So, I moseyed into LOFT today to return some items and happened upon super cute things and a 40% off sale! Use code: HBDUSA

I couldn’t pass it up. There are super adorable pieces both for work and play for your summatime, mamas. The colors and prints right now are so good! Let’s check out what I found, shall we?

How These LOFT Pieces Work for Work

Flare Sleeve Cardigan | Marisa Fit Pants | Shoes | Necklace

Flare Sleeve Cardigan | Marisa Fit Pants | Shoes | Necklace

I’m wearing the same cardigan backwards. I love this trick! It creates a lovely high front neckline and a pretty low back. (see a picture of the back later in the post).

Striped Textured Sweater | Marisa Fit Pants | Shoes | Necklace

These pants and this sweater came home with me. They’re both SO good. Wearing an XS in the sweater and a 6 Petite in the pants (probably could’ve done a 4 Petite but these fit well across my butt and thighs) I love this print because it’s almost a blue broadcloth weave that is not quite denim or chambray, but almost. You can’t go wrong with this Marisa Fit pant, in my opinion. My mom and I both adore it. And she has great taste, y’all.

Starry Night Ruffle Top | Marisa Fit Pants | Shoes | Necklace

I LOVE this blouse and I’m not really a blouse gal. The ruffle on the shoulders just lays so perfectly and doesn’t make my shoulders look wider.

Open Hoodie | Starry Night Ruffle Top | Marisa Fit Pants | Shoes | Necklace

Starry Night Ruffle Top | Riviera Pants in Julie Fit | Shoes | Necklace

I really love the green color of these pants. They fit a little odd around the knees on me. Wearing a 4 Petite. These are a different cut than the Marisa pants above and I think a little curvier fit according to the website.

Summer Blossom Dress |Shoes | Necklace

This dress…so adorable! I’m wearing a Petite Small and it hits right at the bottom of my knees (I’m 5’4″) The shoulders fit just right, but not loose at all, fyi. I brought this one home, too. I’m obsessed with orangey-red right now.

How These LOFT Pieces Work for Play

Striped Textured Sweater | Denim Sailor Shorts | Shoes | Necklace

These shorts are amazingly comfy and flattering. They’re a heavier denim stretch material and so comfy. These above are the size 27 and below I’m wearing the 26 which I preferred. So, I’d say size down.

Flare Sleeve Cardigan | Denim Sailor Shorts | Shoes | Necklace

LOVE this combo. I debated on the shorts because they’re so good. I may wind up getting them, but I don’t need a ton of shorts here in Portland, so…

Flare Sleeve Cardigan | Scallop Lace Shorts | Shoes | Necklace

Speaking of shorts, I’ve been eyeing this lace pair online for some time and they’re adorable. I’m wearing a Small here, but I do wish they came in petite sizing. They’re not bad though and a modest length for shorter shorts. Here you can see the fun back the cardigan makes when you turn it around, too.

Vintage Yellow Tee | Scallop Lace Shorts | Shoes | Necklace

Well, it seems this ruffle cuff tee isn’t available online, but honestly I wasn’t in love with it. I linked to a vintage yellow tee I’d like better I think. The cuffed style was really oversized and I’m just not digging the ruffles.

Starry Night Ruffle Top | Modern Skinny Crop Jeans | Shoes | Necklace

I feel like we’re always on the hunt for good white jeans and these were a solid pair. The pockets showed through a little (always) but my undies did not and the stretch denim was good. There’s a raw hem and slight distressing which I always think helps white jeans feel more ‘me.’ Wearing size 27, my normal size.


Striped Textured Sweater | Madewell Slim Boyjean | Shoes | Necklace

I even wore this adorable sweater right home from the store. Haha. It was cuter than the tee I arrived in, so why not! The lovely salesperson snipped the tag right off for me. I just feel most comfortable when I’m in stripes, I guess!

Shop More LOFT Favorites for Summer

Have you tried out LOFT lately? I think they have gotten quite a few new pieces in recently. It’s worth checking out for  Especially at 40% off! Those bright colors are so getting me out of a summertime dressing slump. I can honestly say it was a fun try on sesh today and how often does that happen. Ha.

Happy Summertime, working mamas!



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  1. I just think you look great in everything. I am surprised you didnt take everything home!! I loved the cardigan hack-genious. I normally hate cardigans like that, but backwards…. is a whole new ballgame. I have been on the hunt for white jeans this summer. I recently purchased a pair from LOFT, curvy with the cuff rolled and frayed. I really like them. They are not thin, and do not show every lump and bump. Thanks!

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