Need Retail Therapy? This Surprise Sale is Giving Me Life (for now…AND later)


Well this is a first. I don’t remember any other time that Nordstrom has offered 25% off sitewide. So. If you need a little retail therapy, or perhaps a loungewear upgrade or if you have randomly decided that you will become the kind of person who does regular face masks (S raises hand)…keep reading.

My Complete Edit of Nordstrom’s Surprise 25% Off Sale

To give you a little insight into where my head is at the moment…I’ve broken this post down into three parts:

Stuff For Staying In The House – skin care, sweatpants, hoodies, etc.

Stuff For Social Distancing Outside the House (and let’s be clear, I’m just talking about walks outside) – jeans, sneakers, jackets, sweaters

Stuff For Months From Now When This Is All Hopefully Over – sandals, pretty tops, and a few other fun little surprises

Cozy Loungewear, Social Distancing Clothes & Summer Outfit Dreaming

Stuff For Staying In The House…

1. A Few Products For Pampering

Truth be told, most of my “add to cart” pieces came from this list. (And I’m inspired to actually finish that bedroom re-do that started years ago…)

2. Elevated Loungewear In Fresh Winter Whites

The easiest upgrade to loungewear is to play with color. And there’s something so fresh-feeling about all white.

3. Dark Neutrals…But Elevated

I may or may not be wearing this right now.

4. Bright & Happy(?) Loungewear Pieces

Add any one of these pieces into your usual rotation for a little pop of….well…SOMETHING. (These are weird times, guys.)

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Stuff For Social Distancing Outside The House (Like…Walks)

Or if you actually wear real clothes inside (#overachiever).

1. First The Jeans (or Pants….)

2. Then The Sneakers…

Looking for sandals? LUCKY YOU. I did round them up further down (so keep scrolling). For the rest of us still dealing with iffy temps…a highly edited list of my fav sneakers.

3. Put A Jacket On

4. Because It’s Still Sweater Weather

Some of these are leaning more towards ‘retail therapy’ than real life but we are where we are.

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Stuff For Life Months From Now

Specifically summer – I’m dreaming of summer (fingers crossed the worst will be over). In any case, I realized something recently: I only wear three types of sandals: flat tan sandals, minimalist black sandals, and really comfy, low heeled sandals. They’re great for packing, go with everything, and are walkable. On that note…

1. Flat, Tan Sandals

My summer workhorses.

2. Minimalist Black Sandals (& 2 Leopard Print)

My tan sandals really do go with everything…but sometimes I want to ground an outfit and for that, black is best. (I also included two animal print sandals here, too, because there’s sometimes just enough black to provide the grounding I’m talking about.)

3. Low, Walkable Heels (Sexy, Too)

I rarely (if ever) suffer uncomfortable shoes…but NEVER in the summer. Please.

5. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Things

Tops, pants, dresses and two seriously good bags.

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That’s it!! Hope you guys aren’t totally losing your minds yet.




  1. I was shocked to see the sale, definitely cheered me up a bit! I have not been actually getting dressed but the thought is nice 🙂
    Maybe a style challenge for fun to push me to make an effort?! You probably don’t even need to worry about doing a giveaway with it. I need motivation!

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