Summer Essentials For Cool Kids (Get ‘Em Now – They’ll Be Gone By May)


If you’re anything like me, you literally care more about your kids being in the latest fashion than yourself. I seriously just wear the same things over and over again. Case in point, how many times have you seen me in my Madewell Skinny Skinny Biker-Zip Jeans? But my kids? My little family? We eat up kids fashion. And summer gear is not only here to buy now, but it just so happens to be our favorite season of style. The accessories, the swimwear, the shoes, and the casual comfort are just plain good for the soul.


So, I thought I would give you guys a little peak at some stuff I am crushing on right now (and have already stocked up on). And yes, I’m well aware that it’s only March. But, this is the time of year you can buy stuff to get through the remains of cold weather and early-buy for the warm weather ahead. On top of that, here’s the thing with trendy kids stuff: Spring Break is when the warm weather gear peaks because everyone’s getting their first taste of the sweet sweet sunshine.


The Breakdown


The Lesser Known

This stuff is so rad. Just released or low inventory finds that are popping up all over Instagram and other sources of style from the heavy hitters of family fashion. This might not be the first place you see it, but it’s the trends I think will stick through this summer and even into next summer.

The Hotness

The hotness is comprised of items I think are surefire bets to be big this year. I’m sure some of this will look familiar. This is because these are the trends the lesser known brands made popular last summer and now have gone mainstream this year. And (full disclosure) a lot you’ll find on J.Crew In Good Company — their buyers are on it.

The Mainstay

From the big and affordable brands to the staples of any summer. This is where you’ll get the bang for your buck from the big brands or find a brand that’s stood the test of time and is worth an extra spend.


Within each category I’ve highlighted my absolute fav’s and also included a shop-the-post carousel with even more selections from these awesome brands.





If you saw Shana’s Spring Break Kids post then you’re totally set on boys swimwear recco’s. So, I focused on the girls here — however most of these companies I am mentioning have epic boy suits too!

The Lesser Known

Nununu is a kids-wear company with swimwear for both boys and girls that just has me in love. Trust me, this will be huge and gone in no time. The newest line has the plus sign suit. And really the only place to get it right now is direct from them here. But I’ve also included the link in the shop-the-post carousel above for the circle suit (equally adorbs). Of course, Mini Rodini rocks my world. Every single option is so amazing. And they each have such a different personality in the prints so pick the one that makes you think of your kid.

The Hotness

I was crushing on Popupshop last year and totally missed the boat. So this year, I purchased the Panda Bear suit for Miss Roman the day it was released. Might just be the cutest thing on her ever. And these Mara Hoffman suits are selling out everywhere. They’re so beautiful and fun and you could even do the mother-daughter matching thing (if that’s your jam).

The Mainstay

Okay, I was a little hesitant to even put these on here. The panda is a blatant rip and the zebra pattern looks an awful lot like it was ‘inspired’ by Mini Rodini. But, I wanted to illustrate how these trends move quickly. And just in the time of finding that suit and editing this post the panda has already sold out (eeek!). So there you have it. That’s how fast these trends go. I’ve linked another zebra print as well as the black and white one from Gap. So, if one’s sold out, your little would realistically look fabulous in either one.




The Lesser Known

Mini Melissa shoes are insanely cute and reviews are always extremely high because it sounds like kids genuinely love wearing them. High tops rock in the summer because they look great with shorts and hide socks from poking out. The full line of MAA sneakers are so amazing and the featured ones will have to be my next buy for Roman.

The Hotness

Classics have been all the rage, and right now is no exception. The color-ways for these New Balances and Adidas are just too good to pass up. And ahhh… Birks, so glad to see them sticking around. I think these girls mirrored silver Arizona’s are going to go quickly.

The Mainstay

The utility of Crocs was always so appealing, and thank God for Native’s for stepping in (pun intended) and offering a way more chic replacement. Of course love Minnetonka’s because they just look so friggin’ cute with summer shorts and dresses. And Salt Waters need no explanation.





The Lesser Known

I first saw The Beach People towels when I was looking up hotels in Palm Springs that sell these. But seriously, OMG! I need these towels in my life. Even though I live in the mountains and see the ocean maybe once a year. These towels would be perfect for picnics! They’re huge circles that come in four different prints. But the Aztec and the Majorelle are my favorite. And don’t get me started on the leather strap holster — so effortlessly cool and chic! Available directly from The Beach People.

The Hotness

The Pendleton Hooded Towel is perfect for kids coming out of the water. And, the cool jacquard print is so on trend right now. These towels come in a couple of color palettes so I would get your swimsuit first and pick a towel that corresponds. These towels work as towels for drying off (you know, towel stuff) or as a coverup! And it’s Pendleton. Enough Said.

As a special treat. I did find a Pendleton Mara Hoffman collaboration at a boutique in LA called Ron Robinson. I’d seriously (and might) hang this on my wall.

The Zoocchini Hooded Towels maybe aren’t the trendiest item out there but, seriously, these towels are a favorite with my kids. Plus they just look cooler than your typical baby-version of hooded towels that can be found anywhere. They’re bigger and longer for added style and growing kiddos. And OMG the bunny! I am ordering three of those for Easter Baskets in my house!

The Mainstay

Ok, Target’s coming in hot with some pretty great towels. And if you want to learn what I learned last year… come May the only towels left at Target will have Lightning McQueen or My Little Pony on them. My kids would love that. But I just can’t… (judge all you want)



Lastly, because my boys wouldn’t consider this summer list complete without the trendy NEW Super Soakers that will also BE GONE once the pools open…  I’ve got you covered!



The Hotness

Nerf Super Soaker Floodfire Blaster: This bad boy unleashes hose-powered water-blasting (It hooks to the hose! Yes!). My boys were sold right there. So I guess I’ll leave it at that. But from the mouth of a 6 year old… I have to have it… NOW!

Nerf Super Soaker Flashflood Blaster: This high-capacity power soaker holds 23 ounces of water and it can hit targets up to 38 feet away (shit!). The coolest part is that it has 2 separate nozzles, one for standard pump-n-shoot (Flood Strike) and one where you pull the little handle back and fill the chamber with water, then push forward to shoot it out (Flash Strike). 2 in one!



Obviously, these aren’t the only summer items out there for trendy kids. They’re just the things I’ve latched onto and am actually trying out for my family. They’re also the ones I think will sell out super fast! If you do buy any of these, tag #themomedit on Instagram so we can drool over your cute trendy kiddos.

Peace n’ Love — OE