Summer Beach Beauty Picks


Confession:  I wear makeup when going to the beach.  Or the pool.  Partly because I need sun protection and partly because I’m vain. (And so is M.  Just to be clear that I’m not alone.)

Now that we’ve established our vanity, let’s talk makeup tips and tricks for beach beauty!  So fun!

We have a round up of picks that we can’t stop wearing whether we’re in Denver’s desert-like climate (lucky M) or the cah-razy 104 degree swampland of the East Coast.  Consider these products well tested, Mamas.


1. Tarte’s Cheek Stain in Dollface, $30.  It was reformulated in the last few years to eliminate parabens.  Swipe it onto the apples of your cheeks, rub it in.  Instant refresher.  And the barbie-pink Dollface is my fav.

2. Josie Maran’s Tinted Moisturizer, $38.  If you are the kind of mom who actually dunks into the water (uh, swimming, I believe it’s called) then this is a necessity.  Nicely water resistant, sheer coverage.  I’ve found that the best tints look slightly dark and scary coming out of the tube, but once slathered on are very natural. (I wear butter).

3. Cover Girl Natural Luxe Lip Gloss/Balm, $7.50.  Love, love, LOVE these things!  They come in a million colors, have an SPF of 15, are insanely moisturizing, and provide just enough color without being too lipstick-at-the-beach.  Truly a gloss/balm hybrid.

4. Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess, $29. I’m always slightly afraid of bronzer.  But have started to embrace it, especially after reading Scotti’s recommendations on looking better in pictures.  This one is truly fool-proof.  Even in the winter.  And how nice that it still manages to enhance my summer tan.

5. Cover Girl Lash Blash Length Water Resistant Mascara, $8.  M turned me onto this mascara.  While a water-resistant formula is a must for any pool outing, I’ve started using this daily in the cah-razy humidity that is the East Coast.  It comes off easily at night with a few sweeps of make-up remover…but my favorite thing about this mascara?  I can put it on in the morning (loooong lashes, no clumps) than refresh it at night (by glopping more on top) and still no clumping!  Amazing!

6.  Marie Veronique Organics Everyday Sheer Coverage, $50.  The nice folks at Marie Veronique sent over a few samples for M and I to try.  We seriously love this stuff.  It’s a light-weight, non-greasy, fah-bulous sunscreen that has amazing coverage.  A slightly matte finish covers imperfections subtly, without feeling heavy.  It’s made from a non-micronized zinc oxide and is one of the few sunscreens endorsed by the EWG that doesn’t leave the tell-tale white residue.  It is tinted, but I hardly noticed the difference in tint between the medium and light formulations.  With sunscreen, I tend to go darker to compensate for zinc oxide’s lightening properties.  Also free of parabens and other nasty chemicals so it’s great for use in pregnancy. We both like it better than Josie Maran’s Tinted Moisturizer for everyday use.  The downside?  It’s not very water-resistant, so on days when I’m headed to the beach I still reach for Josie.  But this product will be my top pick for non-water days now and into Fall.  Marie Veronique is offering Ain’t No Mom Jeans readers a free 1/4oz Anti-Aging Oil ($20 value) with purchase of this sunscreen from now until August 7th by using the code “momjeans“.  Snort.

Enjoy your last month of Summer, Mamas!!



ps.  For those of you wondering who won the Ugg sneaks giveaway


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