset by loooong conference calls – doodling on every piece of paper I can reach is getting old.  I’m betting some of you can relate – whether working, browsing or just waiting on hold with the pediatrician’s office (seriously arrgh), lots of time is spent parked at your workspace. Whichever area of your home you spend lots of time should be your happy zone, and creative spaces especially should be beautiful and inspiring. Crumpled kleenex and assorted non-working pens do not a magical space create – I’ve got some better ideas for cool desk accessories that are beautiful, useful and just plain fun. Check out these top home design trends:



Stylish Desk Accessories

1. 11 world clock: My company’s based in the UK but has offices all over – this clock lets you roll to a specific city on the outer ring to see the local time. Frequent travelers will love it too.

2. HAY Medium wooden hand: If you’ve read any Scandi-home blogs or seen any vignettes or bookshelves arranged by a stylist, then you’re already familiar with this cool articulated wooden hand. So fun to play with during phone calls.

3. ‘eyelashes’ square glass tray: How I wish this is what my catchall tray looked like in the morning – you know that was a good night! It’d make me smile to see that holding more mundane bits & bobs on my desk.

4. ‘Phi’ large scissors: Modern Danish design at its best. These are part of a gorgeous pop-up HAY  shop at Nordstrom – ending Sunday!

5. kate spade slim portable charger: So little, so cute, so fast. Gets great reviews for lightning fast phone & tablet charging.

6. Gem & Mineral 2016 calendar: My jaw dropped when I saw this beyond-gorgeous calendar with watercolor gemstone illustrations. Not technically a “desk” accessory, but definitely will pretty up your workspace. Seriously, so beautiful.

7. Earl gray Bloom phone vase: How cool is this vase that charges your phone via a hidden cable slot? (The pretty glaze reminds me of Heath Ceramics.) Lots of soft, pretty colors to choose from – the organic shape and speckles in the glaze are a great juxtaposition against all the sleek tech devices on your desk top.

Variety is the spice of life, so here’s some more desk decor I absolutely love…

Pretty Office Decor


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