Supportive Swimwear for Larger Busts: Our 2017 Picks


Hey all! We’ve been getting tons of questions from you ladies about swim styles that offer a bit more support up top, especially for larger busts. It can be really disappointing when you love a certain style, only to try it on and feel like the designers forgot about that silly thing called gravity? Or if you’ve nursed a few babes and now find you need more than stretchy fabric to keep things where they should be, we’ve got you covered.

When you’re looking for supportive swim tops, it helps to skim the description for these key words: underwire, hidden or otherwise; side boning (your hubby will probably find that amusing if his sense of humor hasn’t evolved much since junior high, like mine’s); and 3-row 2-column (or some combination) hook & eye closure like regular bras & sports bras have for extra security.

I found so many good choices this year, even more so than in years past. I noticed a happy and inclusive trend this year that stylish and on-trend swim brands are making the same style in regular, larger cup sizes and plus sizes. Yay for finally recognizing bodies come in more sizes than small, medium and large! I grouped swim styles by tankini/bikini and one-pieces, so everyone can find their comfortable level of coverage.


There are certain bra brands catering to larger bust sizes that also have swim lines, which makes it easier to know what size you’ll take – popular lines are Freya, Panache, Fantasie and Curvy Kate. Then there are some offshoots of regular brands just for larger cup sizes, like Profile by Gottex (can skew matronly), Blush by Gottex (definitely younger & hipper), Asos Fuller Bust and my favorite recent find is Becca by Rebecca Virtue. They do the best on-trend prints in gorgeous colors, and are one of the brands that do regular XS-L sizing, then S,M,L in D,E and F cups, and plus sizes, too, all in the same suit design. I love that there are so many options for mixing and matching bikini tops and bottoms, and the fabric is amazing quality in person.

Supportive Bikini Tops for Large Busts



Supportive One-Piece Swimsuits



If you’ve got a favorite that I missed, help a sister out and let us know in the comments!



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  1. I have the Seafolly boy leg maillot in navy and I always get compliments on it. You can find it in a D cup at several retailers.

  2. I’d be interested to hear of real-life experiences with some of these strapless suits. I’m a 36G and have never found a strapless suit that offers any type of support. I highly recommend suits from figleaves – suits are cup-sized (and some styles go up to L+) and are amazing. My favorite is the house brand – it used to be called Midnight Grace but now it’s just figleaves.

    • My thoughts exactly. Strapless and big boobs don’t go together great, and without real life experiences, it isn’t helpful.

      • I totally agree. Of course these suits look adorable on a model in a studio. What do they actually look like on a real person on the beach or bent over helping a baby/toddler walk in a kiddie pool? I love tankinis but find they balloon out or even up whenever I get into the water which is so annoying.

      • Hi ladies, all the strapless suits in the article come with optional straps, and I always make sure to read reviews of suits I haven’t yet tried on to make sure it’s a quality recommendation. That said, if there are certain styles you’d like to see on a real person, let me know!

  3. I have the Fantasie Los Cabos one piece and so far so good. I’m a 36G and it holds everything in place so I can swim with my kids and not worry about wardrobe malfunctions. The ruching on the mid-section helps disguise flaws too. I actually feel cute in it and maybe even a tiny bit sexy ?.

  4. Swim Systems has super cute suits too. Tops fit by cup size and tankinis are fitted enough that they don’t balloon out in the water. My only complaint is that I wish the bottoms were more of a mid to high rise.

  5. First, thanks so much for these incredibly helpful swim guides. I think gals with large chests find what works for some E/F/G cups won’t work for others…but guides like these are a nice starting point. My general comment about your swim guides is that we don’t see hardly any skirted or shorts options. I prefer to wear those for a million reasons and so do most of my mom friends. They are really practical for mom duty with kids. So here’s my request for more skirts (not just retro close fitting stuff-those work really poorly for pear shapes) or shorts!

      • I like a more modest fit too, something that covers the bikini line, and I tried the Kata. They are super cute dry and really bad wet. Just clingy and wrinkly and unflattering.

        • Aw, too bad, the Katas look so cute when they’re dry! Have you tried the Dolphin or the Hana scrunch shorts I picked up a similar pair at Target last year just to try the style, and I love them for extra coverage. These Fun in the Sun swimshorts from Athleta have even more coverage and get great reviews:

          I also saw some cute skirted options @ Athleta: this one is looser and comes in tons of pretty colors: and a sportier version with near-perfect reviews:

          • thanks for the ideas and links!. i think the tighter ones are probably going to work better when wet – less wrinkling,etc. – so i’ll take a look at those.

          • Ugh! So what I tried are actually the Fun in the Sun swimshorts, not the Kata. The Fun in the Sun get wrinkly, probably because of the extra coverage. The Kata’s might actually work, it looks like they have the same wider comfy waistband as the Fun in the Sun, cover the bikini line, but are closer fitting.

  6. How about some actual real person mom-types in these picture? These images are such classic not-very-realistic bodies!!!!

  7. Thanks so much for doing this 🙂 it’s so nice to see what brands actually make swimwear for cup sizes bigger than a C. Have you looked at the swimwear in Target? While on vacation I found that quite a few of their suits come in D+ sizing, and while I wasnt a fan of a lot of them, they had some really cute options for like $15!

    • Hi Lori! Yes, I picked up two shorts style swim bottoms @ Target last year and both of them are surprisingly good! I didn’t know about the top sizes, thanks for the info! 🙂

  8. Amanda! The parenthetical after “side boning” had me laughing like a lunatic! What a perfect turn of phrase. Our husbands must be twins separated at birth. Also: all the excellent swimsuits. Thank you!

  9. Another suggestion for a one piece is Boden’s
    Amalfi bandeau swimsuit. I bought the china blue/red pattern and the ruching is really flattering and there is a lot of support up top!

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