Summer Hats for Moms


I’d never really worn hats until the time I got burnt – badly – while on vacation.  I was wearing sunscreen, but probably didn’t apply (or reapply) properly and as a result my forehead, chest and shoulders were super crispy.  And painful.  I bought a big sun hat for the first time ever and was able to be outside and enjoy the last few days of vacation without worrying about my sunburn.  Now I have a collection of them . . . in the summer I wouldn’t survive without some good hats. Fortunately, there are a ton of cute options (including the ones S claims are the ‘best ever’). . . from sun hats to baseball caps to visors (and yes, they’re actually cute), we’ve rounded up our favorites for your summer beach-going days.

Sun Hats

Baseball Hats



Baker Boy/Fisherman Hats



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