12 Chic & Playful Woven Bags


Woven bags are the type of accessory you’ll wear for years. They’re truly some of the most timeless pieces, kinda like a white tee. You just can’t go wrong with them all-year-round, but even more so for the summertime.

This is exactly why I want to invest in one instead of running for the cheapest option out there. And, it’s pretty obvious when one is handcrafted by artisans or a brand like Clare V. (that works with skilled crafters around the world) vs a cheap dupe.

The Accessory For Summer: 12 Gorgeous Woven Bags

I find that woven bags take an everyday outfit that’s decidedly not that exciting and turn it into something note-worthy. Even if you go with a neutral option, they’re just plain old pretty. It was difficult narrowing it down to a top twelve (there’s a ton of stunning options), so I really thought through each piece and the brands they’re coming from.

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1. Madewell The Mini Shopper Tote

woven bags

At Madewell

I’ve been eyeing Madewell’s bags for a little bit now. I’m always pleasantly surprised by their options. Besides the tan, woven fabric, I love that this has the look of a classic large tote, but is actually a mini size perfect for every day. They have a tan and brown version that’s tempting me, too.

2. The Sak Calla Small Tote

woven bags

At The Sak

How fun is this!! Such a great way to add in some color to an everyday, neutral outfit (but they have neutral options, too). The best part — each bag is handcrafted by artisans so variations may happen, making them all one-of-a-kind. If you go to this bag on their site, they have a video showing how you can easily bend and mold the bag (without losing the shape) so it’s easier to pack for summer travels.

3. Clare V. Pot de Miel

clare v.

At Clare V.

Now, of course I had to include the beloved Clare V. Pot de Miel bag. Shana’s been using her tan version for years. Abby brought in the black version recently and we fell in love with it. If you’re like me and like wearing black in the summer, this bag doesn’t read too cold-weather. And how gorgeous is that bamboo handle?

4. Bembien Le Sac Woven Shoulder Bag

woven bags

At Luisaviaroma

From the clutch-esque shape, the woven strap, the subtle pattern, the size (especially considering it’s a shoulder bag — that strap isn’t too short and you can actually fit stuff into it)…I LOVE. 10% of all Bembien proceeds are reinvested in their local community, too.

5. Clare V. Petit Moyen

clare v.

At Clare V.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’m a sucker for a checkered print and I’m even more of a sucker for Clare V. bags. I so appreciate the different strap options, too. Wear it as a crossbody OR shoulder bag.

6. AKORFA African Bolga Handwoven Basket Bag

woven bags

At Etsy

Such a beautiful take on a classic, large basket bag. These bags are all handmade by Artisans from Bolgatanga in the North of Ghana. They’re even woven from elephant grass and come in a bunch of colors.

7. Bembien Franci Bag

woven bags

At Shopbop

Had to sneak in another checkered print (and Bembien bag), but if the black and white Clare V. is too jarring for you…this is a great take on that pattern. Bembien carries a bunch of beautiful bags. I highly, highly recommend perusing all of them. Bembien is also “committed to supporting weaving communities as they strive to bring their craft to a global audience.”

8. Vanessa Bruno Shopping Bag Raffia Stripes

woven bags

At Smallable

Combining all the neutral colors into one outfit (white, black, tan, brown) is so much easier with an accessory like this. I also just love the story and vision behind this brand (aside from this pretty bag).

9. Clare V. Sandy Woven Market Tote

clare v.

At Nordstrom

Yeah, I couldn’t NOT include this Clare V. bag. Shana has the cream-colored one (which I’m also eyeing), but something about this ‘French Blue’ color was speaking to me. I could see myself getting so much use out of it in the summer.

10. Naghedi Havana Woven Clutch

woven bags

At Nordstrom

I did a whole post styling up the large Naghedi tote bag and had so much fun with it. Now, this clutch is talking to me. Something about the natural, brush-like weaving at the top takes this simple clutch up a notch, but still keeps the timeless look. This isn’t your average clutch, though. It’s made of durable Neoprene, handwoven and only 1-2 Naghedi bags are made a DAY. Slow fashion is a core part of their brand and they strive for environmentally sustainable and ethical practices.

11. AAKS Raffia Baw Pot Dot Crossbody Bag


At Madewell

Besides AAKS’ stunnning bags, I love the story and initiatives of their brand. “AAKS was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi with the goal of introducing the world to her favourite weaving techniques by the women of Ghana, increasing awareness around ethical production processes and encouraging sustainable consumption in the fashion world.” They also launched ‘Weaving for Change’, an initiative who’s aim is to create fair and dignified work for refugee artisans in Burkina Faso through their gorgeous home products.

12. AAKS Curve Shoulder Raffia Bag

AAKS bag

At Madewell

I couldn’t skip on another AAKS bag. Their weaving is truly some of the most pretty works of art in bag form that I’ve seen. Torn between the crossbody bag above and this smaller shoulder bag.

Which style of woven bags are you guys most excited about? I can’t decide!!


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