I have so much fun working with Nordstrom.  They asked me to take a look at their children’s collection…and OMG kid’s clothes, you know?  I couldn’t stop giggling.  Kid’s clothes are just so….cool now. The sunglasses alone kill me.  Sometimes my boys get dressed and come downstairs all ‘what, this?’ and it’s all I can do to keep a straight face.  I’m dying to gush, ‘HOW DID I PRODUCE OFFSPRING THAT ARE JUST SO FREAKING COOL”, but that would violate my boys’ anti-gush policy.  

So I gush on the inside, you guys.  On the inside.

But kudos to Nordstrom for pulling together a collection of kid’s clothes that are seriously cool, yet practical (they have a great selection of items under $35).  I especially like the Peek and Tucker & Tate lines.  Awesome stuff.  

Just for fun, I thought I’d pull together a summertime capsule wardrobe for each of my boys…and one for my imaginary daughter.  Can you guess which is which?



Vance V-Neck T-Shirt, $18

Sunglasses, $12

Saltwater Sandals, $33

Zac Woven Shirt, $32

Bowtie, $23


Arthur Print Shorts, $30

Wave Print Tee, $28

Vans, $35

Paul Smith Jr. Swim Trunks, $90 (I know these are pricey, but so hysterical I couldn’t resist.  Such man-trunks, right?)


Pocket Sweatshirt, $24

Pink Floyd Tee, $28

Quiksilver Shorts, $44




Bali Motorcycle Graphic Tee, $24

Beanie, $16

Orange Aviators, $12

V-Neck Tee, $11



Bright Chino Shorts, $20

Printed T-Shirt, $16

Big Waves Sweatshirt, $50



TOMS Botas, $44

Pineapple Shorts, $40

Quiksilver Swim trunks, $48



Silk and Cotton Bowtie, $23

Chambray Shirt, $34

Saltwater Surf Sandal, $32





Purple Aviators, $10

Ariane Sleeveless Tunic, $32

Mini Boden Applique Tee, $28

Giraffe Dress, $28



Chambray Jog Shorts, $23

Converse, $32

Be Brave Tank, $28

Roxy Shorts, $32



Rashguard + Bottoms, $28 (how seriously awesome is this??)

Yellow Saltwater Sandals, $32

Sunshine Sweatshirt, $48


And check out the Shop the Post widget for additional picks.  I seriously couldn’t stop.



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  



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  1. That first collection is SERIOUSLY cute. I love my little guy in rock & roll Ts – Run DMC is his fave. 🙂
    That tankini is fantastic! Preschoolers in bikinis…shudder…but that one may just have to wing its way into my daughter’s closet!
    Oh, and Chuck’s FOREVER says the woman who just ordered one for each of her three littles. Love me some Chuck’s! 🙂

  2. Ugh. All my kids wear is that same-old superhero shirt, and the jeans that are now too short but they will NOT try new clothes! I have such a hard time buying clothes for them because they are really stuck on what they want (and it’s not cool). Sigh. Not to mention little bodies that don’t fit the sizes out there (long, skinny bodies). Thanks for the inspiration here, it allows me to dream!

  3. My 15 year old looks over at my iPad and says, “those kids are baller, I wish you would have dressed us like that!!” Your boys are too cute. Before you know it , they will be 6 ft tall like mine! (I think baller is good) and my 10 year old has been rocking the cool rash guard/bikini bottom for a couple summers now:)

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