Summer Layering With Sheer, Flowy, Pooch-Hiding Tops


After Raines was born, I bought this flowy top and wore it all summer over a shaper cami (or this nursing shaper cami).  My post-partum pooch was well hidden, but on hot days, I was a sweaty mess (especially while baby-wearing!  Ugh.)

It took me a couple of years, but I finally figured out a few tricks for layering these tops, although they won’t tame the pooch as well as the flowy-top-shaper-cami combo, but when it’s really hot, let’s go with GOOD ENOUGH.

(The real advantage to layering, BTW, is not only hiding the post-partum pooch, but allowing easy nursing access without stomach exposure.  Pull the top layer up, the under layer down.  Also?  You can sometimes wear a normal bra.)

1.  Layer Over a  Cotton Tank

I have had better luck (in the sweaty mess department) laying sheer flowy tops over simple cotton tanks – less pooch-hiding, but much cooler.  And if your top is flowy enough, you don’t really notice a pooch.  Admittedly, my pooch is much smaller these days but I am, ummmm…more than three years “post-partum”.   (I think the post-partum label is applicable for up to 10 years.  Or life.  Let’s go with life.)





top: Old Free People..try this Free People tank, on sale for $49…or this Free People crochet tank on sale for $89

tank: old J.Crew….but Gap has good basic layering tanks

bra: Cosabella bralet

shorts: Blank Denim

sandals: Rhodes sandals in Orange/Natural c/o Meraki Greek Sandals  (insanely comfortable, BTW)

bracelet:  old Chan Luu…love this orange and turquoise Chan luu wrap bracelet

bag: Antik Batik pouch

sunglasses:  Kate Spade sunglasses

on Raines: old Peek T-shirt (they have some seriously cool ones right now), Petit Bateau shorts from Thred UPVans Kids Half-Cab (on sale at 6pm)

on Pax: Tribe is Alive tank, Geofox pants, UA kicks


2. Layer Over a Silk Cami

On the hottest, stickiest days, this is my most comfortable outfit.  The pooch-hiding is just a bonus.






top: Free People Fly Away Tank (on sale for $49)

silk cami: J.Crew Silk Cami

skirt: old DVF bought on Ebay…but ThredUp has a decent selection of cute DVF skirts

sunglassesKate Spade sunglasses

bag: Madewell Transport Tote

shoes: Madewell (sold out)…but I’ve also worn this exact outfit with birks.


And as the nights cool?  Throw on a lightweight jacket (Gap’s military parka looks pretty great and is 35% off until 8/13).



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Lightweight Jackets I Love


Happy Monday!



ps.  I just found these short-overalls on sale for $35, then an additional 40% off?  Did I read that correctly?




  1. I swear by these when I’m nursing, for the exact reason you mentioned. You can wear a regular top and just easily pull it up to nurse, and these keep your belly covered. Plus they are comfy, lightweight, and don’t go over your bra so they aren’t bulky at all. Mine fit a tiny bit loose around the middle which I like because then they aren’t clinging to any postpartum rolls. (I swear I don’t work for the company, just getting ready to have my fourth kid so getting to be an expert on the whole making it work while nursing thing. 🙂

  2. Ok, in that first outfit no one’s looking anywhere near pooch country. If you had one. Just sayin. You look great. (And if we’re not going with PP4life, how about a minimum of one year per pregnancy? Yeah, I think I could work with that….)

    Passing on a hard-won military jacket tip for my fellow curvy mamas – Lucky Brand! It took me almost two years to find one that works for an hourglass shape. This year’s “Caleigh” looks similar to the one I have and love – waistband in the back gives a bit of a feminine shape without diminishing the tougher vibe.

  3. Great ideas! Question…I have that same (first) free people top. I find if I wear like you have shown it falls off my shoulders. It’s an extra small ….so I don’t think it’s too big..just wondering if you had any tricks.

    • Hunh. It seems so heavy, that it doesn’t really ever fall off my shoulders….I know I keep it all bunched together in the front (for max pooch hiding)….maybe….???

  4. Love your style- but my body type is so different than yours… Ever consider doing a post for us pear shaped gals? Love the new blog.

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