This is the Easiest Warm Weather Uniform..EVER.


As I mentioned in my last post, here’s another one of my easy, warm-weather Momiforms for Spring and Summer. I found this floral sleeveless blouse and, much like my striped midi dress, it’s got that cute and comfortable quality to it. I throw it on with a pair of cut-offs and a go-to sandal (or bootie) and mama is ready.

It’s nothing crazy – just a step up from the slouchy t-shirt…which I am not hating on, btw. It is a friend of mine (maybe even a bff). However, my goal this year has been to simply find more pieces that are fit for everyday with the kids, but that also feel a bit more…ya know. NOT LIKE A T-SHIRT.

It can start to feel a bit monotonous, no?…when you continuously wear the super casual stuff day after day. blahhhh. Anyone else feel me on that? Basically, I think the pretty thing is worth buying and wearing – provided it isn’t fussy! V important. It has to be functional for mumming around, of course.

This combination of pretty & functional definitely works for me.









outfit details

top: Drapey Tie-Front Top (wearing Size Small, TTS) – it looks more cropped on the model. I don’t find it to be that short…however, I am wearing a pair of high waist shorts. Still! It’s not super cropped.

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shorts: Levi’s 501 High Waist Cutoff Shorts (fits small, go up one size) – always love a pair of Levi’s, so this was easy for me. Also, these have some length to them. Not too much, but   just enough.

sandals: Sam Edelman Glade Sandal (putty color, fit small on me…went up a half size) – fun sandal…and the neutral color is great.

bag: Street Level Metal Handle Crossbody – this is a fantastical, cheap bag! It can hold quite a bit, too.

earrings: J.Crew tortoise hoops (old) – one of my favorite shops on Etsy, Machete,  has some incredible tortoise earrings.

Is there really only a month of school left?

I am definitely feeling ready for it, but in that hopeful/we’ll-seeeeee-how-it goooooes-way that every parent understands. All three at home? Every moment of every day? Mmmm.

Yeh,  I’m cool for another month or so.



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Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.




  1. I love this look. Denim shorts and a cute top is pretty much my go-to look in the summer months. But I did chuckle at the idea of those shorts having “some length to them” with their 2 1/2″ inseam. I am petite, and I still feel like 3″ is as short as I can go without venturing into “denim diaper” territory. Of course I am a few years older than you, and maybe if I had legs like yours, I’d want to show off that extra half inch of thigh.

  2. Very cute look! And I absolutely second your opinion on Machete! I have a few pairs of tortoise shell hoops from there. So versatile!! I wear them constantly!

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